Thursday, April 17, 2014

Delete My Love - Delete 愛人

 Released Year: 2014
Directed by 叶念琛 Patrick Kong

Casted by:
 王祖蓝 Wong Zho Lam as 苏波荣 So Boring
许冠文 Michael Hui as 马上发 Fatt
王菀之 Ivana Wong as 钟家宝 Bou
方力申 Alex Foong as 华 Dee
So Boring has a terrible life, living with his mother and sister who is trying to get him to sell off the house and living in a family which is out of care. He also has a girlfriend Bou who has cancer and always worry that she will die in one day soon. So Boring has a boss Fatt who is always finding chances to cut his salary and ignore about his talent.

Just when he feel miserable about his life, he received a message saying that he can delete whoever he dislike in the world. First, he deleted his boss Fatt and get a good boss replaced. The new boss allowed them to have fun and don't need to work; So Boring then deleted his mother and sister and replaced a nice family out of them; Best friend Dee was also replaced by him and a nice guy appeared to be his new buddy.

When So Boring found out Bou has her cancer on final stage, he wanted to marry her. But then the mispresent message by the doctor cause So Boring to be annoyed with Bou and she was deleted too and replace with a girl that have big boobs. 

One fine day, So Boring found out the company is making big loss and the nice boss instructed him to fire his colleagues. He cried and swear that he rather not be a boss forever to have a good boss again then Fatt appeared. Fatt told him his previous experience about the same thing happened to him before. So Boring then was attacked by his family and new girlfriend while his new buddy mentioned that he is gay and fall in love with him. Both Boring and Fatt look for the old computer to find the solution. In the end, they realize sacrificing their life can change everything back in order and so they did.

All the things were back in normal and So Boring is happy with his life again.
L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment:
This movie doesn't really have a main focus, the story was everywhere and kinda messy. Don't really love the way Michael Hui acted right now, he looks kinda dumb with his old style of acting. Luckily Ivana is not that annoying in this movie compare to Sai Sai Lup which i wanna give her a big fat slap on her big fat face ~ 

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