Monday, December 31, 2012

Werewolf: The Beast Among Us

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by Louis Morneau

Casted by:
Guy Wilson as Daniel
Adam Croasdell as Stefan
Steven Bauer as Hyde
Nia Peeples as Vadoma 
Ed Quinn as Charles  
Ana Ularu as Kazia
Set in a 19th century village, a young man, Daniel studying under a local doctor joins a team of hunters on the trail of a wolf-like creature. Daniel was in love with the pretty Vadoma, but Stefan a rich heir was competing with him to get Vadoma's heart. The weird thing of the werewolf killing target, all of them are those who are useless and cause harms to the village. But due to terror, the villager still want to catch the werewolf.

But on an investigation, Daniel's mother Kazia was in one of the suspect list and brought to the jail. On the night of full moon, Kazia turn into werewolf and killed everyone. Kazia's identity exposed and Daniel also know about his real identity, he ran from the crowd but was stop by Stefan. Stefan turn out to be one of the werewolf's rival - vampire! They fight but in the end Daniel won and left the village with Kazia...
L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
Basically the storyline is ok, though expected it will turn out this way, but i can accept it. The main problem is the acting is not good... even though how good looking Adam Croasdell & how cute Guy Wilson is... it still cant make the movie a big hit~

Friday, December 21, 2012

Life of Pi

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by 李安 Ang Lee

Casted by:
Suraj Sharma as Pi, age 16  
Irfan Khan as Piscine Molitor "Pi" Patel, adult
Rafe Spall as the Writer
Pi Patel, an immigrant from Pondicherry in India living in Canada, is approached by a local novelist who has been referred to him by his "uncle" (a family friend), believing that Pi's life story would make a great book. Pi relates an extended tale:

He is named "Piscine Molitor" by his parents after a swimming pool in France. He changes his name to "Pi" when he begins secondary school, because he is tired of being taunted with the nickname "Pissing Patel". His family owns a local zoo, and Pi takes an interest in the animals, especially a Bengal tiger named Richard Parker (after a clerical error); to teach him the reality of the tiger's nature as a carnivore, Pi's father forces him to witness it killing a goat. He is raised Hindu and vegetarian, but at 12 years old, he is introduced to Christianity and then Islam, and starts to follow all three religions. As an adult he states that he is Catholic-Hindu, and when asked if he is also Jewish, he replies that he lectures in Kabbalah at the university.

When Pi is 16 (and experiencing first love), his father decides to close the zoo and move his family to Canada, transferring the animals in the zoo in the process. They book passage with their animals (to be sold in North America) on a Japanese freighter named the Tsimtsum. The ship encounters a heavy storm and begins to sink while Pi is on deck marveling at the storm. He tries to find his family, but a crew member throws him into a lifeboat; from the rough sea, he watches helplessly as the ship sinks, killing his family and its crew.

After the storm, Pi finds himself in the lifeboat with an injured zebra, and is joined by an orangutan who lost her offspring in the shipwreck. A hyena emerges from the tarp covering half of the boat, and before long begins to attack and eat the injured zebra, killing it. To Pi's distress, the hyena also mortally wounds the orangutan in a fight. Suddenly the tiger Richard Parker emerges from under the tarp, and kills the hyena.

Pi finds emergency food and water rations on the boat, and builds a small raft of floatation devices so that he can stay at a safe distance from the tiger. Realizing that he must feed the tiger to protect himself, Pi begins fishing, with some success. He also collects rain water for both to drink. At one point, he helps the desperate tiger climb back into the boat after it had jumped off to hunt fish. In a nighttime encounter with a breaching whale, Pi loses much of his supplies. Faced with starvation, he eats raw fish. After many days at sea, Pi realizes that he can no longer live on the tiny raft and trains the tiger Richard Parker to accept him in the boat. He also realizes that caring for the tiger is keeping him alive.

After weeks longer at sea, near the end of their strength, they reach a floating island of edible algae supporting a forest, fresh water, and a large population of meerkats. Both Pi and Richard Parker eat and drink freely and regain strength. But at night the island transforms into a hostile environment, with the fresh water turning acidic. Pi finds a human tooth inside a plant and concludes that the plants are carnivorous, requiring them to leave the island.

The lifeboat eventually reaches the coast of Mexico. Finally back on land, Richard Parker stumbles away from Pi and stops at the edge of the jungle. Pi expects that the tiger will turn toward him and acknowledge him. But instead he looks into the jungle for a while and goes in. Pi is distraught when rescued and begins to weep as he is taken to hospital.

In hospital, insurance agents for the Japanese freighter come to hear his account of the incident. They find his story unbelievable, and ask him to tell them what "really" happened, if only for the credibility of their report. He answers with a less fantastic but detailed account of sharing the lifeboat with his mother, a sailor with a broken leg, and the ship's cook. In this story, the cook kills the sailor, and then Pi's mother, to use them as bait and food. Pi kills the cook in revenge.

In the present, the writer notes parallels between the two stories: the orangutan was Pi's mother, the zebra was the sailor, the hyena was the cook, and Richard Parker, the tiger, was Pi himself. Pi asks him which story he prefers; he chooses the story with the tiger, to which Pi responds, "And so it is with God." Glancing at a copy of the insurance report, the writer notices a closing comment about the remarkable feat of surviving 227 days at sea, especially with a tiger--meaning that the agents chose that story as well.
 L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
From the best selling novel of Yann Martel, the incredible Lee Ang has turned it into a nice movie for us. I love the story but the movie is a bit lengthy in some part. But i just don't know which part to cut off if i'm the editor... maybe will be the part of the flying fish~ Overall its just this good looking hindu kid acting by himself with all the graphic around him :) Not bad, a good try to watch. It might win the Best Film~ who knows...

Thursday, December 20, 2012


 Released Year: 2011
Directed by Carlos Saldanha

Voiced by:
Jesse Eisenberg as Tyler Blu Gunderson
Anne Hathaway as Jewel
George Lopez as Rafael
Jemaine Clement as Nigel
In Brazil, various exotic birds are smuggled out of the country. In Moose Lake, Minnesota, a crate with a male blue macaw hatchling falls out of a truck and is found by Linda Gunderson, who names him Blu. Fifteen years later, Blu is unable to fly and is ridiculed by the Canada Geese that come by the outside of Linda's bookstore.

One day, ornithologist Túlio Monteiro invites Blu and Linda to Rio de Janeiro on the condition that Blu, who is the last male of his species, mates with a female macaw. Linda accepts and they fly to Rio, where Blu meets a Red-crested Cardinal named Pedro and his Yellow Canary friend Nico. At Túlio's aviary, Blu falls in love with Jewel, a fiercely independent blue macaw longing to flee into the wilderness. The macaws are captured by Fernando, an impoverished orphan boy, and a Sulphur-crested Cockatoo named Nigel, both of whom work for a group of smugglers led by Marcel. Nigel tells the macaws that he vowed to smuggle exotic birds after his role had been replaced on a television program. Blu and Jewel are able to escape and flee into a jungle.

Fernando meets Linda and Túlio and tells them that Marcel forced him to capture birds, before cooperating with the two to find Blu. Meanwhile, Blu and Jewel meet a Toco toucan named Rafael, who offers to take them to his bulldog friend Luiz to remove their leg chain. He tries to teach Blu how to fly, before they meet up with Pedro and Nico. Nigel hires a horde of thieving marmosets to capture Blu and Jewel. Pedro and Nico take Blu and Jewel to a bird's Rio-style party, where they perform a duet, but are encountered by the marmosets. Their bird friends fight them while Blu's group escapes. Fernando takes Linda and Túlio to the smugglers hideout, where they discover that Blu has escaped. Marcel explains that he will use the Rio Carnival parade to capture Blu and Jewel.

Meanwhile, Blu and the others meet Luiz, who releases the chain holding Blu and Jewel; and the macaws decide to go their separate ways after a heated argument. When Blu and Rafael learn from Pedro and Nico that Nigel captured Jewel, they rush to the carnival to rescue her, while Linda and Túlio organize a rescue attempt for the birds.

As Linda and Túlio pose as dancers in blue macaw costumes, Marcel uses Nigel to capture the birds. On board Marcel's Short SC.7 Skyvan, the macaws release the captive birds, but Nigel injures Jewel. Blu fights with Nigel, and the smugglers flee the plane. Blu manages to send Nigel flying out of the plane with the fire extinguisher, and Nigel gets caught in the plane's engines, though he survives. Unable to fly, Jewel falls out of the plane towards the ocean. Jumping out of the plane to rescue Jewel, Blu finally discovers that he is able to fly. Later, Linda and Túlio adopt Fernando, heal Jewel, and organize a sanctuary to protect the jungle from smugglers. Blu and Jewel raise three baby birds together and celebrate with their bird friends, and the smugglers are sent to jail.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
Love this animation, it was cute and heard that the sequel will be out next year if not mistake. The storyline is interesting, and the characters are good. Even the famous Angry Bird apps got the idea of using Rio in one of it games :) Just can't wait to see the sequel ~

Wednesday, December 19, 2012


 Released Year: 2012
Directed by Seth MacFarlance

Casted by:
Mark Wahlberg as John Bennett
Mila Kunis as Lori Collins
Seth MacFarlane as Ted
In 1985, in a suburb south of Boston, John Bennett is a lonely kid who wishes for his new Christmas gift, a teddy bear he names Teddy ("Ted"), to come to life to be his best friend. The wish succeeds with a falling star one night and Ted becomes fully alive. In 2012, John and Ted, now living in the South End neighborhood of Boston, are still staunch, if immature, friends enjoying a hedonistic life, even while John is pursuing a relationship with an office worker named Lori Collins. Lori hopes to marry John, but she feels that he cannot move ahead with his life with Ted around, who is now a complete wastrel. John is resistant to kicking Ted out, but he is finally persuaded one night to act when he and Lori discover Ted at home with four prostitutes.

Soon, John finds Ted his own apartment and a job at a grocery store, where his irresponsible behavior on the job manages to get him both promoted and acquainted with his co-worker Tami-Lynn. Ted and John still spend most of their time together, which irritates Lori when she discovers John has been skipping work to do so while using her for his excuses. Meanwhile, an obsessed stalker named Donny, who idolized Ted as a kid, shows interest in possessing him for his destructive son Robert. Things start to come to a head when Lori and John are invited to a party put on by Lori's manager Rex, who has a crush on her; they attend, but Ted lures John away to a party at his apartment with the offer to meet Sam Jones, the star of their favorite movie Flash Gordon. Although John arrives with the intention of spending only a few minutes, he gets caught up in the occasion which gets completely out of control, with Sam persuading John and Ted to snort cocaine with him. Eventually, Lori discovers John there and breaks up with him in a rage. At that, John blames Ted for ruining his life and tells him to stay away.

Eventually, Ted and John confront each other about their ruined friendship in John's hotel room and have a brawl after John provokes Ted, but soon manage to reconcile after the TV falls on John's crotch. To repair John's relationship with Lori, Ted arranges through Norah Jones (played by herself) for John to express his love for Lori with a song during a concert, being held at the Hatch Shell. Although John's performance proves an embarrassment, Lori is touched by the attempt while repelled by Rex's sneering. Later, Ted goes to visit Lori and explains that he was responsible for John's lapse; however, he offers to leave them alone forever if she goes to speak with him. Lori is persuaded, but moments after she leaves, Ted is kidnapped by Donny and taken to his house as Robert's unfortunate playmate.

Ted manages to distract Robert and reach a phone to contact John, but is soon recaptured. Realizing that Ted is in danger, John and Lori find Donny's residence and chase him and Robert to rescue Ted. The chase leads to Fenway Park, where Robert tries to stop John and Lori from getting to Ted first, only to have John knock him out. During the chase, Ted gets himself damaged and just when Donny grabs him on the tower, Ted falls onto the field, torn completely in half. Donny is forced to flee when a police car shows up. As John and Lori gather his stuffing, Ted relays his wish that John be happy with Lori, as his life fades away.

Unable to accept Ted's death, John and Lori return to her apartment to try to repair him, but it proves useless. That night, Lori makes a wish on a falling star. The next morning, Ted is magically restored and the couple reconcile with Ted, who encourages John and Lori to resume their relationship. With that resolution, John and Lori get married and Ted accepts having a life of his own.

The narrator reveals what happens to the characters after John and Lori are married:
Ted continues his affair with Tami-Lynn and gets promoted to store manager when he gets caught eating potato salad off of her bare bottom.
Sam Jones moves back to L.A. to try restarting his own movie career and shares a studio apartment with Brandon Routh.
Rex gives up his pursuit of Lori, goes into a deep depression and finally dies of Lou Gehrig's disease. This references a scene in which John told Rex that he wished Rex would get Lou Gehrig's disease.
Donny gets arrested for kidnapping Ted, but the charges are dropped when he and the police realize how stupid it sounds to kidnap a plush toy.
Robert gets a personal trainer, loses a lot of weight and goes on to become Taylor Lautner.
 L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
 OMG, how did i ever miss this movie in the cinema? I'm totally a Mark Wahlberg's fans, but maybe i was too busy that time. But anyway the movie is so cute to watch at, everyone might think that Teddy should be cute but not in this move :) lol~ the storyline is good, the best part is when Mila Kunis picked up the shit and scream that her finger touch the shit~ lol.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Chilling Romance / Spellbound 我的见鬼女友 오싹한 연애

 Released Year: 2011
Directed by 黄仁浩 Yin-Ho Huang

Casted by:
孙艺珍 Ye-Jin Son as 姜予丽 Li
李民基 Min-Gi Lee as 马兆邱 Qiu
Magician Qiu met Li on one of his perfomance, the sadness of Li attracted him and he decided to get her as the assistant in his performance. But Li was never a social active girl and never join any of the gathering. Qiu forced her and Li went and get herself drunk. She embarrassed herself and tore off Qiu's shirt in front of everyone. The real story behind is Li met a horrible accident when she was young and her friend died because Li wore her necklace. And from that time onward, the spirit follow her and scared off everyone who gets near Li.

Li ever since stay in a lonely life, Qiu introduce a guy for her, but the spirit scared him off in an elevator. Li live her life by talking to her old time friend and a novelist. Qiu feel that he has fall in love with Li and decided to be with her no matter what happened. But horrible things happen to Qiu and Li decided to leave him for his safety. But on a performance, Li was back and the spirit haunt her again. Li was caught in the aquarium and saw the spirit came swimming for her, Li return the necklace to her and everything went back to normal again.
 L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
This is a very special movie, i love the storyline, its new and its fun to watch at. Both of the main actor & actress is so good looking and the way of their act is so cheeky & i love it :)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Sadako 3D 貞子3D

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by 英勉 Tsutomu Hanabusa

Casted by:
石原里美 Satomi Ishihara as 鮎川茜 Akane Ayukawa
瀬戸康史 Koji Seto as 安藤孝则 Takanori Ando
A mysterious, white-clad man is seen dropping a long-haired woman into a well. The well is full of women, all with long hair, all dressed in night-dresses.

Thirteen years after the original film, two mysterious suicides- one at a bus station, and the other involving a schoolgirl prompt Detective Koiso and his partner to investigate a string of mysterious deaths. The deaths involve video played on devices, with a voice saying "You're not the one", just before the deaths. While Koiso is unconvinced, his partner deduces that the deaths are the result of a cursed video that online artist Kashiwada Seiji. Akane Ayukawa, teacher of the schoolgirl who died, discovers that the schoolgirl's best friend Lisa had been looking into the cursed video. It turns out that the video had been deleted but the Error 404 message in its wake prompts the video to play when the viewer is alone. In it Kashiwada says "It's showtime." and is seen "committing suicide" by allowing himself to be killed by a mysterious long-haired woman. When the video ends, Lisa is attacked, with Akane arriving just in time to save her. The mysterious ghost latches on to Akane saying "You are the one." but Akane screams and the computer is destroyed. Meanwhile Koiso and his partner scout Kashiwada's apartment, noting the furniture and decorative wallpaper, that it looks artificial (like a set). The landlady notes that everything is superficial.

It is revealed that Akane is a telekinetic and displayed her power years ago when a raving maniac attacked her high school years back. Though she saved the school, she was branded a freak. However a boy is drawn to her and appreciates her abilities. He grows up to be her boyfriend, Takanori Andou. She soon realizes that the video is actually targeted at her when at their home, the video plays and the woman appears. Takanori and Akane run to the street. However, multiple screens show the woman attacking. Takanori and Akane run to a street, where they believe themselves safe. However, it turns out to be a large LCD display truck where a giant version of the ghost snatches Takanori away.

Detective Koiso continues to doubt the existence of the film, even when it is revealed that the original broadcast of the online video killed its initial viewers and employees of the site where it was uploaded- that is until his partner commits suicide in front of him. Koiso makes his way to Kashiwada's apartment eager to find answers and he discovers the wallpaper is actually a horde of white butterflies hiding notes and history. Kashiwada had been attempting to resurrect Sadako Yamamura, (referring to it as the "resurrection of "S") as revenge against the human populace for persecuting him. He initially kidnapped long-haired women and threw them down the well, alive. However, when it was revealed that a body could not be found that way, he orchestrated the "cursed video" so that the video would find the perfect host for her.

Koiso finds Akane (whom he'd interrogated previously) and the two of them journey to the old Yamamura household. It no longer had the inn, and a "new" decrepit mall was beside the well. However, upon approach to the well, a freakish-looking Sadako facsimile appeared and attacked Koiso, biting on his neck furiously. It turns out that the women that had been thrown into the well had become imperfect versions of Sadako. They attack Akane, but with stealth and resistance, Akane prevails against the imperfect Sadakos that attack. When she arrives at the center of the derelict building, she discovers Takanori had been trapped in an iPhone at the center of the room. A legion of imperfect Sadakos arrive but her fear triggers her telekinetic powers and decimates them. Akane is transported to the roof where the "real" Sadako had been waiting. Sadako notes that they are exactly the same. Akane says they are not, that Sadako uses her powers to destroy while she helps people. Seeing Takanori with a knife to his throat, Akane trades herself for his life. Sadako agrees and goes into her. Akane is overlain with an impossible amount of the ghost's hair and is buried inside it.

Takanori, now free from Sadako's thrall, destroys the iPhone. The roof gives and Akane drops to the floor below covered in Sadako's hair. However, she manages to make it out alive.

Just outside the building beside the well, Kashiwada's landlord moves away and her words "Isn't it all artificial?" echo... In the post-credits scene, the intro to Kashiwada's video plays again. However, his introduction changes. "Here we go again."
L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
I love The Ring's movie, but this 3D version is not as good as the old one. The effect is good of course, but the storyline is pretty lame, and boring!!! Even though Satomi is pretty & Koji is so cute; but i just hope there's some sparkle from their acting.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Lover of the Last Empress 慈禧秘密生活

 Released Year: 1995
Directed by 劉偉強 Andrew Lau

Casted by:
邱淑贞 Chingmy Yau  as 慈禧 Yuk Lan / Chi Hei
  梁家辉 Tony Leung as 恭亲王 Gong Chan King
  于荣光 Rongguang Yu  咸丰皇帝 The Emperor
Before Yuk Lan went into the palace, she met Gong Chan King and he quickly fall in love with her. When Yuk Lan enter the palace, she was bullied by other girls. The emperor fuck her once and left her alone for a few years. During one day, her beloved dog were killed by other girls, she confront one of them and have a fight out of it. Yuk Lan killed her, in the same time Gong Chan King came and help her settle the ody. He consults her to be smart if she wanna be the top in the palace.

Yuk Lan went out from the palace and consults the  top two hooker in the world to taught her about the sex technique. Later on she went back and manage to seduce the emperor. After that she was on top of the pack and even managed to be in the same level with the empress. After the emperor passed away, he gave the empress a safety order to protect her from Yuk Lan. Yuk Lan changed her name into Chi Hei and rules the whole China with the small emperor in front. 

Though Chi Hei is having the power, but she still find her way to treat the empress and stole the safety order from her. After that Chi Hei killed the empress and be the one and only empress.
  L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Love this movie, its a bit erotica but the whole real legend was brought out into the movie. Chingmy looks good, definitely has the best body and i just hope we can see her beautiful nipples... and maybe either Tony Leung or Yu Rong Guang can lick or suck her nipples... lol~ i'm thinking too much~

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mermaid Got Married 人魚傳說

 Released Year: 1994
Directed by 羅文 Roman Tam

Casted by:
 郑伊健 Ekin Cheng as 阿志 Zhi
钟丽缇 Christy Chung as 小美 Mei
金城武 Takeshi Kaneshiro as Kenji
麦家琪 Teresa Mak as 公主 Princess
 郑则仕 Kent Cheng as 校长 Headmaster
When Zhi is young he almost drown in sea but he was saved by a mermaid. Years later Zhi grows up and become a teacher. But he was bullied by his student especially Princess & Kenji and they make him fall into the sea. Once again mermaid Mei save his life and use her pearl to save his life. 

Zhi went back to his old life while Mei become a student and went after him for her pearl. During the period, Mei discovered she has fall in love with Zhi. To prove to Zhi that he can't be in love with her, she transform into mermaid again in front of him. But the transformation has caused the greedy headmaster and other teachers caught the mermaid for sales. But Mei was later on rescued by Zhi, Kenji & Princess. She was released into the sea, Zhi has then waited for her to return. On a wedding, Zhi saw a girl looks like Mei and he went up to her. In the same moment, the headmaster and teacher use water to splash her and hope she become mermaid but failed.

But actually that girl is Mei and this time she managed to control herself and able to be with Zhi forever...
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
I used to love this film a lot, i still do especially when Faye's Wong "Tian Shi" sang throughout the whole film. The storyline is predictable but the "romance" feel is there and quite good. Christy Chung looks so lovely and sweet that time, love her :)

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Painted Skin:The Resurrection 画皮Ⅱ

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by 乌尔善 Wu Er San

Casted by:
 周迅 Zhou Xun as 小唯 Wei
趙薇 Vicki Zhao as 靖公主 Princess Jing
陳坤 Chen Kun as 霍心 Xin
楊冪 Yang Mi as 雀兒 Que'er
馮绍峰 Feng Shao Feng as 龐郎 Lang
費翔 Kris Philips as 天狼國巫師 The Wizard
陳廷嘉 Chen Ting Jia as 天狼國女王  The Queen
An ancient fox spirit embarks on a diabolical quest to become human after escaping an icy prison, and becomes bound to a disfigured princess who seeks the love of a noble guard as her kingdom crumbles in this lavish supernatural epic. Confined to a frozen cell for centuries, malevolent fox spirit Xiaowei regains her freedom and seeks to preserve her beauty by seducing men and consuming their hearts. Should a man offer her his heart willingly, Xiaowei will become mortal, breaking free of the underworld and experiencing living among the living. Meanwhile, as a dark cloud falls over her kingdom, Princess Jing flees, hiding her deep facial scars under a mask of pure gold while seeking the love of her former protector, who remains haunted by his failure to save her years prior. When destiny brings Xiaowei and Princess Jing together, the battle for the princess' heart begins.
 L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
The second movie of the painted skin definitely has more graphic than the first one. But overall i don't really like the storyline. I feel like some part is so so extra... Beside Zhou Xun, the rest did not show me what is a good actors/actresses should be...

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

It's a Mad Mad Mad World 2 富貴再逼人

 Released Year: 1988
Directed by 高志森 Clifton Koh

Casted by:
董驃 Bill Dong as 雷達驃  Biao
沈殿霞 Lydia Sum as 驃嫂  Biao's wife
陳奕詩 Elsie Chan as 帶弟 Dai
李麗珍 Loletta Lee as 來弟 Lai
關佩琳 Pauline Kwan as 招弟 Pauline
盧冠廷 Lowell Lo as 毛毛 Momo
This round, Bill & his family decided to stay in their current lifestyle. So happened that Bill's boss thought Bill know about their anti money laundering, they send Bill & his family to Vancouver station. In the same time, Dai's company send her there for training and Lai went there to proceed her study. The whole family went there together and Dai met her old friend Momo in the airplane.

When they are there, they mess up things and lots of funny things appeared. They try to live in the western style but it seems like that not really goes. Bill's wife is pregnant this time, but she still always buy the lottery even if she's in Vancouver. Bill accidentally let his boss know that he knows nothing about the laundering and he was fired and sent back to Hong Kong, but before this Bill's wife has delivered in the Vancouver.

They went back while Dai & Lai continue their life in Vancouver. In Hong Kong, Bill's wife discovered the hit the lottery in Vancouver and the money has to be drawn before Christmas. They went to the boss to borrow some money but was rejected, luckily all the old neighbours helped out and donated money to them. Bill's boss happened to be in financial problem and he decided to snatch the lottery ticket from Bill. The family fought against the bad boss in Vancouver and Pauline cycle her best to the station and realized she was still 10 minutes late.

The family was sad and they went to eat in a restaurant, Bill stay back to do the dishes cleaning, the whole family help out. And they found out Vancouver is one day later than Hong Kong's time zone. In the end, the family get the money and become rich again.
   L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
Non stop laughing even though i watched this again and again for so many times, this is a classic comedy :) The storyline is of course expected, but it still makes me laugh even though so many years later~

Monday, December 10, 2012

The Chinese Ghostbuster 钟馗嫁妹

 Released Year: 1994
Directed by 于万山 Yu Man San & 午马 Wu Ma

Casted by:
午马 Wu Ma as 钟馗 Gui     
林正英 Lin ZhenYing as 九叔 Jiu
邱月清 Swdrr as 钟馗妹妹 Gui's sister     
郑浩南 Mark Cheng as 李世民 Min
In hell, Gui is marrying her sister out. On the journey, Min drop from human world into hell due to the power of Jiu. Gui'd sister quickly fall in love with this handsome man but Min was pull up again to the real world. Gui and his sister went to the real world to find Min, but found out Min is a gigolo.

In the meantime, the ghost judge came to arrest Gui & his sister because they simply change the death note without his permission. Jiu also sense that Gui and his sister is not human, he fought with them but in the end help out to defeat the ghost judge...
   L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:
Thanks to Mark Cheng's nice ass, so i scored it at least 5 for this. The storyline is really so so, swdrr is so stiff in the movie and ruined the whole movie... No wonder she has to film the erotica movie to get famous...