Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Sin / Choo 罪孽

Released Year: 2005
Directed by Ong-Art Singlumpong
Casted by:
Andy Tangkaprasert as Taep
Helen Nima as Raem
Sorapong Chatree as Chuang
Taep came back to the fishing village after 10 years of leaving his father Chuang behind. Taep met a beautiful girl but only realize this lady Raem is his stepmother. Raem is not happily living with Chuang as Chuang is rough in sex and always hurt Raem.
Taep and Raem has feeling with each other and deeply fall in love after Raem safe Taep by blowing air into his mouth when he almost drown. Both of them have sex and spend times together whenever Chuang went out for fishing. But both of them never know Chuang actually knows and watching closely at them. Chuang instructed his followers to kill Taep and Raem but failed.
Chuang make his move to kill Taep and Raem, he did it. Both Taep and Raem die together in the deep blue sea while Chuang lost everything in his life...
 L² Scored: 8/10
L² Comment:
This is an incest but very romantic movie... The relationship is wrong but maybe both the actor and actress looks so good that i actually kinda love this film a lot :) All of the 3 have fabulous body and i love it a lot... yummy

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