Monday, December 16, 2013

Thermae Romae テルマエ・ロマエ 羅馬浴場

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by 武内英樹
Casted by:
阿部寬 Abe Hiroshi as 路西斯 Lucius
上戶彩 Aya Ueto as 山越真實 Manami
 Lucius is an architecture for the Rome's Thermae, but his design is slowly taken by others younger designer who has better idea. Out of idea, Lucius went to the public bathroom with a friend but was suck into the time zone when he deep into the water.
When he came out from the water, he appeared in Japan's public bathroom and discovered a few items which he never see in his older times. When he went back he renovate the whole place and items, this makes him popular again, even the Rome emperor wants him to design his own private bathroom. On and off Lucius went back to Japan with the time zone and even met Manami, a Japanese comic drawer wanna be.
In an event, Manami and a few old man went to the time zone and appeared in the old Rome. It was the war time, Lucius use the help from the Japanese and together they make a nature hot bath to cure the wounded army and helps Rome win the war. Manami and the old man also went back to Japan.
 L² Scored: 9/10
L² Comment:
I love this movie, it is kinda funny and watching all these Japs pretend to be caucasian is even funny ~ but well, Abe Hiroshi is still hot and my god, his ass his so fine and juicy, yum yum...

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