Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Final Destination

 Released Year: 2000
Directed by James Wong

Casted by:
Devon Sawa as Alex Browning
Ali Larter as Clear Rivers
Kerr Smith as Carter Horton
Kristen Cloke as Valerie Lewton
Daniel Roebuck as Agent Weine
Roger Guenveur Smith as Agent Schreck
Chad E. Donella as Tod Waggner
Sean William Scott as Billy Hitchcock
Alex Browning, a teenager, boards Volée Airlines Flight 180 with his teenage classmates and teachers for their senior trip from New York City to Paris, France. Before the Boeing 747 takes off, Alex has a premonition that the plane will suffer a catastrophic engine failure, causing the plane to explode in mid-air, killing everyone on board. As events from his vision begin to repeat themselves in reality, he panics and attempts to stop the flight, but he is removed from the plane, along with a handful of passengers, including Clear Rivers, best friend Tod Waggner, teacher Valerie Lewton, Alex's rival Carter Horton, Carter's girlfriend Terry Chaney and student Billy Hitchcock. None of the passengers except Clear believe in Alex's premonition until the airplane explodes on take-off, killing the remaining passengers on board. The survivors are interrogated by two FBI agents, who suspect the students were involved in the explosion.

39 days after the explosion, the survivors attend a memorial service for the victims. After the service, a chain reaction causes Tod to accidentally strangle himself in his shower, but the accident is deemed a suicide. As Alex and Clear sneak into the funeral homes to inspect Tod's body, they meet mortician William Bludworth who tells Alex and Clear that Death is reclaiming the lives of those who escaped from the explosion. The next day, Alex and Clear discuss what the mortician informed them in town, where the rest of the survivors (Carter, Terry, Ms. Lewton and Billy) pass by. During the commotion, Terry is suddenly killed by a speeding bus and the mortician's theory is believed to be coming true.

As he watches a news report on the cause of the explosion, Alex concludes that Death is killing the survivors in the same order that they were meant to die in the explosion and finds out Ms. Lewton is next to die. He attempts to go to her to ensure she's safe, but thinking Alex is up to no good, Ms Lewton calls the FBI agents to take him in for questioning. As Alex tries to convince them of what is happening, they ask him to promise to forget all of this, but he frustratedly refuses and leaves. Nonetheless, when he gets back to Ms Lewton's house, he is too late to save her from an accidental kitchen knife impalement or the subsequent explosion of her house. The remaining survivors (Alex, Clear, Carter, and Billy) get together in Carter's car, and Alex explains the situation as they drive through town. During the discussion, Carter fears he is next to die. Frustrated by Terry's death and having no control over his life, Carter attempts suicide by stalling his car on railroad tracks. He changes his mind at the last minute, but gets stuck when his seat belt jams. Alex manages to save him before the train hits the car. However, Billy is decapitated by flying shrapnel from the wreckage.

Alex believes that Carter was supposed to die in the car accident but because Alex saved him, Death skipped Carter and moved on to Billy, who was meant to die after Carter. Alex realizes that Clear is next, because he and Clear had switched seats in his original premonition. He rushes to her aid while being pursued by FBI agents. Meanwhile, Clear is trapped inside her car with a leaking gas tank, surrounded by loose live wires. Alex grabs a wire, allowing Clear to escape before the car explodes, but Alex is incapacitated.

Six months later, Alex, Clear and Carter arrive in Paris and discuss their survival. Alex believes Death skipped Carter and Clear because he saved them, but Alex himself was never skipped. Fearing that their struggle is now unfinished, Alex leaves and narrowly avoids being hit by a bus, which then topples a neon sign. After Carter pushes Alex to safety, Carter asks "so who's next?" The film ends with the neon sign toppled by the bus swinging towards Carter and killing him, implying that Death's plan is still in action.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
For me, this is very very best among the final destination film series. The plane crash came so real and it make me goosebump each time i thought about it when i go on a plane. But the smart part of this movie is that Alex managed to solve the death code and help the rest "temporarily" escape from death. The whole movie come in a good pace and non of the scene is extra i should say...

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