Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ella Enchanted

 Released Year: 2004
Directed by Tommy O'Haver

Casted by:
Anne Hathaway as Ella of Frell
Hugh Dancy as Prince Charmont (Char)
Cary Elwes as Sir Edgar
Steve Coogan as Heston
In the kingdom of Frell, baby Ella is given the "gift of obedience" by a misguided and obnoxious fairy called Lucinda. This is more of a curse, making Ella do anything she is told to, but only Lucinda can reverse it. Ella's mother tells Ella keep the curse secret; after she dies, only the household fairy, Mandy, knows about it.

Several years later, Ella's father remarries to a wealthy socialite, Dame Olga, who dislikes Ella. Her spoiled daughters Hattie and Olive notice Ella's obedience and begin making her life miserable. Ella stumbles upon Prince Charmont, the handsome heir who will soon take the throne, as he's being pursued by his fan club of besotted young women. He invites Ella to the Coronation Ball, but Olga intercepts the invitation. Hattie and Olive, fan club members themselves, are overcome with jealousy. They force Ella to insult and cut ties with her best friend Areida.

Ella cannot bear her situation a moment longer, and resolves to find Lucinda. Mandy helps by lending Ella her boyfriend Benny, who she accidentally transformed into a talking magical book that can show people in their current surroundings. During her journey, Ella encounters an elf named Slannen, who wants to be a lawyer instead of an entertainer as the laws now require. They are both captured by a group of ogres, who want to eat them. Prince Charmont rescues them and accompanies them to a wedding in the land of giants, where Ella hopes to find Lucinda. En route, Ella opens Char's eyes to the cruelty of the laws oppressing elves and giants established by the acting ruler, Char's uncle Sir Edgar. Char invites Ella to visit the palace's Hall of Records and find Lucinda faster. But Edgar's talking snake, Heston, is spying on them.

At the palace, Heston tells Edgar about Ella's obedience, which Hattie confirms when Edgar offers her Char's hand in marriage. Knowing that Char intends to marry Ella, Edgar orders her to kill him when he proposes, and tell no one. Edgar also reveals that he murdered Char's father. To save Char, Ella asks Slannen to tie her to a tree and to get the giants to help. Ella writes Char a letter, saying she is leaving permanently and cannot explain why, which breaks his heart. Lucinda then appears before Ella, who asks her to undo the "gift" of obedience. Lucinda, offended, tells Ella to remove it herself. She unties Ella, gives her a fancy dress, and tells her to attend the ball, where Char almost immediately takes her to the Hall of Mirrors and asks her to marry him.

Ella is about to stab him with the dagger Edgar provided, when she realizes Lucinda has provided the answer: looking into a mirror, she says, "You will no longer be obedient!" She drops the dagger and Char sees it. Edgar is spying on them, and before Ella can explain, he orders the guards to lock her up, to be executed tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Slannen, the giants, and the ogres all sneak into the castle to rescue Ella. They find out that Edgar is poisoning the crown Char will receive during the ceremony. Ella and her allies burst in just in time to stop him putting it on. Edgar and Heston call for the knights and Red Guards, and a battle ensues. Ella explains everything while fighting alongside Char. Mandy transforms Benny back into a human. When Edgar's forces lose, Heston tries to bite Char, but is stopped by Ella. Caught trying to kill the prince, Edgar admits to the crowd that he killed the King, but says only he deserves the crown. Then, carried away by his own rhetoric, he puts it dramatically on his own head—and promptly collapses from the poison.

Char and Ella kiss; her stepsisters arrive and order her to stop, but she is delighted to refuse. Char once again asks Ella to marry him, and she agrees: "Now that I'll do." The movie ends with their wedding and a musical number. During all this, it's shown that Slannen is in a relationship with a giant, Ella has rekindled her friendship with Areida, and that Edgar had survived. The Narrator announces two more words: The End.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Funny, romantic, nice to watch... this movie is based on the same name novel by Gail Carson Levine. It involve magics, fairies, witches, ogres, elves... so many of the fantasy creatures and yet the storyline is strong and presentable. Love Anne Hathaway, she looks so beautiful in this movie~

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Final Destination

 Released Year: 2000
Directed by James Wong

Casted by:
Devon Sawa as Alex Browning
Ali Larter as Clear Rivers
Kerr Smith as Carter Horton
Kristen Cloke as Valerie Lewton
Daniel Roebuck as Agent Weine
Roger Guenveur Smith as Agent Schreck
Chad E. Donella as Tod Waggner
Sean William Scott as Billy Hitchcock
Alex Browning, a teenager, boards Volée Airlines Flight 180 with his teenage classmates and teachers for their senior trip from New York City to Paris, France. Before the Boeing 747 takes off, Alex has a premonition that the plane will suffer a catastrophic engine failure, causing the plane to explode in mid-air, killing everyone on board. As events from his vision begin to repeat themselves in reality, he panics and attempts to stop the flight, but he is removed from the plane, along with a handful of passengers, including Clear Rivers, best friend Tod Waggner, teacher Valerie Lewton, Alex's rival Carter Horton, Carter's girlfriend Terry Chaney and student Billy Hitchcock. None of the passengers except Clear believe in Alex's premonition until the airplane explodes on take-off, killing the remaining passengers on board. The survivors are interrogated by two FBI agents, who suspect the students were involved in the explosion.

39 days after the explosion, the survivors attend a memorial service for the victims. After the service, a chain reaction causes Tod to accidentally strangle himself in his shower, but the accident is deemed a suicide. As Alex and Clear sneak into the funeral homes to inspect Tod's body, they meet mortician William Bludworth who tells Alex and Clear that Death is reclaiming the lives of those who escaped from the explosion. The next day, Alex and Clear discuss what the mortician informed them in town, where the rest of the survivors (Carter, Terry, Ms. Lewton and Billy) pass by. During the commotion, Terry is suddenly killed by a speeding bus and the mortician's theory is believed to be coming true.

As he watches a news report on the cause of the explosion, Alex concludes that Death is killing the survivors in the same order that they were meant to die in the explosion and finds out Ms. Lewton is next to die. He attempts to go to her to ensure she's safe, but thinking Alex is up to no good, Ms Lewton calls the FBI agents to take him in for questioning. As Alex tries to convince them of what is happening, they ask him to promise to forget all of this, but he frustratedly refuses and leaves. Nonetheless, when he gets back to Ms Lewton's house, he is too late to save her from an accidental kitchen knife impalement or the subsequent explosion of her house. The remaining survivors (Alex, Clear, Carter, and Billy) get together in Carter's car, and Alex explains the situation as they drive through town. During the discussion, Carter fears he is next to die. Frustrated by Terry's death and having no control over his life, Carter attempts suicide by stalling his car on railroad tracks. He changes his mind at the last minute, but gets stuck when his seat belt jams. Alex manages to save him before the train hits the car. However, Billy is decapitated by flying shrapnel from the wreckage.

Alex believes that Carter was supposed to die in the car accident but because Alex saved him, Death skipped Carter and moved on to Billy, who was meant to die after Carter. Alex realizes that Clear is next, because he and Clear had switched seats in his original premonition. He rushes to her aid while being pursued by FBI agents. Meanwhile, Clear is trapped inside her car with a leaking gas tank, surrounded by loose live wires. Alex grabs a wire, allowing Clear to escape before the car explodes, but Alex is incapacitated.

Six months later, Alex, Clear and Carter arrive in Paris and discuss their survival. Alex believes Death skipped Carter and Clear because he saved them, but Alex himself was never skipped. Fearing that their struggle is now unfinished, Alex leaves and narrowly avoids being hit by a bus, which then topples a neon sign. After Carter pushes Alex to safety, Carter asks "so who's next?" The film ends with the neon sign toppled by the bus swinging towards Carter and killing him, implying that Death's plan is still in action.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
For me, this is very very best among the final destination film series. The plane crash came so real and it make me goosebump each time i thought about it when i go on a plane. But the smart part of this movie is that Alex managed to solve the death code and help the rest "temporarily" escape from death. The whole movie come in a good pace and non of the scene is extra i should say...

Monday, April 28, 2014

The Joy Luck Club 喜福会

 Released Year: 1993
Directed by 王穎 Wayne Wang

Casted by:
 Kieu Chinh as Suyuan Woo
Tsai Chin as Lindo Jong
France Nuyen as Ying-Ying St. Clair
Lisa Lu as An-Mei Hsu
Ming-Na Wen as June Woo
Tamlyn Tomita as Waverly Jong
Lauren Tom as Lena St. Clair
Rosalind Chao as Rose Hsu Jordan
The Joy Luck Club was formed by four women; Lindo Jong, Ying-Ying St. Clair, An-Mei Hsu, and Suyuan Woo, in San Francisco. The members have mainly played mahjong and told each other's stories over the years. They immigrated from China, remarried, and gave birth to children in America. Suyuan's daughter June replaced her when Suyuan died four months before the time the film is set. The mothers have high hopes for their daughters' success, but the daughters struggled through "anxiety feelings of inadequacy and failure." Throughout the film, the mothers and daughters bond by learning to understand each other and overcoming their conflicts.

The film begins with June's short narrative prologue about the swan feather in the opening credits and then her farewell surprise party in San Francisco for June's upcoming reunion with her long-lost twin sisters in China. Among the guests are members of The Joy Luck Club, their daughters, other relatives, and friends. The following characters below narrate their journeys to the audience while they reflect upon their pasts.

Lindo and Waverly
In China, four-year-old Lindo is arranged, by her mother and the matchmaker, to be married to Huang Tai Tai's son when she grows up. When Lindo turns fifteen, her mother sends her to Huang Tai Tai, so Lindo marries Tai Tai's son, Tyan Hu, a pre-pubescent boy who has no interest in her. During four years of childless and loveless marriage, she is frequently abused by her frustrated mother-in-law, who believes Lindo's childlessness is her own fault. Lindo eavesdrops on the servant girl telling her lover that she is pregnant, so Lindo realizes her chance to leave the marriage without dishonor. Later, Lindo purportedly ruins her clothes and then claims that she had a nightmare in which Tyan Hu's ancestors threatened to punish her, Tyan Hu and the matchmaker. Then Lindo claims that the ancestors impregnated the servant girl with Tyan Hu's child. Tai Tai does not believe Lindo until Tai Tai quickly discovers the servant's pregnancy through inspection. Finally, Lindo claims that the matchmaker intentionally wrongly paired Lindo and Tyan Hu for more money. Tai Tai orders the matchmaker out of her family's life, allowing the servant girl to have her marriage. Lindo is able to escape the house and moves to Shanghai.

Years later in America, Lindo has a new husband, a son, and a daughter named Waverly. Aged between six and nine Waverly, has become a chess champion. Annoyed by Lindo using Waverly to "show off" at the streets, Waverly shouts at her mother and decides to quit chess. When she tries to play it again, Waverly loses one chess round, prompting her to retire from chess. Years later, she has a daughter Shoshana from her Chinese ex-husband and is going to marry a Caucasian fiancé, Rich, much to Lindo's chagrin. In order to make Lindo like Rich, Waverly brings him to a family dinner, but he fails to impress them especially by improperly using chopsticks and marinating the dish with a sauce, humiliating Waverly. A while later, at the hair salon, Lindo retells her moments with her own mother, and declares that she likes Rich very much, she then gives marital blessings to Waverly and Rich, prompting her and Waverly to reconcile with each other. At June's farewell party, Rich almost successfully uses a chopstick but accidentally drops a piece, impressing Lindo.

Ying-Ying and Lena
In China, Ying-Ying St. Clair was happily married to Lin-Xiao with a baby boy in China until Lin-Xiao abused her and abandoned her for an opera singer. Overcome by her depression, Ying-Ying drowns her baby son in the bathtub. Years after she immigrated to America, she suffered from trauma and was haunted by her past, frightening her new family, including her daughter Lena. After Ying-Ying finally resolved her years of trauma, Lena shows Ying-Ying around her new apartment with her husband Harold, who is also Lena's boss. Lena is uncomfortable with her financial arrangements with Harold. They split the costs of their life evenly with a list of things that they share, making their home life contentious. Lena feels her husband has no respect for her. Seeing that Lena is unhappy with her marriage, Ying-Ying knocks over a table in the bedroom and causes the vase on it to fall and break. Lena goes to her mother, and admits her unhappiness. Ying-Ying replies that Lena should leave and not come back until he gives her what she wants. At June's farewell party, Lena is shown to have another fiancé and announces her plans to go to Lake Tahoe with him.

An-Mei and Rose
Nine-year-old An-Mei Hsu is reunited with her long-lost mother, who was disowned by her family for her "dalliance" with a wealthy middle-aged man Wu-Tsing shortly after her husband's death, and who arrives to see her dying mother. In order to not lose her again, An-Mei moves out with her mother to Wu-Tsing's house against her relatives' wishes for her to remain with them. She finds that Wu-Tsing has another three wives, making An-Mei's mother the Fourth Wife. Later, she learns that the Second Wife tricked An-Mei's mother into being raped and impregnated by Wu-Tsing. When the relatives did not believe An-Mei's mother and kicked her out, she reluctantly became Wu-Tsing's Fourth Wife as she had nowhere else to turn. After she gave birth to a boy, the Second Wife took him away from her and claimed him as her own. After An-Mei discovers the past, her mother ultimately commits suicide by eating "sticky rice balls" laced with opium, choosing the day of her death carefully to threaten Wu-Tsing with the vengeance of her angry ghost. Afraid of this curse, Wu-Tsing vows to raise An-Mei and her half-brother with great care. When the Second Wife tries to stop Wu-Tsing from letting this happen, An-Mei suddenly destroys the remains of the faux pearl necklace, indicating that An-Mei is aware of the Second Wife's cruelty and manipulation. Second Wife backs down, realizing the trouble she caused for An-Mei's mother and that she lost control of the house.

Years later in America, An-Mei's daughter Rose has been dating her boyfriend Ted Jordan since college. When he confronts his aristocratic mother for insulting Rose mainly due to her race, Rose is impressed and agreed to marry him. During the marriage however, Rose and Ted become distant from each other, and despite their problems Rose remains submissive to Ted. They have a daughter but this does not resolve their marital problems. To make matters worse, Ted cheats on her with another woman. An-Mei compares Rose to her own late mother. To avoid having the same fate, Rose stands up to Ted, reclaiming her strength, by telling him to leave the house and not take a daughter away from her. This compels Ted to take her seriously and not continue taking her for granted. At June's farewell party, Rose shares with Ted a slice of cake and feeds him frosting as they share a loving moment.

Suyuan and June
In World War II, when the Japanese invaded China, Suyuan Woo escaped the invasion with her twin baby daughters. When Suyuan became ill with dysentery during her quest for refuge, her cart breaks down, causing the babies to fall. Near death, Suyuan was unable to carry the babies herself and abandoned them along with all of her other possessions, including a photo of herself. Suyuan survived, but was haunted by the loss of her daughters and never knew what happened to them.

After she remarried in America, Suyuan has high hopes for her new daughter June, but June constantly fails to meet her expectations out of a lack of interest. She performs badly during a piano recital at age nine, and when Suyuan pushes her to continue training to be a concert pianist, June refuses, saying that she wishes herself dead like Suyuan's other daughters. At a dinner party a year before Suyuan's passing, Waverly Jong, June's long-time rival whom she is freelancing for, turns down her business ideas, and Suyuan implies Waverly has more style than June. The following day, June berates Suyuan for her remarks and admits she could never live up to her high expectations. June says that Suyuan is disappointed in her because June dropped out of college, is never married, and does not have a successful career. However, Suyuan gives her a jade necklace and explains that she meant June has a far kinder heart than Waverly and has style that she was born with and that cannot be taught.

Last Easter before the farewell party, June received the news from the Club that the long-lost twins were alive. When June could not understand the twins' letter written in Chinese, Lindo purportedly mistranslated the letter to make June believe that the twins knew about Suyuan's death and their long-lost half-sister June. When the farewell party ends, Lindo confesses that she wrote letters to the twins and then signed Suyuan's name. June begs Lindo to tell them the truth, but Lindo will not interfere further because the twin sisters still believe Suyuan is alive and that June must tell them herself. When she arrives in China to meet her sisters, June tells them the truth about Suyuan, and embraces them. In finally accepting her Chinese culture, June is able to make peace with her deceased mother.
 L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
A very good movie and i love it so much, the stories of 4 pairs of mother-daughter which also realted to the mother & mother's mother. The concept of the storyline is based on the novel by Amy Tan and it is so good, i recommend all of ya to watch it...

Thursday, April 24, 2014


 Released Year: 2012
Directed by Scott Derrickson

Casted by:
Ethan Hawke as Ellison Oswalt
Juliet Rylance as Tracy Oswalt
Fred Thompson as Sheriff
James Ransone as Deputy
Michael Hall D'Addario as Trevor Oswalt
Clare Foley as Ashley Oswalt
The film opens with Super 8 footage depicting a family of four standing beneath a tree with hoods over their heads and nooses around their necks. An unseen figure saws through a branch acting as a counterweight, causing their deaths by hanging.

Months later, washed-up true crime writer Ellison Oswalt moves into the murdered family's home with his wife, Tracy, and their two children, 7-year-old Ashley, a gifted artist who is allowed to paint on her walls, and 12-year-old Trevor, who begins re-experiencing bizarre night terrors upon moving into the home. Only Ellison is aware that the house they are moving into was the crime scene. Ellison intends to use the murders as the basis for his new book, and hopes that his research will turn up the fate of the family's fifth member, a 10 year old girl named Stephanie who disappeared following the murders.

Ellison finds a box in the attic that contains a projector and several reels of Standard 8 mm footage that are each labeled as innocent home movies. Watching the films, Ellison discovers that they are actually snuff movies depicting families being murdered in various ways: being drowned in their pool (Pool Party '66), being burnt to death in a car (BBQ '79), being run over by a lawn mower (Lawn Work '86), having their throats slit in bed (Sleepy Time '98), and the hanging that opened the movie (Family Hanging Out '11). The drowning film proves especially disturbing for Ellison after he notices the face of a demonic figure watching the drownings from the bottom of the pool. Ellison eventually finds the figure observing the murders in each of the films, along with a strange painted symbol; inspecting the lid of the box containing the films, Ellison discovers childish drawings depicting the murders, along with crude sketches of the demonic figure, identified as "Mr. Boogie." Consulting a local deputy, Ellison discovers that the murders depicted in the films took place at different times, beginning in the 1960s, and in different cities across the country. He also learns that the families were all drugged before being killed; and that a child from each family went missing following every murder. The deputy refers Ellison to a local professor, Jonas, whose expertise is the occult and demonic phenomena, to decipher the symbol in the films. Jonas tells Ellison that the symbols are that of a pagan Babylonian deity named Bughuul, who would kill entire families and then take one of their children into his realm in order to consume their souls.

One night, Ellison hears the film projector running and goes up to the attic. There, he finds the missing children in various states of decay, watching one of the films. Bughuul suddenly appears on camera before physically appearing before Ellison. Ellison takes the camera and the films to the backyard and burns them. Then he wakes his family to tell them that they are moving back to their old house. At his old home, Ellison receives a message from Professor Jonas, who sends him scans of historical images associated with Bughuul; each drawing had been partially destroyed by the early Christians, who believed that images of demons served as a gateway for them to come from the spiritual realm to the mortal world. Ellison discovers the projector and films in his attic, along with a new envelope of film labeled "extended cut endings". During this time, the deputy tries calling several times, but Ellison never answers. The next time the deputy calls, while Ellison is assembling the films, he answers. The deputy informs him that he has discovered a link between each of the murders: Every family had previously lived in the house where the last murder took place, and each new murder occurred shortly after the family moved into their new residence; by moving, Ellison has placed himself and his family in line to be the next victims.

Ellison watches the footage. He finds that it depicts the missing children coming onscreen following each murder, revealing themselves to be the killers before suddenly disappearing. Before he can react, Ellison becomes light-headed; inspecting his coffee cup, he finds a note reading "Good Night, Daddy" and a green liquid inside the cup before losing consciousness. Ellison awakens to find himself, his wife and his son bound and gagged. Ashley approaches holding the 8 mm camera, and promises him that she will make him famous again. Ashley proceeds to brutally murder her family with an axe, using their blood to paint images of cats, dogs and unicorns on the walls. Her work complete, Ashley views the Super-8 film of her murders, which concludes with an image of the missing children watching her. Bughuul appears, causing the children to flee. He lifts Ashley into his arms and disappears into the film with her.

The film concludes with an image of the box of films in the Oswalt family's attic, now accompanied by Ashley's reel, labeled "House Painting '12". The camera slowly pans away from the box, until Bughuul appears onscreen before the screen cuts out.
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
 Gosh, this horror movie spooks me out a bit... The storyline is undeniably good, the cutting of the films also brought out the mysterious of the fiend. The fiend is actually the boogeyman! The bad evil which haunted the children and this time it makes them gone evil too~ cool...

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Lesbian Vampire Killers

 Released Year: 2009
Directed by Phil Claydon

Casted by:
Mathew Horne as Jimmy
James Corden as Fletch
MyAnna Buring as Lotte
Paul McGann as The Vicar
Jimmy and Fletch are two friends living in London experiencing life problems. Jimmy is dumped by his unscrupulous girlfriend and Fletch is fired from his job as a clown for punching a child. They decide to escape their woes and hike to a remote village in Norfolk they find on an old map. As they arrive at a pub in the village, with Jimmy upset about Fletch destroying his phone, they see a number of attractive foreign female history students leaving.

Hoping to find more beautiful women inside, they are greeted by a morose crowd of men and approached by a seemingly crazed vicar who believes Jimmy is a long lost descendant of a local vampire slayer. As the barman offers the two men free ale as an apology for the vicar, they learn the students they saw earlier are going to a cottage - where they are to stay the night. Jimmy and Fletch pursue the students' van, catching up to it as the engine has broken down, and are introduced to four girls (Heidi, Lotte, Anke and Trudi). They are invited to join a party on the bus.

The group arrives at their destination, only to learn that a curse rests over the village and that every female child turns into a lesbian vampire on her eighteenth birthday. There is an old legend stating that the Vampire Queen, Carmilla, descended on the village during the night of a blood moon, killed its menfolk and seduced its women to her evil. When the ruler of the land, Baron Wolfgang Mclaren (Jimmy's great ancestor) returned from the Crusades, he discovered one of the women corrupted by Carmilla was his wife, Eva. The baron forged a sacred sword, then defeated Carmilla, but before dying, Carmilla cursed the village, adding that when the blood of the last of Mclaren's bloodline mixed with a virgin girl's blood, Carmilla would be resurrected.

Fletch and Jimmy spend the night with the women. Heidi and Anke are turned into vampires. After Lotte insists that the others try to find her missing friends, they witness Trudi being turned. Eva, Carmilla's mistress, tries to draw Lotte to her growing clan of lesbian vampires. The trio runs back into the cottage after killing Heidi and Anke and barricade themselves in after the vampires destroy the van. Jimmy's ex-girlfriend Judi arrives at the door and Jimmy, not ready to give up on the relationship, takes her into the bedroom. Lotte reveals to Fletch that she is a virgin and wants to sleep with Jimmy.

At the church, the Vicar researches the vampire slayer who killed Carmilla before arming himself and setting off to find Jimmy. Judi reveals herself to be a vampire, and after a struggle, Fletch and Jimmy kill her. The vampires approach the cottage and Jimmy inadvertently invites them in. Eva discovers that Jimmy is the descendant of the baron who killed Carmilla and that Lotte is a virgin and kidnaps them.

The Vicar saves Fletch from Trudi and tells Fletch the truth about the village and Jimmy's identity. They go after Jimmy and Lotte in the Vicar's crucifix-covered car. As the vampires prepare to sacrifice Lotte and Jimmy, Fletch and the Vicar try to recover the Sword of Daeldo, the sword that killed Carmilla, from the baron's tomb. While Fletch works to open the tomb, the Vicar checks on his daughter Rebecca, but does not notice that she has been turned. Rebecca attempts to seduce Fletch, who does not know what she is. When she attacks him, she is inadvertently impaled on the sword. Fletch decides not to tell the Vicar of his daughter's death.

At Carmilla's tomb, Lotte reveals her love for Jimmy. The vampires begin draining the two of their blood to resurrect Carmilla. With the sword, Fletch and the Vicar drive to Carmilla's tomb. When they enter the woods, they bring various weapons, but forget the sword. Despite not having the sword, the pair reach Jimmy and Lotte. The Vicar releases them, but not before enough blood gathers to resurrect Carmilla. The Vicar sacrifices himself so the others can get back to the car and the sword. Eva separates Lotte from the men, attacking and seducing her. Lotte fights back while Fletch and Jimmy fetch weapons. Lotte kills Eva with her cross necklace, infuriating Carmilla. Fletch tries to kill Carmilla before Lotte is turned, but is captured himself. Jimmy saves them by hurling the sword at Carmilla, piercing her heart and destroying her for good. With the curse lifted, the three survivors decide to continue ridding the world of evil.

The film ends with the shot of a "Gay Werewolf" howling before the full moon.
 L² Scored: 3.5/10

L² Comment:
Seriously, I thought this was suppose to be some dark sexy movie involving lesbo licking each other wet pussy while flashing their big hot tits. But nope! Ok, its a comedy and i try to accept it. But hell they laughing part was not even good enough and the whole movie is just like a piece of shit. Luckily the girls are pretty enough or else i will be bored to death~

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Disappearances 2006

 Released Year: 2006
Directed by Jay Craven

Casted by:
Kris Kristofferson as Quebec Bill Bonhomme
Charlie McDermott as Wild Bill Bonhomme
Quebec Bill Bohomme is a hardy schemer and dreamer, who, desperate to raise money to preserve his endangered herd through the rapidly approaching winter, resorts to whiskey-smuggling, a traditional family occupation. Quebec Bill takes his son, Wild Bill, on the journey. Also Henry Coville, an inscrutable whiskey smuggler, and Rat Kinneson, Quebec Bill's perpetually disconsolate ex-con hired man. Together, they cross the border into vast reaches of Canadian wilderness for an unforgettable four days "full of terror, full of wonder."
L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
Seriously, this is not the cup of tea to watch on a boring weekend, i most probably will fall asleep after the whole movie. Smart ass like me break the movie in half and watch it in 2 days, still it manage to bored me out in some certain part. I always feel tat the indie has very fantasy name and once again it prove me right lol

Monday, April 21, 2014


Released Year: 2009
Directed by Vincenzo Natali

Casted by:
 Adrien Brody as Clive Nicoli
Sarah Polley as Elsa Kast
Delphine Chanéac as Dren
Genetic engineers Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast hope to achieve fame by splicing together the DNA of different animals to create hybrid animals for medical use. This has recently yielded Fred, a dog-sized worm-like creature intended as a mate for their original female specimen, Ginger. After their success, Clive and Elsa plan to create a human hybrid that could revolutionize science. Joan Chorot of their sponsoring company, N.E.R.D. Pharmaceuticals (Nucleic Exchange Research and Development), forbids them from doing this. Instead, their department is assigned to find and extract proteins from the creatures that they have already created. Secretly, Clive and Elsa conduct their own private experiments, blending human DNA with that of other animals.

They initially plan on terminating the hybrid before it reaches full term, but Elsa persuades Clive to let it continue to grow. Prior to its 'birth', the hybrid becomes aggressive and stings Elsa several times. They attack the hybrid, and it sheds its outer shell in an attempt to escape. After anesthetizing and examining the creature, they discover that she is aging at a vastly accelerated rate. As time passes, the creature grows and learns. After Clive attempts to drown the creature, the scientists learn that she is capable of breathing amphibiously and can live underwater. Elsa names the creature Dren, and refuses to let Clive refer to her as a "specimen."

While studying Dren, Elsa and Clive neglect their work with Fred and Ginger. At the highly publicized "unveiling" of the two specimens, Fred and Ginger savagely fight until both are dead. It is subsequently discovered that Ginger had spontaneously changed to a male, but Elsa and Clive failed to notice because they were focused on Dren. Elsa forms a motherly bond with Dren. After Dren attacks Clive's brother/fellow lab technician Gavin (Brandon McGibbon), they move her to Elsa's late mother's farm. There, Dren develops carnivorous tendencies and eats a rabbit.

As Dren grows into adolescence, she becomes bored with being locked up in the barn and wants to go outside, but Elsa and Clive fear revealing her existence. Clive realizes that the human DNA used to make Dren was Elsa's, rather than being from a "Jane Doe" as Elsa had told him. Dren assaults Elsa, who ties Dren up and removes the stinger from her tail. She then uses the living tissue from the stinger to isolate and synthesize the protein for which they had been searching.

Soon afterwards, Dren seduces Clive, and they have sex. Elsa catches them in the act and storms off home. Clive follows and starts a heated argument, accusing Elsa of never having wanted a child because she was afraid of losing control; instead she chose to raise one as an experiment, where control could be assured. They decide to terminate the experiment, but, on returning to the farm, they find Dren dying. After burying her behind the barn, their boss William Barlow arrives with Gavin. Having found human DNA in the samples that Elsa worked with, Barlow had confronted Gavin about the possibility of a human hybrid, and learned of Dren's existence. Elsa tells Barlow that Dren is dead; as he does not believe her, Elsa offers him a spade saying that he can dig up her body, which is buried behind the barn.

While they are talking, Dren, who has transformed into a winged male, rises from the grave and attacks the group. Swooping through the air, Dren picks up and kills Barlow, presumably by slashing his throat, leaving his mutilated body hanging from a tree, much to Gavin's, Clive's and Elsa's horror. Dren then swoops on Gavin. While searching for Gavin's body, Clive drops his torch into a pond. As he tries to recover it, he is pulled into the water by Dren. After helping Clive get out of the pond, Elsa sees Dren emerge from the water and flees in panic. Dren soon catches up with Elsa and starts to rape her. Clive thrusts a sharp stick into Dren's back; in pain, Dren stands up. Elsa picks up a stone and hits Dren on the head. Dren lashes out with his stinger, killing Clive. Elsa hits Dren in the head again, finally killing him.

Later, Joan informs Elsa that Dren's body contained numerous biochemical compounds for which the company has begun filing patents. She offers Elsa a large sum of money to continue her experiments. The pregnant Elsa accepts. 
 L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
Love love love the story very much, kinda exciting and fun to watch it actually, but i wish it would be longer in the movie instead. Adrien Brody is still hot and i barely can take my eyes away from him in every scenes :)

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Damned Love - Kambakkht Ishq कमबख़्त इश्क़

 Released Year: 2009
Directed by Sabbir Khan

Casted by:
Akshay Kumar as Viraj Shergill
Kareena Kapoor as Simrita Rai
Aftab Shivdasani as Lucky
Amrita Arora as Kamini
Denise Richards as Herself
Boman Irani as ENT Doctor
Brandon Routh as Himself
Holly Valance as Herself
Sylvester Stallone as Himself
When Hollywood stuntman Viraj Shergill and medical student Simrita Rai come across each other at his brother Lucky's and her best friend Kamini's hastily planned wedding ceremony, they instantly develop a dislike for each other. They both have a very low opinion of the opposite sex, and staunchly believe marriage is not the way to go for the two newlyweds, whom they try to discourage from proceeding further.

Simrita convinces Kamini to test out her theory that men are after only one thing, by forcing Lucky to delay their marriage vows for three months. She is sure, Lucky will not be able to do so and this will prove to Kamini that Lucky is just another low-class male, like all others, and her claims of him being different than most men are unfounded. Viraj, upon hearing about this new development, tries to do the exact opposite. This results in a hilarious scene at a local disco bar, where Viraj lures Kamini with the hope of her finding Lucky with a "girlfriend" that he has planted in the lap of Lucky in order to make Kamini jealous. The plan backfires and Kamini and Lucky end up in divorce court where the judge puts them on a three-month probation and marriage counselling. Simrita keeps on telling kamini that all men are the same and that all they want is sex. Lucky tries to make love with kamini but kamini never lets him come near her.

Meanwhile, Simrita and Viraj keep bumping into each other when they both travel to Italy independently; the former to make some quick cash as a model to pay for her medical bills, and the latter, with Lucky, to chill out and take a vacation from all of the marital stress Lucky has been facing back home. Upon returning home, Simrita is given a watch pendant by her Dolly Aunty to wear as a good luck charm. The pendant hangs from a bracelet on her wrist. Viraj gets seriously hurt in an accident at work and is brought for emergency surgery to the hospital where Simrita is an intern. Much to each other's irritation, Simrita is given the charge to perform surgery on Viraj. After the surgery, while looking at the X-rays, she is horrified to discover that the watch on her wrist has accidentally ended up in Viraj's stomach.

Simrita tries various ways of getting the watch out. During one such process, which fails, it becomes clear that Simrita is bitter about her perceived unfaithfulness of the two most prominent men from her childhood: her divorced father and her elder sister's ex-husband. By this time, Viraj is secretly beginning to fall in love with Simrita. Several days later, Simrita is successful in removing the watch from Viraj's stomach. Following the surgery, Viraj overhears the truth and leaves. Several days later, he proposes to Denise Richards in an attempt to forget about Simrita. Upon realising her mistake, Simrita helps Lucky and Kamini reconcile and decides to confess her love for Viraj at the wedding ceremony. At first, Denise is upset but then tells Viraj to go to Simrita. The two embrace and go off together in the car sharing a few passionate kisses.
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Spend a 2 hours and 14 minutes to finish this film, not regret about it, but might not be wanna watch it again as its a bit long haha. Overall the storyline is cute and nice, a lots of hollywood guest appearance in this movie such as Denise Richards, Sylvester Stallone, Brandon Routh and Holly Valance. The best scene would be when Akshay Kumar propose to Kareena Kapoor in the deep ocean, omg~ so fucking romantic

Batman 1989

Released Year: 1989
Directed by Tim Burton

Casted by:
 Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne/Batman
Jack Nicholson as Jack Napier/The Joker
Kim Basinger as Vicki Vale
The mayor of Gotham City orders district attorney Harvey Dent and Commissioner Gordon to increase police activity and combat crime in preparation for the city's 200th anniversary. Newspaper reporter Alexander Knox and photojournalist Vicki Vale begin to investigate reports of an elusive dark vigilante nicknamed "Batman", who is also targeting criminals in an effort to clean up the city.

Mob boss Carl Grissom, who has already been targeted by Dent, discovers his mistress is involved with his second-in-command, Jack Napier. With the help of corrupt policeman Max Eckhardt, Grissom sets up Napier to be murdered during a raid at the Axis Chemicals plant. During the ensuing shootout, Eckhardt is killed by Napier after which Batman suddenly appears. The two struggle, and Napier is accidentally knocked into a vat of chemical waste. Batman flees, and Napier is thought to be dead.

Batman is in actuality billionaire industrialist Bruce Wayne, an orphan who lives in the large mansion Wayne Manor with his butler Alfred Pennyworth. Bruce later meets and falls for Vicki at a fundraiser, and the two begin a relationship. Napier is revealed to have survived the accident. Following a botched attempt to repair physical damage from exposure to chemical waste, Napier is horribly disfigured with chalk-white skin, emerald-green hair and a permanent ruby-red grin. Calling himself the "Joker", he kills Grissom and usurps his criminal empire, making the Axis plant his headquarters.

The Joker begins to spread terror in the city, first by lacing hygiene products with a deadly chemical known as "Smilex", which causes victims to laugh to death when used in certain combinations. The Joker then sets a trap at the Gotham Museum of Art for Vicki, and he and his henchmen vandalize the surrounding works of art. Batman arrives and rescues Vicki, and the pair escape in the Batmobile. Batman gives information about Smilex to Vicki so she can warn the city via Gotham newspapers about the poisoned products.

The Joker begins plans to eliminate Batman. After recalling the Joker earlier asking him "Have you ever danced with the devil by the pale moonlight?" and remembering hearing the same quote as a child, Bruce discovers that the Joker (as Napier) is also the man who murdered his parents. Vicki suddenly appears in the Batcave, having been let in by Alfred. After avouching himself to Vicki, Bruce—as Batman—leaves to destroy the Axis Chemical plant. Meanwhile, planning to use poison gas to murder citizens, the Joker lures the townspeople to a nighttime parade with a promise to give away $20 million in cash. Batman arrives on the scene and saves Gotham City from the attack, but the Joker kidnaps Vicki and takes her to the top of Gotham City's Cathedral.

Batman pursues the two, and at the top of the dusty edifice, the two adversaries confront each other in single combat. When the Joker attempts an escape via a helicopter, Batman secures the Joker's leg to a heavy stone sculpture, causing the Joker to fall from the helicopter and plummet to his doom. Following the Joker's death, Commissioner Gordon unveils the Bat-Signal along with a note from Batman read by Harvey Dent, promising to defend Gotham whenever crime strikes again. 
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
This would most likely the best ever Batman movie made throughout so many years, the rival totally outstand Batman's character. Is it because Nicholson is much more famous than Keaton at that time? Maybe... but definitely the acting and everything, hands down to Nicholson. And of course, this is always my favourit-st batman movie ever~ :)