Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lavender 薰衣草

 Released Year: 2001
Directed by 葉錦鴻 Ip Kam Hung
Casted by:
陈慧琳 Kelly Chen as Athena
 金城武 Takeshi Kaneshiro as Angel
 陈奕迅 Eason Chen as Chow Chow
 郑佩佩 Cheng Pei Pei as 董夫人 Madame Dong
 谷德昭 Vincent Kuk as 肥天使 Fat angel
 尹子维 Terence Yin as 小提琴天使 Violin angel
Athena is a sad woman who can't forget about her passed away boyfriend's smell, she use her whole life to create the smell but fail. She met a fallen angel who is a handsome and innocent guy. The angel live by creating loves to human being, but he was targeted by Chow Chow, a gay guy who live opposite of Athena.
It seems like Chow Chow has fall in love with Athena's ex boyfriend and can't forget about him too, especially the smell. Chow Chow was envy of Athena for getting angel as hers. Angel told them where he really from and ready to fly back to heaven after his wings cured. Athena brought angel to buy lavender and hope he can bring it up to heaven for her ex boyfriend. During the trip, both of them fall in love but angel still need to leave.
Athena woke up from her filled bathtub after hearing some bang noise. Its seems like she was having this weird dream when she fell asleep in the baththub. The restaurant owner, Angelo is the one who fell down from the roftop when fixing the wire. Athena realize Angelo looks exactly like angel (without the wings of course), and the restaurant name is Michealangelo. It seems like the God has arrange a new faith for her, for her to accept a new love and forget about the old sad one. 
 L² Scored: 8/10
L² Comment:
Its quite touching and romantic for me, i love the storyline, love that Kaneshiro is able to act innocent angel which i think is a superb. The movie was brought to the Berlin and shown to the world, though it did not win any awards, but it has been nominated in quite a lot in the HK academy awards. The only flaw i would say is Kelly being a bit stiff, but i think she can be much more better if she has more experience in acting during that time :) 

The Sin / Choo 罪孽

Released Year: 2005
Directed by Ong-Art Singlumpong
Casted by:
Andy Tangkaprasert as Taep
Helen Nima as Raem
Sorapong Chatree as Chuang
Taep came back to the fishing village after 10 years of leaving his father Chuang behind. Taep met a beautiful girl but only realize this lady Raem is his stepmother. Raem is not happily living with Chuang as Chuang is rough in sex and always hurt Raem.
Taep and Raem has feeling with each other and deeply fall in love after Raem safe Taep by blowing air into his mouth when he almost drown. Both of them have sex and spend times together whenever Chuang went out for fishing. But both of them never know Chuang actually knows and watching closely at them. Chuang instructed his followers to kill Taep and Raem but failed.
Chuang make his move to kill Taep and Raem, he did it. Both Taep and Raem die together in the deep blue sea while Chuang lost everything in his life...
 L² Scored: 8/10
L² Comment:
This is an incest but very romantic movie... The relationship is wrong but maybe both the actor and actress looks so good that i actually kinda love this film a lot :) All of the 3 have fabulous body and i love it a lot... yummy

Monday, December 30, 2013

Indecent Woman 女色狼

Released Year: 1999
Directed by 李兆基 Lee Siu Kay
Casted by:
 杨梵 Yang Fang as 爱莲 Irene
曹查理 Richard Tso as 曹先生 Mr Tso
 林伟健 Lam Wai Kin as 家俊 Jun
 徐锦江 Elvis Tsui as 邮差 Postman
Irene living in a sad life with her husband Tso who used him as a sex machine when deal with client, Irene poison her husband and the business partner. Beside that Irene also killed the bitch who slept with her husband together with the postman who always take advantage on her.
Irene fall in love with the swimming coach who rent her house, Jun. Jun is a good guy and love his girlfriend deeply. Irene always imagine to be with Jun and soon her craziness make her kidnap Jun and wanna rape him. Luckily police came in time and arrested Irene.
 L² Scored: 6/10

L² Comment:
An erotic film which is on the average, but for me Yang Fang is a bit meaty for me. Her breast is just normal but luckily she looks a bit like Chngmy Yau which is still acceptable for me.

Sex and Zen 玉蒲團之偷情寶鑑

 Released Year: 1991
Directed by 麥當傑 Michael Mak
Casted by:
 吳啟華 Lawrence Ng as 未央生 Sheng
 葉子楣 Amy Yip as 玉香 Heong
 徐錦江 Evis Tsui as 權老實 Shi
 鄭則士 Kent Chang as 天殘子 Dr Tian
羅烈 Loh Lieh as 楚昆仑 Lun
周弘 Isabella Chow as 水楚 Chu
吳家麗 Carrie Ng as 古大娘 Mistress Ku
The story is about a lustful scholar who dares to challenge the moral teachings of the Sack Monk. The monk attempts to lecture the scholar that spiritual enlightenment transcends the passions of the flesh but the scholar, who enjoys women, doesn't agree. However, the most powerful man in the town marries his daughter, to the scholar. The daughter is a virgin and has been taught that sex is dirty.

The scholar, after a disastrous yet humorous wedding night, soon initiates his bride into the pleasures of sex, aided greatly by the illustrations of a copy of a sex manual. The amorous husband goes about his 'scholastic travels' where he meets the greatest thief known to man. The thief is able to sneak into people's houses undetected, and the scholar wants to learn this skill so that he can sleep with other men's wives. The thief was initially willing to help him, until he catches the scholar one day and discovers that the scholar is not very well-endowed.

The thief tells the scholar that stealing other men's wives requires good lovemaking skills and equipment. The thief promises to help the scholar only if he has a horse's penis. Of course, the thief didn't think it was possible, until the scholar returned one day, indeed, with a horse's penis attached as his own. Apparently, the scholar met a doctor who was able to replace anatomical parts.

The doctor managed to transplant a horse's penis to replace the scholar's meager one. Armed with his new 20-inch penis, the scholar goes on a sexual rampage, not caring if he is seducing other men's wives or is nearly caught in the process. Meanwhile, the scholar's wife, after experiencing the joys of sex, becomes sexually frustrated. She tried masturbating with paintbrushes but is left unsatisfied until she has an affair with the gardener, the husband of one of the wives the scholar seduced. She becomes pregnant and runs away with the man, who persuades her to have an abortion. She finds solace in a brothel where she perfects her sexual skills to become the top courtesan.

The scholar has become frail and sick due to too much sex (involving two sisters-in-law who are bisexual and into S&M). He goes to the brothel for treatment, where he is offered the top courtesan. At first, husband and wife cannot recognize each other; she looked at his penis and thought it couldn't be her husband's because his was small; he couldn't recognize her because his eyesight was failing. While they were having sex, he takes a close look at her figure and nipple and recognizes her. To her dismay, he screams, shouts and calls her a disgrace. To his dismay, she runs off and hangs herself. The man, completely broken, goes back to the monk to ask for forgiveness.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
The most most classic Hong Kong erotica film ever, with Amy Yip's huge breast & the good looking Lawrence Ng, what's more to request? Its been a waste Amy never really show us her nipples which i think they should be pretty yummy... Lawrence did show a lil of his ass, but not sure whether its really his or not, i just wish to see his cock a lil bit... lol~

Fugitive Girls / Five Loose Women

 Released Year: 1974
Directed by Stephen C. Apostolof
Casted by:
Jabie Abercrombe as Paula
Rene Bond as Toni
Tallie Cochrane as Kat
Donna Young as Sheila
Margie Lanier as Dee
 Five inmates break out of a women's prison. Four of them are hardened convicts, but one is a girl who was convicted for a crime she didn't commit. As the authorities chase them down, the cons terrorize or kill anyone who gets in their way.

Paula get dumped by his liquor man after sex and roberry and cause this beautiful breast woman went into jail, she then met the lebian Kat who lick her pussy when she's in there. One night, together with other 3 women (Toni, Sheila & Dee), Kat brought Paula and them to escape from jail. They went to get the money which they robbed earlier on and keep at a deserted place.

Along the journey, they met some hippies who have sex in front of them; they smuggle a white guy while Toni & Dee fuck him hard. Finally they reach a house live by the handicapped couple, Toni went on crazy and lick the beautiful breast of the lady owner while Sheila & Dee pressed her down. In a fight, Paula shoot Kat with gun and managed to defeat Sheila. Police arrived and took them down. Toni & Dee escaped and managed to get the money, but the 2 girls fight again each other because of the money. White trash Toni killed black bitch Dee but couldn't escape from the police in the end.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Well, for me its quite nice to watch this movie, but its definitely not really get good rated during the old days. But what i'm courious is the name of the actress, Abercrombe, issit the same name/family who created the fashion? lol

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Boys Don't Cry

 Released Year: 1999
Directed by Kimberly Peirce
Casted by:
Hilary Swank as Teena Brandon
Chloe Sevigny as Lana Tisdel
Peter Sarsgaard as John Lotter
Brendan Sexton III as Tom Nissen
Brandon Teena is a young female-to-male non-operative transgender man, whose birth name was Teena Ray Brandon. When Brandon is discovered to be anatomically female by the brother of a former girlfriend, he becomes the target of physical threats. Not long after, he is involved in a bar fight and is evicted from his cousin's trailer. Brandon moves to Falls City, Nebraska, where he cultivates friendships with ex-convicts John Lotter and Tom Nissen, and their friends Candace and Lana Tisdel. Brandon becomes romantically involved with Lana, who is unaware of his biological sex and troubled past. The two make plans to move to Memphis, where Brandon will manage Lana in a karaoke career.

Brandon is detained for charges that arose prior to his relocation and placed in the women's section of the Falls City prison. Lana bails Brandon out. After Lana asks why Brandon was in a women's prison, Brandon lies to her, saying he was born a hermaphrodite and will soon receive a sex change. Lana declares her love for Brandon, "no matter what he is." Tom and John become suspicious after they read a newspaper article about Brandon that refers to him by his birth name, Teena Brandon. Tom and John force Brandon to remove his pants, revealing his genitals. They try to make Lana look, but she shields her eyes and turns away. After this confrontation Tom and John drag Brandon into Lotter's car and drive out to an isolated location, where they violently beat and rape him. Afterward, they take Brandon to Nissen's house. Though injured, Brandon escapes through a bathroom window. Having been threatened by his assailants and told not to report the attack to the police, a distressed Brandon is nonetheless convinced by Lana to file a report.

One evening, John and Tom get drunk, and decide to kill Brandon. Despite Lana's attempts to stop them, John and Tom drive to Candace's remote house where they find Brandon, who has been hiding in a shed on Candace's property. John shoots Brandon under the chin, and Tom shoots Candace in the head while Lana fights them and screams for them to stop. John stabs Brandon's lifeless body and Tom attempts to shoot Lana, but is stopped by John. John and Tom flee the scene, while Lana lies with Brandon's dead body.

The next morning, Lana wakes up on Brandon's dead body. Her mother arrives and takes an emotionally wrenched Lana away from the scene. The film ends with Lana leaving Falls City while a letter Brandon wrote to her is read in a voice-over.
L² Scored: 10/10
L² Comment:
This is the movie which i amazed on how good Hilary Swank is, i started to love her from this movie because of her androgena and good acting. The storyline is good, none of the scene is extra and its so good and almost pull me into the character and i can feel myself in it... A very good film not to be missed, and yeah~ this is the movie which makes Hilary got her first Best Actress Award :)

Friday, December 27, 2013

Naked Massacre

 Released Year: 1976
Directed by Denis Heroux
Casted by:
Mathieu Carrière as Cain Adamson
Debra Berger as Bridget
Christine Boisson as Christine
Myriam Boyer as Leila
Leonora Fani as Jenny
Ely Galleani as Pam 
Carole Laure as Amy
Eva Mattes as Catherine
Andrée Pelletier as Eileen
Loosely based on the notorious Richard Speck murders, this is the grim tale of a disturbed Vietnam vet returning home via Belfast, who invades a house shared by eight nurses and proceeds to terrorize and murder them.
 L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
A bit dull actually on the story part, yes it is a naked + massacre... but i just hope the producer or writer can make the whole movie more interesting...