Thursday, April 10, 2014

Finding Neverland

 Released Year: 2004
Directed by Marc Forster

Casted by:
Johnny Depp as J. M. Barrie
Kate Winslet as Sylvia Llewelyn Davies
Dustin Hoffman as Charles Frohman
Julie Christie as Mrs. Emma du Maurier
Radha Mitchell as Mary Ansell Barrie
Freddie Highmore as Peter Llewelyn Davies
The story focuses on Scottish writer J. M. Barrie, his platonic relationship with Sylvia Llewelyn Davies, and his close friendship with her sons, who inspire the classic play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Never Grew Up.

Following the dismal reception of his latest play, Little Mary, Barrie meets the widowed Sylvia and her four young sons in Kensington Gardens, and a strong friendship develops between them. He proves to be a great playmate and surrogate father figure for the boys, and their imaginative antics give him ideas which he incorporates into a play about boys who do not want to grow up, especially one named after troubled young Peter Llewelyn Davies. Barrie's wife Mary, who eventually divorces him, and Sylvia's mother Emma du Maurier, object to the amount of time Barrie spends with the Llewelyn Davies family. Emma also seeks to control her daughter and grandsons, especially as Sylvia becomes increasingly weak from an unidentified illness.

Producer Charles Frohman skeptically agrees to mount Peter Pan despite his belief it holds no appeal for upper-class theatergoers. Barrie peppers the opening night audience with children from a nearby orphanage, and the adults present react to their infectious delight with an appreciation of their own. The play proves to be a huge success.

Because Sylvia is too ill to attend the production, Barrie arranges to have an abridged production of it performed in her home. She dies shortly afterward, and Barrie finds that her will is to have him and her mother look after the boys, an arrangement agreeable to both.
  L² Scored: 7/10 

L² Comment:
Multiples awards nomination film, this movie is something like a biography-kinda film of the playwright Mr Barrie, who created Peter Pan. I was amazed of how this guy can have such good imagination to creae a wonderful story like Peter Pan, as it has always been my dream to look for a neverland too :) 

Overall the storyline is just ok for me, some part is a bit dull but luckily the talented actors and actress make this movie sparks ~

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