Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Piranha 3DD

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by John Gulager

Casted by:
    Danielle Panabaker as Maddy
    Matt Bush as Barry
    Chris Zylka as Kyle
    David Hasselhoff as Himself
  A year after the attack on Lake Victoria by prehistoric piranhas, an eradication campaign has left the lake uninhabitable by life, and the town itself has been largely abandoned as a result of the drying-up of their main revenue source, tourism.

At a nearby lake, Clayton and Mo, two farmers, walk into the water to recover the body of a dead cow. Piranha eggs laid inside the cow hatch, and the farmers are killed by the swarm.

Maddy, a marine biology student, returns home for the summer to the waterpark she co-owns. She finds to her horror that the other co-owner, her step-father Chet, plans to add an adult-themed section to the waterpark with 'water-certified strippers', and re-open it as "Big Wet." At a party at the waterpark that night, Maddy encounters several old acquaintances, including her policeman ex-boyfriend Kyle, and Barry who has secretly had a crush on her since grade-school. She also runs into two of her close friends, Ashley, and Shelby.

Shelby and her boyfriend Josh go skinny-dipping in the lake, where a piranha makes its way inside her vagina. Meanwhile, Ashley and her boyfriend Travis make love in their van. They accidentally trip the handbrake, causing the van to roll into the lake, where they are both devoured.

The next day, Maddy is consoling Shelby about their missing friends. While sitting on a jetty, they are both attacked by the swarm of piranhas. They manage to kill one, and Maddy, Kyle and Barry bring it to Mr. Goodman to examine. He informs them that the piranhas may be moving via sewage pipes and underground rivers between lakes. The trio return to the lake, where they establish that the piranhas cannot make their way into the outflow pipes connecting the lake and the waterpark.

While Shelby and Josh are having sex, the piranha in Shelby's vagina bites Josh's penis, forcing him to chop the organ off with a knife. Both are hospitalized. Kyle is revealed to be corrupt and taking pay-offs from Chet, who is secretly pumping water from an underground river into the waterpark.

"Big Wet" opens the next day. Among the first guests are Deputy Fallon, who survived his previous ordeal with the piranhas but lost his legs, and former cameraman Andrew Cunningham. While the duo attempts to overcome their fear of the water after they were attacked a year ago, David Hasselhoff also makes an appearance as a celebrity lifeguard.

Discovering the connection between the park and the underground river, Maddy attempts to shut the waterpark down, but is stopped by Chet and Kyle. The piranhas make their way to the area and attack, killing many of the lifeguards and waterpark-goers. Deputy Fallon attaches a shotgun prosthesis to his legs in order to save the visitors, while Hasselhoff, after rescuing a small boy named David, becomes pleased that he has finally become a real lifeguard. In the chaos, Chet is decapitated by a low-hanging cable after attempting to drive away and escape.

Barry begins to drain the pools; however Maddy, who is rescuing people from the water, becomes caught in the suction and dragged down to the bottom of the pool. After Kyle refuses to save her, Barry, despite being unable to swim, leaps down and brings her to the surface, where they kiss.

Another employee, Big Dave, pours gasoline into the pipes, followed by a lit joint. The resulting explosion kills most of the piranhas, while Kyle is killed by a falling trident. The celebrations are cut short however, when Maddy takes a phone call from a horrified Mr. Goodman, who informs them that the piranhas are evolving and are now able to move on land. The film ends as one such piranha emerges from the pool and decapitates David while recording it takes pictures of David's body.

In a post-credits scene, Hasselhoff is running on a beach holding a trident, which is an advertisement for a movie, "Fishhunter."
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
This is a sequel of the previous piranha movie in 2010. This is not as good as the first movie. Comedy part, yes; but horror part, nope. This is all about sexy girl with big boobs showing off their tits~ I was hoping to see more piranha attack, but kinda disappointed. But Matt Bush, Chris Zylka & Jean-Luc Bilodeau are totally hot :) Especially Jean's butt is so yummy~ :)

Monday, July 30, 2012

Scary Hair / The Wig 가발 (Ga-Ba)

 Released Year: 2005
Directed by Won Shin-Yeon

Casted by:
Yu Seon as Ji-Hyeon
Chae Min-Seo as Su-Hyeon
 A young woman named Su-hyeon is struggling against cancer and her older sister Ji-hyeon decides that she should take her home so that she really can enjoy what little time she has left rather than to spend it in a hospital. Ji-hyeon is a mute, during a car accident which impaled her throat, she now cannot speak again and can only make rasping noises at the most, despite this, she is a very strong person and very caring for her little sister. She buys a long haired wig with bangs for her so that she can go out without having to feel ashamed of herself, what she doesn't know is that the wig is cursed. Su-hyeon is so happy with the wig on, she begins to look and act a lot healthier and far more attractive. She leaves the house often, to take photos of herself at various locations.

Soon however, she begins to flirt and try and steal Ji-hyeon's boyfriend. He breaks up with Ji-hyeon but is still not too interested in Su-hyeon. One day, one of Ji-hyeon's friends finds out that her husband is cheating on her and is at a loss for a solution to her problem. Su-hyeon lends her wig saying that she will feel that she looks prettier and better. She agrees and takes the wig home. The next day she is found dead with her husband, covered in hair. Su-hyeon's wig returns to her, mysteriously. She then goes out to a club with Ji-hyeon's ex-boyfriend. Ji-hyeon follows her and attempts to speak to her in the toilets, but Su-hyeon cruelly ignores her and she leaves. Su-hyeon tries to put her makeup on but is then suddenly plagued with frightening images of her sister's friend's demise. Ji-hyeon takes her home. The next day, Su-hyeon tries to have sex with Ji-hyeon's ex, but Ji-hyeon picks her up and the two drive home in silence, until Su-hyeon begins to goad her. Ji-hyeon angrily stomps on the breaks, but soon begins to drive on.

At home the two don't speak until Su-hyeon washes the wig, when Ji-hyeon sees ghost in the wig. Su-hyeon begins to brush her "hair" later on, but Ji-hyeon grabs the wig from her head and locks Su-hyeon in her room. As Su-hyeon pounds on the door screaming, her sister cuts the wig to shreds. The cancer then comes back to Su-hyeon and she has to go back to hospital, unhappy and heart-broken, refusing to see her sister. Things turn from bad to worse as Su-hyeon escapes from the hospital after not taking her medication. We see a twisted, disturbing scene of Su-hyeon pulling pills from her bloody scalp.

We are then shown that the wig belonged to a man who was in a romantic relationship with Ji-hyeon's ex boyfriend. Being gay, he was eventually shunned by Ji-hyeon's ex and beaten by a group of teens, cutting his long hair out. He then committed suicide by jumping off a building. The ghost of the man (now fully possessing Su-hyeon) is using her as a host and tries to go back with Ji-hyeon's ex. As they kiss, Su-hyeon's hair grows very long at an impossibly fast rate. Ji-hyeon appears and fights the ghost in her sister's body and sets fire to the long hair, freeing her sister and destroying the ghost. Unfortunately, Ji-hyeon hallucinates that the ghost is there instead of her sister and beats her to death with her camera. As Su-hyeon dies, her sister cries at what she had done. The film ends, showing the two girls as children in a photograph, before Su-hyeon's cancer and Ji-hyeon's speech loss.
L² Scored: 1.5/10

L² Comment:
Yawn, i hate this kind of lame horror movie~

Friday, July 27, 2012

All's Well, End's Well 2012 八星抱喜 2012

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by 陳慶嘉 Chan Heng Ka & 秦小珍 Qin Xiao Zhen

Casted by:
甄子丹 Donnie Yen as 譚冠榮 Rong
吳君如 Sandra Ng as 宋秋波 Bo
古天樂 Louis Koo as 彭堅 Kin
陳慧琳 Kelly Chen as Julie Sun
黃百鳴 Raymond Wong as 陳李張 Zheung
楊冪 Mini Yang as 陳思思 Si
杜汶澤 Chapman To as 華一聲 Sheng
熊黛林 Lynn Xiong as 談笑 Xiao
The movie breaks into 4 parts, part one is about both Rong & Bo who are the old time singer and when they met together and Rong help to pretend as Bo's boyfriend so that Bo's ex partner will not laugh at her. Part two is about photographer Julie wanted to find inspiration on her photo shoot, therefore she pretend and let the model Kin to fall in love with her so that she can take a nice pictures. Third part is Zheung pretend to be Si's father and help her to deliberate which guy is suitable to be her husband. Last part is Sheng a romance novelist who wanted to fall in love, he found a blind pretty woman Xiao and pretend he is a good looking man who is meant for her.
L² Scored: 2/10

L² Comment:
Oh Lord, all these well i have been a fans of "All's Well, End's Well" series, but definitely not the 2012 version. The 2 marks i gave is for Sandra Ng & Kristal Tin. Both of them are good in their part and they are the only one who makes me laugh. 

Donnie Yen is definitely making a big fool of himself in this movie; Kelly Chen as usual - bad in her acting; Lynn Xiong not much of a blame - model really can't act!!!; Louis Koo, oh please, i'm gonna write him off from my idol list soon; Chapman To, pathetic!!! As for Raymond Wong, i really hope he stop producing all these rubbish movie!!! Where has all his good movie gone? !!!! I'm frustrated now :(

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Magic to Win 開心魔法

 Released Year: 2011
Directed by 叶伟信 Wilson Yip

Casted by:
黃百鳴 Raymond Wong as 康森貴 Professor Kang
吳千語 Karena Wu as 程美斯 Macy
吳尊 Wu Chun as 凌楓 Fung
吳京 Wu Jing as 畢野武 Wu
閆妮 Yan Nee as 柏格斯大學女排教練 Coach
古天樂 Louis Koo as 古新月 Yue
The world constitutes of five elements: gold, wood, water, fire and earth. In the wizard world of Magic to Win, the story also revolves around the "Five Element Wizardry", portraying a story that surpasses our imagination. Hong Sum-Kwai, a university professor, is also the wizard of water of "Five Elements Wizardry". Although he uses magic spells in his daily life, his superpower remains a secret. By accident, his power is transmitted to his student, Macy, and finds herself entangled in the power struggle of the 5 elements.
 L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment:
When they film this movie, it stated clearly that this will be the 6th movie of the "Happy Ghost" series, but it is so different from the original 5 movies, Raymond Wong is no more the happy ghost, then what point stating this as the "Happy Ghost" series?

Back to the storyline, it is a bit childish and very predictable. The only excellent part is when Wu Jing fought with Wu Chun, the rest is just so so...

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Turistas / Holiday of Horror / Paradise Lost

 Released Year: 2006
Directed by John Stockwell

Casted by:
Josh Duhamel as Alex
Melissa George as Pru
Olivia Wilde as Bea
Desmond Askew as Finn
Beau Garrett as Amy
Max Brown as Liam
Agles Steib as Kiko
Three young American tourists, Alex, his sister Bea and a friend Amy, backpacking in Brazil, decide to go by bus and visit portions of the country instead of flying directly to the Northeastern beaches they wish to visit. After a bus crash leaves all the passengers stranded, they are joined by two English men, Finn and Liam and an Australian woman, Pru, who is fluent in Portuguese. The group decide to head to a local beach to kill time, where they find a cabana bar and several other tourists and locals partying. After swimming and spending the day on the beach, they are served drugged drinks and pass out.

The next morning, they awaken on the deserted beach, robbed of luggage, money, and documents. Looking for help in the nearby village, they encounter conflict with locals as they see some of their belongings worn or lying around. Offering help, Kiko, a local who speaks some English, volunteers to take them to an isolated cabin in the forest, where they can wait for help. In a long walk through the wilderness, Kiko shows them a “secret place”, a cave beneath a waterfall, but, taking a bad dive into the river, Kiko hits the rocky bottom, and is rendered unconscious and begins bleeding profusely from a cut in his head. Proceeding to the cabin in the jungle, they find food, clothes, and prescription drugs in a number of different names and a drawer filled with other people’s passports. They manage to seal Kiko's wound and hesitantly spend the night at the cabin.

They are awakened in the middle of the night by a helicopter bringing Zamora, a physician, and a few associates and doctors, surrounded by armed henchmen. A woman who arrives first gives them advice to flee, but they are confused and try to fight them, but they are beaten into compliance. Zamora proceeds to a makeshift operating room where he removes organs from Amy, who is sedated, while he explains to Finn, who is tied up, that organ theft for transplant from Brazilians[2] by rich gringos is part of a pattern of exploitation of Brazilian “resources”, and that it is time to “give back”. Victims' usable organs are being harvested and sent to the People’s Hospital in Rio de Janeiro and used for the benefit of the poor. After her liver and kidneys are removed, Amy dies on the operating table.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group outside has managed to break free of cages they have been contained in, fighting and killing one of Zamora’s associates, with the aid of Kiko, who returned after being sent away by Zamora. While Bea and Pru flee into the jungle, Alex, Kiko and Liam attempt to raid the cabin. They successfully rescue Finn, who is partially unable to walk because he has been sedated, but while they are running away from the cabin, Finn is shot in the head. Alex realizes they have to resume their escape, but Liam decides to stay behind to fight back, only to be shot and taken away to be "salvaged".

Bea and Pru are separated in the jungle, and Alex and Kiko find Bea the next morning hiding near the river. The three head to the flooded cave, eluding one of Zamora’s associates who is trailing close behind, armed with a bow and arrows. For a time, they are able to put some distance between themselves and their pursuers. They enter the cave where they find Pru hiding. Diving and swimming to the cavern's secondary entrance, they find Zamora is also there, and he shoots them in the water, killing Kiko and injuring Alex.

The survivors are forced to backtrack into the water of the cave, where they can take air at only a few places. They are split up, looking for breathing points, trying not to be noticed and fall prey to the archer. Bea and the archer meet at the same breathing spot, but Bea grabs an arrow from the man, stabbing him in the neck and killing him. Alex, Bea and Pru get out of the cave only to run into Zamora at the exit. Alex attacks Zamora and repeatedly hits him in the head with a rock, but is interrupted by one of Zamora's henchman who is armed with a rifle. Zamora instructs him to kill the foreigners. Seeing the trio of survivors vulnerable and scared, and Zamora in agony, the man hesitates. This infuriates Zamora, who orders the gunman to carry out the killing. Pru tries to convince the gunman to spare them, pointing out his poor treatment of him. Zamora calls the gunman a coward, and is shot in the head by the gunman who turns and walks off. Soon after, the survivors, coming out of the jungle, meet local villagers who take them in.

Later, Alex, Bea and Pru stand in line, waiting to board an airplane in silence while a couple of tourists behind them argue over going by bus. Alex turns and advises them; “Take the plane. The Male Tourist says thanks man. They Board the plane. The last scene shows Alex, Bea And Pru sitting in the plane as it flies away.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment
Having actors & actresses from USA, UK, Brazil & Australia to make this film is a brilliant idea, all of them are well present in this movie. The storyline is not bad but a bit predictable. There's not much of killing & slashing scenes or else it would be much more better :)

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

It's Alive 2008

 Released Year: 2008
Directed by Josef Rusnak

Casted by:
Bijou Phillips as Lenore Harker
James Murray as Frank Davis
Raphaël Coleman as Chris Davis
Just before the end of her semester at college, Lenore Harker leaves to have a baby with her architect boyfriend Franck at his remote log cabin in the woods. After discovering the baby has doubled in size in just a month they have to extract the baby by caesarian section, without Franck being present. As the doctor cuts the umbilical cord all hell breaks loose, with the baby killing every doctor and nurse in the operating room. When we cut back to the new mother, baby is asleep on her stomach and the room is painted a lovely shade of blood red.

After questioning by the police Lenore is allowed back home with her baby and is left to get on with her life while they organize a psychologist to help her try to remember anything. It’s not long before Death Baby bites Lenore when she’s feeding him and his taste for blood is revealed.

Gradually the baby gets the taste for rats, cats and penguins before progressing to killing fully-grown people. As Lenore refuses to accept her baby is seriously messed up it comes down to wheelchair bound kid Chris and school chum Nicole to save the day. But Nicole & her boyfriend were attacked by the baby and die too. Franck came and try to kill the evil baby but was attacked too. The house is on fire, Lenore carry the baby in and both die together in the fire.
 L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
A remake of the 1974 same name horror movie, i'm not sure how's the old movie is, but the 2008 version is not bad. Having the sexy model Bijou Phillips is a good choice, her tits are so perfect and juicy; James Murray in another hand is very hot. I just hope they show more of the evil baby~

Monday, July 23, 2012

Undisputed III: Redemption

 Released Year: 2010
Directed by Issac Florentine

Casted by:
Scott Adkins as Yuri Boyka
Mykel Shannon Jenkins as Turbo
Mark Ivanir as Gaga
Marko Zaror as Raul 'Dolor' Quinones
 The film picks up several years after the Yuri Boyka's fight with George "The Iceman" Chambers. Boyka, humbled and resigned to his fate inside the prison system, has become the facility janitor and spends time mopping the hallways and sewage system. Due to his nearly crippling knee injury from his fight with Chambers, he has taken solace in religion and tried to ignore fighting—the one thing that he really loves—altogether. His former manager has begun to expand his previous enterprise of prison tournaments to extend the first ever inter-prison competition, gathering the best prison fighters from around the globe to compete for a chance at a cleared record and early release. As Boyka hears the preliminaries taking place within his prison, as well as failing in his parole, he begins training privately to bring his knee back into fighting shape. Just when the prison champion is declared, Boyka challenges him on the spot, which both the warden and his former manager, Gaga, agree to out of mutual respect and a belief that Boyka is attempting suicide and wants to die with dignity. When he easily defeats the current prison champion, they enter him as a longshot in the inter-prison tournament, while Boyka tries to hide his significant knee pain.

Boyka is transferred to Gorgon prison in the republic of Georgia where he is joined by a diverse group of prison fighters from around the globe.The eight inmates are from Russia,USA,Colombia,Brazil,France,Greece,Croatia,and North Korea. An American fighter, "Turbo," quickly identifies himself as a brash and insubordinate prisoner, to the chagrin of the prison warden and to Boyka, who is reminded of Chambers through the loud-mouthed American. Though the fighters are allowed one hour each day for training, they are still grouped into general population for "fresh air and general exercise," or hard labor, which Boyka uses to conceal his injury and train his leg by offering it to be chained to a rock. When a fight almost breaks out between Boyka and Turbo, they both notice that one fighter, Dolor, is getting preferential treatment. Later, the Warden privately gives Dolor both illegal drugs (presumably steroids and opiates) and private sparring sessions, showing that he is being groomed as the predetermined champion.

During the first round of fighting, Turbo wins his first match, revealing his superb speed and use of "dirty" boxing; while he has very little grappling skill and no ability to kick, he is able to defeat his opponent using elbow blocks and strikes to break the bones in his opponent's hands. As Boyka starts his first round fight, he appears to be back in top form, and he quickly defeats his opponent with his speed and agility—making him a crowd favorite immediately. Dolor also wins his fight, using a fast and brutal style. The losers are later escorted out of the prison under the guise of being transferred back to their home penitentiaries; however, they are summarily shot by waiting guards, revealing that losing fighters will be treated as loose ends.

As hard labor continues the following day, Boyka is chained to Turbo for the duration, where Turbo successfully provokes a fight. After a quick scuffle in which Boyka finishes dominant in grappling, they are broken up and put into isolation by the guards. Still within earshot, Turbo continues to verbally jab at Boyka's confidence, having saying Boyka's sneak attack was a "Bitch Move" and by stating that Boyka shouldn't be here. However, as the isolation continues, Turbo begins to wear down mentally while Boyka wears down physically; forced to stand, Turbo is psychologically distraught when he realizes that he has to defecate while standing and that he cannot see the rats moving around at his feet, whereas Boyka, who is used to the dirt and darkness, struggles more with the pain in his knee, which he cannot elevate to relieve.

The two are eventually released due to some manipulations by their managers, Gaga and Farnatti, who are old friends and rivals. When the managers find out about how their fighters are being treated, they (now thoroughly enraged) confront the warden. Rezo, the chief mastermind behind the tournament, who is also present explains to the managers that the tournament has always been fixed to ensure the "highest profit at the lowest risk." Though the managers are upset, having believed this to be a straight, sporting tournament (and thinly concealing their own concern for their respective fighters), Rezo recommends with complete honesty that they liquefy their assets and bet on Dolor to walk home rich men. The managers, realizing that their loyalties to their fighters only extend to their payout, agree to this arrangement.

Slowly, Turbo and Boyka begin to trust each other during hard labor, as they are often chained together and forced into cooperate. At first they direct their anger towards fighting again in the ring, but later start to turn their attention toward beating Dolor. The two begin training alongside, each using the other for motivation. As their prowess gets noticed, they are put to more hard labor and deprived of food to ensure the "fix" for the fights. As Turbo starts to wear down, Boyka reveals his strategy for turning the situation around: use the hard labor as part of the training. With Turbo's attitude eroding, he starts showing signs that his ego evolved from a highly disciplined past as a US Marine. In addition to reciting, "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome" as part of his training, he recommends some holistic medicine for Boyka to soothe his knee.

In the semi-finals, Boyka defeats the contender Rodrigo Silva from Brazil in a much more difficult match. After winning by submission, for the first time he helps his opponent up from the mat and states, "Good fight." Unfortunately, Rezo and the warden realize that Boyka and Turbo are stronger than predicted. In a preemptive strategy, they isolate Turbo and provoke him into attacking the warden so that the guards have a justification in beating him before his match with Dolor.

When the prisoners are taken for the next round of hard labor, Boyka tries to convince Turbo into escaping rather than face Dolor wounded. Knowing that Turbo used to be in the military, the plan is to escape to the forest where the security is lightest and survive long enough to eventually get in touch with the black market. Turbo initially disagrees, until another prisoner reveals that the losers are executed. Caught trying to break their chain, the two fight off the guards who are armed only with clubs long enough to get a key. Freed, Turbo heads for the forest.

Boyka is returned to the prison where he is confronted by Rezo, the warden, and Gaga. Knowing for certain that he has lost all support, he commits himself to ruining their wagers by defeating Dolor in the newly-improvised final round. Dolor takes an early lead with his exceptionally quick hand blocks and strikes, as well as exacerbating the problems with Boyka's weak knee by using a submission hold on it. Deprived of his kicking ability and agility, Boyka recovers first by relying on his endurance and pain tolerance, persevering past some devastating hits. It looks like the fight is over when he is kicked out of the ring, but when he catches a glimpse of the bucket and mop used for sopping up blood after the bouts, which bears a striking resemblance to his mop and bucket used during his training, he gets back into the ring before the ten-count. Remembering Turbo's mantra, "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome," he takes the pad off the mop and ties it around his knee. Forced to adapt, he begins using a new style mixing in elements of grappling, dirty boxing head-butts and elbows, wrestling, and wu-shu. Dolor, in a final moment of rage, breaks his shin against Boyka's knee block, ending the match.

Desperate and despondent, Farnatti confronts the warden and shoots Rezo over the money that he's lost before being shot by the warden himself. Despite winning the tournament, Boyka is not allowed to go free because the guards have not found Turbo. Because Boyka was responsible for his escape, the arrangement is that Turbo will remain free while Boyka will be transferred back to his original prison, to which Boyka responds that he does not care—he has proven his point. Like the other prisoners, Boyka is instead taken out to be shot, but he is rescued at the last minute by Turbo in a moment of surprising marksmanship. The two retreat to a waiting car where Gaga sits inside with a load of money. He reveals that he always knew Boyka was the best fighter in the world, especially when he was angry, so he bet all of his money on him all along and deceived the other managers—even going so far as to rescue and hide Turbo when he escaped. Boyka decides to part ways, finally revealing his first name, Yuri to Turbo. In turn, Turbo confesses that his real name is "Jericho," not realizing that Boyka has a special appreciation for religious references. In gratitude, he thanks Turbo for "bringing down the walls" and setting him free. Turbo then requests a match with Boyka in future and Boyka accepts. The movie ends with Boyka running and laughing with a sign that says "Bon Voyage".
 L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
Whoa, this is a nice action movie i have watch recently. The fighting scenes are so cool that i have continuous watch it twice. Scott Adkins as ever, his body is so incredible and yummy~ :) I wonder how he work out every time. The storyline is good too, none of the scene is too much in the movie~ really nice, who got the first 2 movies?

Friday, July 20, 2012

Beyond Re-Animator

 Released Year: 2003
Directed by Brian Yuzna

Casted by:
Jeffrey Combs as Dr. Herbert West
Jason Barry as Dr. Howard Phillips
Simón Andreu as Warden Brando
Elsa Pataky as Laura Olney
 For the past 13 years, Dr. Herbert West has been serving his prison sentence for his role in the death of a teenage girl at the hands of one of his zombies. With what scant supplies he has on hand in the prison medical center, Dr. West has been capable of performing only extremely basic experiments on rats. However, his lack of supplies does not prevent him from uncovering a key element in his re-animation process. When a young doctor named Howard Phillips comes to work at the prison, he teams up with West to help him attain the supplies and tools needed to bring his experiments to the next level. Phillips is the younger brother of the teenage girl who was killed (he's shown watching West being taken away by the cops) and came to the prison for the explicit purpose of working with West. In the meantime, Phillips gets a girlfriend, the journalist Laura Olney.

Dr. West has discovered "NPE" (Nano-Plasmic Energy), an energy that can be extracted from the brain of a living organism through an electrocution-like process, to be stored in a capsule resembling a small light bulb. The capsule can then be connected to a corpse and used in conjunction with West's previously developed reagent to restore the former dead to a life-like state. The NPE prevents the degeneration seen in previous instances, where the reanimated are nothing more than mindless zombies. Used together with the re-agent, reanimated corpses regain their skills, memories, and motor functions and nearly fully resemble normal humans.

The warden of the prison uncovers West's experiments, and is subsequently killed and re-animated a la Dr. Carl Hill in the first Re-Animator. However, West uses the NPE from a prisoner's pet rat, causing some unexpected side effects in the warden's behavior. It manifests itself as the prison descends into utter chaos as a riot breaks out, with vials of the reagent circulating through the population. Soon, it is unclear who is dead, who is alive, and who has been exposed to the agent. During the chaos, Laura is killed. Phillips is believed to be criminally insane by guards, when they find him weeping over Laura's head, severed from her body.

West manages to escape the prison by stealing Phillips' I.D., when he comes across him weeping over Laura's decapitated body before the guards appear. In the end of the film, West is shown putting on his glasses outside the prison, once he has slipped past security. He then throws a human eye, struggling to move, onto the lawn of the prison. After witnessing this, West slips into the night to continue his research.
 L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
 After 13 years, Brian Yuzna decided to shoot the re-animator again. Jeff Combs, the main character continue to appear in this movie as a doc in the jail. This time Brian shot it in Spain and the story is much more better than the 2nd movie, but i still think the very first movie is the best :)

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Operation: Endgame

 Released Year: 2010
Directed by Fouad Mikati

Casted by:
    Joe Anderson as Fool
    Odette Yustman as Temperance
    Adam Scott as Magician
    Zach Galifianakis as The Hermit
    Emilie de Ravin as Hierophant
    Maggie Q as High Priestess
    Ving Rhames as Judgement
    Ellen Barki as Empress
    Bob Odenkirk as Emperor
    Rob Corddry as Chariot
    Brandon T. Jackson as Tower
    Jeffrey Tamboras Devil
    Michael Hitchcock as "Neal"
    Tim Bagley as "Carl"
    Beth Grant as "Susan"
 It's inauguration day for President Barack Obama and the first day of work for the Fool. He's been hired as a thief by the Factory, a secret office of government agents. He's met by the beautiful High Priestess and the caustic Chariot. They enter the secret underground offices of the Factory and we learn the entire office is under surveillance by Neal, Carl, and their boss Susan.

The Factory is separated into two teams, Alpha and Omega. The two teams specialize in black ops and oppose each other in a bureaucratic system of checks and balances. Omega Team consists of the Fool, Chariot, High Priestess, Judgement who repeats his name whenever he can, and the Emperor. Alpha Team consists of the Fool's old flame, Temperance, the Empress, Magician, Tower, and Hierophant. The head of the Factory is the Devil. The wildcard of the office is the Hermit who's an extremely dangerous assassin with diabetes and occasional irritable bowel syndrome.

Not long after the Fool is introduced to everyone, Alpha and Omega find the Devil murdered and he has initiated Project Endgame, which has trapped both teams underground and triggered a bomb that threatens to destroy the Factory and kill everyone. The agents need to find a way out. They decide to work in pairs with their opposing mirror agents to escape.

As they explore the office, members of Alpha Team begin to kill their Omega Team counterparts in gruesome fashion, with Empress killing Emperor with a staple remover, Hierophant killing Judgement by hitting him in the head with a table leg with nails protruding out, and Tower stabbing High Priestess in the throat with a metal bookend. Shortly after Tower is killed by Chariot who smashes his face repeatedly with a paper shredder, and then Chariot is almost killed by Magician. Back in the surveillance room, Carl, Neil and Susan watch the carnage between the agents. The system has been corrupted and Susan realizes that the clearance codes have been switched in conjunction with the inauguration.

While trying to find a way out, Fool is attacked by Hierophant but is saved by Temperance who kills her by hitting her repeatedly in the back with the blade of a paper cutter. She reveals to him that Alpha Team was ordered to eliminate Omega Team today. The Fool, Chariot and Temperance face off against the remaining members of Alpha: The Empress, Magician and the mysterious Hermit. The Fool cracks a safe in the Devil's office and obtains a disc and a map to an exit. After more fighting and kills, such as Chariot setting Magician on fire, Hermit killing Chariot by throwing a pair of scissors into his eye and Temperance shooting Hermit in the crotch with her lipstick gun and then killing Empress by shoving a water cooler bottle down her throat causing her to drown, Fool and Temperance are the only ones left standing. They both enter the exit elevator and escape. They kiss as the bomb goes off, destroying the Factory.

Meanwhile, Carl and Neil uncover an audio tape made by Devil before his death. The Devil reveals he has a disc with every dirty secret from the last eight years of the Bush administration. He also professes his love for Susan. The elevator emerges from a bathroom stall and it is revealed the Fool has killed Temperance, the paper cutter blade stuck in her head. He snaps the neck of a man in the bathroom who see's Temperance's body and takes his jacket, then he calls Susan, and tells her (in an English accent using the British pronunciation of ma'am as the American sound of "mom") that he has the disc, which contains "every single one of their fuck-ups." Susan reveals that she hired the Fool specifically to enter the Factory and retrieve the files. She then shoots Carl and Neil. The film ends with the Fool confidently walking out of the building, stepping into a cab, and driving off and the screen turns black. In the credits bits of a will one recorded by Emperor and the other Chariot reveal that Emperor plans to leave his holiday home to his dog and give wine in his wine cellar to the widows of the men he killed, while Chariot promises that he will return as an evil ghost and will eat hearts for an eternity.
L² Scored: 9.5/10

L² Comment:
Oh this is fun to watch, the whole movie is so exciting... The agent fights against the agent :) Cool ~ I hope there's a squeal, but dont think so... almost all the agents died in the movie~ lol....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eating Out 4: Drama Camp

 Released Year: 2011
Directed by Q. Allan Brocka

Casted by:
    Daniel Skelton as Casey
    Chris Salvatore as Zack Christopher
    Rebekah Kochan as Tiffani von der Sloot
    Aaron Milo as Benji Aaron
    Harmony Santana as Lilly Veracruz
    Mink Stole as Aunt Helen
    Ronnie Kroell as Beau
Casey and Zack are living together and seem to have lost their relationship's "spark". Things get crazy when they both apply to "Dick Dickey's Drama Camp" with a raunchy horror short film and are accepted. When the boys get there, trouble hits their fragile relationship as Zack meets a gorgeous new "straight" boy Benji. Soon, Benji and Zack are paired up to perform an ultra-sexy version of The Taming of the Shrew together before Casey's very eyes.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
What can you request more when a bunch of hot guys appearing in the whole movie? I have not watch the previous 1,2,3 movie before... anybody got them? :)