Friday, April 30, 2010


Released Year: 2008
Directed by Doug Liman

Casted by:
Hayden Christensen as David Rice
Rachel Bilson as Millie Harris
Samuel L. Jackson as Roland Cox
Jamie Bell as Griffin
David Rice discover his ability of teleporting when he falled through the ice into the river after picking up the crystal ball he gave to the girl he has a crush on, Millie Harris. The teleport brought him to the library. After going back home, David hide himself in his room and teleport away when his father questioned him.

As a 15yo kid, all David wanted is money. He teleport himself into a bank's safety area and got all the money he wants. He began to live himself in fame and richness for 8 years. But however, the 1st bank he robbed has finally been trace out by Roland Cox, a leader from Paladin. Paladin is a group who went after Jumper and killed them. Roland tried to catch David but David managed to teleport back to his own house. He went to look for Millie. After a small catch up with his dream girl, Millie agreed to went to Rome with David.

Millie always wanted to visit the colosseum of Rome but it was under renovation. Both of them sneak in, David planned to give Millie a surprise but accidentally bumped into another jumper, Griffin. Griffin warned David not to over-used his teleport power and 2 paladins appeared and they involved in a fight. Griffin managed to beat down the 2 paladins and teleport away. But David was seen by the security guard. David tried to get away with Millie but was send to the police station.

After staying 8 hours and waiting to be charged, Mary Rice, David's mother appeared and gave him the key to escape. David quickly got himself free and brought Millie to the airport. Leaving Millie to fly back to USA by herself, David teleport himself to Griffin's hideout in a dessert. Apparently, Griffin has been traced down paladins and tried to eliminate them. Griffin also tell him that Jumper is unable to teleport when they are attacked by electrical shock. When David teleport back to his house to question his father why Mary leave him when he was five, he found the father was murdered. Seems like the paladins has traced down everyone who related to him and afraid Millie will get into trouble, David teleport Millie to Griffin's hideout.

Roland and gang reached when the couple teleport away, they used the hight wave electrical supply and open the door of the teleporting. The paladins managed to get into Griffin's hideout and the fight begins. Expert fighter Griffin managed to beat the paladins away but Millie was caught by Roland and tie up in her own apartment. To save his love one, David went over there and tried to teleport the whole building away. David managed to use his strong will and move the house into an ocean and back to the library again. Roland was there as well. Finally David teleport Roland onto a hole in a dessert which no one will ever go there.

David finally traced down where Mary is. It seems like Mary is one of the paladin, to make sure her son is safe, she has to leave for his own good. In the end, David left and brought Millie along.
L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment
This movie is way too cool to be watch at home. I'm happy i watched it in cinema 2 years ago with the good sound system :) Hayden is hot, i can't resists him ever since i watch his star wars.

After googling for a while, i discovered that this film has been shot in 20 cities in 14 countries between 2006 & 2007~ geng !!! I can't wait for them to do the sequeal - Jumper: Grifffin's Story. Stay tuned :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Mr Bean's Holiday

Released Year: 2007
Directed by Steve Bendelack

Casted by:
Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean
Max Baldry as Stepan
Emma de Caunes as Shabine
Willem Dafoe as Carson Clay
Mr Bean went for the pot luck and won an air ticket to French together with a cam recorder. Being as excited as he is, he reach French with hope of going to the beach that he has dream to. But while buying a snack from the vendor machine, his tie was stuck in the money slot and he missed the train.

Mr Bean then went on for his meal in a restaurant and not knowing the French, he let the waiter order the seafood palate for him. Disgust of eating raw food, he ended up throwing all his oyster into the handbag of a lady who's sitting on the next table. While he went on the train, he force a guy to took his video cam of boarding the train. But his action has coz the guy not able to aboard on the train. Apparently he is a director and his son was on the train, Stepan.

Stepan was angry with Bean with this and stole his cam recorder and gone down on the next station. To get back his recorder, Bean left his luggage on the train. While the next non-stop train came, they saw the father holding a card with phone number on it, but the last 2 numbers was being covered. While they are busying trying to call every number, a train came and they rushed on it, Bean only realize he left all his money and passport on the phone booth. Ticket lady came and hoo them off the train for not getting a ticket. Being out of idea, both of them trying to vandalise the phone booth to get some coins and was chase away by the security guard.

Both Bean and Stepan perform on street and managed to get money and bought ticket to Cannes to meet Stepan's father. But Bean's ticket accidentally fly away and stuck under a chicken's feet. To chase after, Bean went on a bicycle and ride all his way to a nowhere which ended up on a movie scene and met Shabine. In another hand, Stepan managed to take a free ride with others to Cannes. Bean has disturbed the film shooting and Shabine gave him a free ride to Cannes as Shabine is an actress and going for the academy awards.

On their way, Bean met with Stepan again, three of them went over to Cannes in Shabine's car. But police was trying to catch Bean for kidnapping Stepan, so Shabine dressed up the two guys and try to sneak them into the accademy. But only 1 ticket is allowed, being desperate, Bean brought Stepan in. Bean was fooling around with Carson's movie by helping Shabine to gain fame.

In the end, Bean brought Stepan back to his father and he managed to find his beach that he dream of.
Scored: 5.5/10

L² Comment:
The whole movie is a bit of mix & match of Bean's series. Not really exciting though but its quite good. Rowan is funny and i like his expression very much, makes me remember of Goofy ~ hahahaha

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Futurama: Bender's Big Score

Released Year: 2007
Directed by Dwayne Carey-Hill

Vocal by:
Billy West as Philip J. Fry, Professor Hubert Farnsworth,
Dr John Zoidberg & Lars Fillmore
John DiMaggio as Bender Rodriguez
Katey Sagal as Turanga Leela
Phil LaMarr as Hermes Conrad
Lauren Tom as Amy Wong
Two years ago, Box Network executives canceled Planet Express's contract. Those executives have been fired, so Planet Express is back "on the air". They throw a party to celebrate, during which Hermes is decapitated and his body crushed in a limbo accident, prompting LaBarbara to leave him. His head is placed in a jar while his body is repaired. The man who performs the procedure, Lars, takes a liking to Leela. Leela reciprocates, much to Fry's annoyance.

During a delivery to a nude beach planet, Bender discovers a tattoo of himself on Fry's buttocks. A trio of scammer aliens dupe the crew into signing petitions and providing their e-mail addresses. When the crew returns to Earth, the scammers begin spamming them. After they respond, Bender is infected with an obedience virus and Professor Farnsworth is tricked into signing over his business. By a process known as "sprunjing," the scammers detect Fry's tattoo, which contains the code for paradox-correcting time travel.

Nibbler reveals himself and explains that using the code could destroy the universe, but the scammers ignore him.Bender destroys New York while being pursued by Swedish authorities in 2308, one of the many moments of continuity with previous episodes. Since the code only allows travel into the past, the scammers have Bender steal valuable objects from Earth's past and pass the time in a cave beneath Planet Express. Hermes has Bender obtain an earlier version of his body in order to save his marriage. The Professor discovers that duplicates created via time-travel paradoxes, including Hermes' new body, are doomed.

Meanwhile, Leela and Lars date, depressing Fry. After Bender steals all of history's treasures, the scammers decide to destroy the time code by erasing it from Bender's memory and killing Fry. Fry uses the code to escape to January 1, 2000, the day he was frozen. Bender is sent to kill him, arrives in the cryogenics lab and creates a duplicate of himself when he needs to use the bathroom. Another duplicate appears and claims he is from "the very end". He opens the tube that the frozen Fry is in and puts a rub-on tattoo with the time-travel code on his butt. The duplicate, not wanting to kill Fry, fights his programming, initiating a self-destruct sequence. Fry shoves the Bender duplicate in a cryo-tube and sets it for 1,000,000 years.

The original Bender spends the next twelve years hunting Fry, then destroys Fry's apartment when Fry walks inside. Bender reports his success, and the scammers erase the time code and the obedience virus. During a memorial in his honor, Fry shows up. He explains that he created a duplicate of himself; his duplicate confronted the Bender duplicate and remained in the past while he accidentally fell into his own cryo-tube. When Fry (plus the Fry that has already been frozen) awoke in the tube 1,000 years later, the present Fry froze himself until the current year. Flashbacks show the duplicate Fry staying in the 21st Century, spending the twelve years before Bender's attack working at an aquarium, caring for an orphaned narwhal named Leelu.

Nibbler destroys the time code tattoo to keep the scammers from further abusing it. Everyone lives in poverty thanks to the scammers, while Leela and Lars decide to marry. A chain reaction at the wedding leads to Hermes being decapitated again and his body being crushed by a chandelier. Farnsworth explains that Hermes's duplicate body was doomed; Lars becomes agitated and cancels the wedding. The scammers trick Earth President Richard Nixon into selling Earth to them, and everyone leaves the planet.

To reclaim Earth the population assembles a fleet with the aid of Robot Santa, Kwanzaabot, and the Chanukah Zombie. With his bureaucratic brain wired into the battle computer, Hermes leads Earth to victory over the scammers' fleet after both Leela and Zapp fail, and wins back his wife. The scammers threaten the crew with a doomsday device Bender stole for them earlier, but do not realize that Bender then stole the device for himself. Leela fires the device at the scammers' ship, destroying it. Everyone returns to Earth to celebrate the New Year. Bender is commended for his deeds and Hermes is returned to his original body. After failing to entice a heartbroken Leela, Fry decides to do what he feels is best for her and arranges a reunion with Lars at the cryogenic lab. Having survived the doomsday blast, Nudar, the lead scammer, ambushes them. Nudar claims that the time-travel code still exists on Lars. Lars tricks Nudar into approaching the cryo-tube with the Bender duplicate on overload and holds Nudar against Bender, who explodes, killing the three of them. The explosion singes off some of Lars' clothing, revealing the time code tattoo.

A flashback reveals that Lars was Fry's time-travel duplicate; after releasing Leelu into the Arctic wild, he returned to his apartment and survived Bender's attack in 2012; the fire and smoke changed his appearance and voice. Realizing he was Lars, the duplicate Fry froze himself to return to the future and be with Leela. Learning that time travel duplicates were doomed, he canceled the wedding to spare Leela the pain of his death. Leela forgives Lars and kisses Fry.

Bender removes Lars's tattoo and travels into the past to place it on the frozen Fry to make sense of everything that transpired. He then meets many of his duplicates from his stealing spree, and invites them to emerge with him all at once instead of when they were supposed to give their artifacts to the scammers, causing them to explode. Terrified of the paradoxical consequences, Nibbler urges everyone to evacuate the universe before swallowing himself. The Bender duplicates explode and cause a tear in the fabric of space.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Wow, i never really thought this movie will make me stay foot infront of my lappie till the whole movie ends. I'm never a futurama's fans, coz i feel weird of seeing those characters, jst like the simpsons... but after this movie, it really change the way i thought abt this movie :)

I got the plot of the movie from wiki coz i have no idea how to write it~ haha... its cool~ i'm gonna find another 3 movies of this futurama :P

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Mad Monk 濟公

Released Year: 1993
Directed by 杜琪峰 Johnnie To

Casted by:
周星馳 Stephen Chow as 濟公 / 降龍羅漢 Ji Gong / Dragon Conqueror
張曼玉 Maggie Cheung as 白小玉 Jade
黃志強 Chee Keong Wong as 袁霸天 Tian
黃秋生 Anthony Wong as 李日祥 Xiang
吳孟達 Man Tat Hu as 伏虎羅漢 Tiger Conqueror
In the heaven, every Gods & Goddesses are complaining about Dragon Conqueror of being disturbing and messed up everybody's work schedule. As a sidekick of Dragon Conqueror, Tiger Conqueror came together for the debate. When Guan Yin appeared, Dragon Conqueror agreed to take up the challenge to change 3 person's personality and characters from bad to good.

Before Dragon Conqueror went to be born in the human world, Guan Yin gave him a fan which will cast 3 magic per day because Dragon Conqueror will not be able to use his magic power when he is a human. But before he got the fan, the guard kicked him down to earth. Tiger Conqueror brought along the fan to him, but will become a senseless kid until night when the moon is covered by cloud. After a few try, the fan is finally passed to Dragon Conqueror whose human name is Lee.

Lee was strucked by lightning and managed to get back all his memories in heaven, he then become a monk with the name of Ji Gong. Ji Gong has to change 3 person whom is a beggar, a hooker & a bad ass. Beggar Xiang actually fall in love with hooker Jade who work for bad ass Tian. To help Xiang get out of his beggar's life, Ji Gong used magic to provide Xiang money, but in the end Xiang still can't live in a wealthy life. Xiang even wants others to call him beggar for the rest of his life.

Tian in another hand, work for the Black Demon to become immortal. He killed others and even sacrifice Jade for the public. Jade was tied up to be burnt to death but was safe by Ji Gong. Jade never feel a guy who treats him so well, she fall in love with Ji Gong. Ji Gong wanted Jade to change another career, but she still used her sex appeal to do her business in selling toufu. Xiang went to look for Jade but was humiliated by Tian, Xiang wanna remain his dignity in front of the woman he loves, and in the end he was killed. But before that, Xiang finally said his real name proudly.

On one night, Tian killed all her hookers to get enough blood for the Black Demon. After getting a harsh rape by Tian, Jade went to look for Ji Gong. Jade promise will not be a hooker if Ji Gong married her. But half way of their way to marriage, Ji Gong started to become wood, because marrying a human will make a God become a wood. Angry of Ji Gong on lying to her, Jade scratch her own face and forever swear that she will not get into marriage again. In the end, Jade work in her toufu business and never become a hooker again.

Tiger Conqueror came and help Ji Gong to get rid of the wooden body. Ji Gong fight against Tian and dig out his heart. Now only Tian realise Black Demon has change his heart into a rock heart without any sense and will not be able to live immortaly. Sad and dissapointed of what he has done earlier, Tian rather die and not born as a human in his next life.

Ji Gong get back to heaven and get promoted after what he has done on his bet.
L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Among all Stephen Chow's movie, i like this the most. I believe this movie not only a comedy but also has a lot of moral hidden behind it. Though it only rank 12 place in 1993 HK movie blockbuster, but it still give a good impression to the audience i believe.

The movie is quite simple, nothing to heavy for an after-dinner view :)

Monday, April 26, 2010

Coming Soon โปรแกรมหน้า วิญญาณอาฆาต

Released Year: 2008
Directed by Sophon Sukdapisit

Casted by:
Chantavit Dhanasevi as Shane
Worrakarn Punch Rotjanawatchra as Wane
Sakulrath Thomas as Fuhan
Shane is working as a theater projectionist who has been addicted to drugs. He stole his girlfriend's bracelet to mortgage for some money, this has cause the small couple (Shane + Wane) to be in a cold war. To get back the bracelet, Shane and Lok (Wane's brother) to bootleg a Thai horror film which has been getting a lot of hype to the gangster to get the money.

During one night when bootlegging, Shane fell asleep while Lok being attacked by something in the theater. Shane woke up the next morning and was horrified when he played back the cam-recorder which accidentally recorded what has happened. Later on, Shane was even shocked to found out that Lok appeared in the ghost movie and his eyes were dig out.

After telling this to Wane, both of them went to look for the truth. Apparently, the horror movie is based on a real legend, the crazy lady Fuhan kidnapped children in the village, grounded them and dig out their eyes. As Shane and Wane went to investigate, they found out that Fuhan is still alive and she's very old now living in a mental hospital. Then who is the ghost?

Shane & Wane realised that the crew who shoot the film has all dissapeared. They went to the production house and found the record. The sidelights of the movie showed that the real actress who acted as Fuhan was accidentally killed when the security line broke off without anyone knowing it. And now she's back, whoever watch the end of the movie will have to die.

In the end, whoever went for the movie has dissapeared...
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
I watched this in cinema 2 years ago and it fucking scared the shit out of me :P Love the way Sophon present this movie, the director is also the co-writer of other thai horror movie such as "Shutter" & "Alone".

Though many critics stated that the movie is kinda weak and no surprise and illogical... but i mean, come on, its a horror ghost movie, there's no logic right? The movie within a movie is so damn cool~ i never thought so... till the last moment of the movie. Re-watch the film is still makes me goosebumps.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Beauty on Duty 美麗密令

Released Year: 2010
Directed by 王晶 Wong Jing

Casted by:
吳君如 Sandra Ng as 鐵美麗 Tie
蔡卓妍 Charlene Choi as 鐘愛芳 Fang
陸毅 Lu Wee as 陸志昂 Lok
樊少皇 Louis Fan as 袁子丹 Dan
陳偉霆 William Chan as 秦朗 Jerry
李曼筠 Maggie Lee as 君君 June
张达明 Tat-Ming Cheung as 威臣 Winson
許紹雄 Shiu Hong as 鐘 Sir Inspector Chung
谢娜 Nana Xie as 陆伍易珊 Shan
Fang as the rookie in the police station, her father inspector Chung wants her to marry to a rich guy. Therefore, he chose the best policeman Dan to work with Fang on their beat. Dan will be transferring to SWAT after this due to his good work. On the other hand, Madam Tie is happy to met her first love Lok Sir.

On the last day of Dan & first day of patrol for Fang, they managed to caught the witness, fatty wai with Madam Tie & Lok Sir. Fatty Wai found out his daughter is participating the Ms Pageant, he wants the police to protect her till the pageant end for the exchange to become the witness on suing Mr Wong. Therefore, Fang, Tie, Lok, Dan are send to become spy to protect the innocent June.

During the protection, Fang has to portrait as one of the candidate for Ms pageant while Tie become the management team for the competition. Besides that, Lok & Dan become 2 gay guys who work as the stylist and make-up artist. Fang become friend with June but was attracted to the handsome singer Jerry. Fang and Jerry falled in love with each other and June was jealous about it. Mr wong send out his gang to kidnap June but always fail until the day before the finale.

June and Inspector Chung was caught by Mr Wong and gang but luckily Dan, Fang, Tie & Lok went over for rescue. In the end, June managed to get the 1st runner up in the competition. Tie & Lok decided to get marry, Dan happily got his SWAT work again, Inspector Chung got a promotion while Fang was send to become the host for police tv program.

The movie ended with Fang accept to become Dan's girlfriend.
L² Scored: 6/10

L² Comment:
It was a fun movie by Wong Jing as usual. This time, a lil' mix & match of China & HK artist do makes a good piece of work. Love Sandra Ng new hair, so short yet trendy. William as the hip hop singer aka dancer is very stunning, but too bad, the thick make-up can't cover his acne forehead. China actress Nana is too over-act, a big failure in this movie.

Overall, if you wanna have a good laugh, just go for it. A HK version of Ms Congeniality.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Seven Days in Coffin 头七 แรกเจ็ด

Released Year: 2003
Directed by C. H. Patchapol

Casted by:
Panida Vorabud
Khemasorn Nukao
Surachai Sangarked
Natt Chanapa

Mali is found drown in a river and her father Phuyai and sister Pikul was upset. The police officer Phicit went for the investigation and suspected Duang. Duang has a one night stand with Mali before even though he is Pikul's boyfriend.

Mali is well known as a whore when she's alive, she slept with all the rich/good looking guy in the village. But of course, ugly guy like Serm is not Mali's choice. During the chant of the monk for Mali's dead body, a black cat jump over the coffin. The old folks said that when a black cat jump over the coffin, the dead body will be alive and haunt others. Mali spirit really got disturb and try to take revenge on the one who murdered her.

Serm sneak in and rape the corpse of Mali and was found dead on the next day. In the meanwhile, Phicit arrested Duang and accused him for murder Mali. Duang fight back and said that Phicit too has an affair with Mali. Phicit was confronted by others and he admit he wanted to kill Mali because Mali treated him and have sex with other guys. When Phicit try to escape, he was killed by some mysterious guy.

Pikul thought everything is over but Duang still suspect Phicit is not the real murderer. Duang went to the river which Mali has drown and found a bracelet there. Duang recognise it belongs to Kan, a guy who go after Mali. Kan tried to drown Duang as well, but Mali's spirit appeared and drown Kan instead.
L² Scored: 3/10

L² Comment:
I thought it was supposed to be a horror film, but the director cleverly added in some comedy inside it. Or else the whole movie will be kinda plain. The story goes in a "detective conan" style and make you guess who's the real murderer. But the spirit thing is so so so extra... and it make no affect to the movie at all~

But would highly recommend this hot thai babe Natt Chanapa, she got huge and nice juicy breast :) yummy !!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Released Year: 2007
Directed by Adam Shankman

Casted by:
Nikki Blonsky as Tracy Turnblad
John Travolta as Edna Turnblad
Michelle Pfeiffer as Velma von Tussel
Zac Efron as Link Larkin
Brittany Snow as Amber von Tussel
Queen Latifah as Motormouth Maybelle
Elijah Kelley as Seaweed J. Stubbs
Amanda Bynes as Penny Pingleton
James Marsden as Corny Collins
Christopher Walken as Wilbur Turnblad
In 1962, America still separate their skin color and the white don't really prefer the negro. Tracy the short and stout white girl and her friend Penny is fancy about the Corny Colins show. The show has dances and singings which create the dream for them.

The Corny Colins show have the Ms Hairspray Pageant every year and Velma the producer aka the choreographer always make fault result to let her own daughter Amber to win the crown. In one open interview, Tracy went for it but was humiliated by Velma and others of being ugly. Tracy being upset but later on get to join with the black people in their singing and dancing. The black people has their own show hosted by Motormouth Maybelle. After being encourage by Maybelle's son Seaweed, Tracy went over for the show and surprise everyone by her singing and dancing.

Corny Collins decided to put Tracy into his show but was strongly rejected by Velma and Amber. Luckily Tracy has her support from her mother Edna and father Wilbur. Edna even accompany Tracy to go for shopping and dress up well. But Edna was verbally attacked by Velma and Amber of being fat. Luckily Wilbur is there to assure Edna.

The one and only Negro show was cancel by the television centre and Maybelle brought along the black guys to protest. Tracy is willing to join force on the protest and put her career with the Crny Collins shows in risks. Tracy use the board to hit a policeman and she ran away. Afraid of being caught, Tracy went to see Penny for help. Penny being in love with Seaweed both help Tracy to sneak into the pageant. In the end, Ina, Seaweed sister won the Ms Hairspray Pageant. Velma's evil tricks was explore to the public. Corny even invite Maybelle to be one of the host in his show. Finally, Tracy and the handsome Link fall in love with each other.
L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
Woah~ same like the musical film of Fame, i m very very very impressed with all these. It totally took my breath away. John Travolta is damn funny to be drag on the big mama character and zac efron is super super cute :)

The dance and songs are all nice. Highly recommended. 2 thumbs up :)

Monday, April 19, 2010

You Bet Your Life 一世好命

Released Year: 1991
Directed by 梁家樹 Tommy Leung

Casted by:
盧冠廷 Lowell Lo as 羅友 Yau
吳君如 Sandra Ng as The Wife
黃一山 Gabriel Wong as The Brother

Yau and his wife are both gamblers, despite to get good luck, they are willing to do everything to have it including sucks the smell of a corpse. But apparently they failed and they decided to take care of a ghost so that they can win in which ever gambling they go for.

They chose the spirit of a dead hooker who has a lot of grudge. The ghost make a deal with them, on all money that they win, they must spend every cents of it before 7am on the next day, or else the ghost is entitled to took their life away. The money face couple agreed and from that onwards they got a lot of money to spend on. Together with the brother, three of them have their best luck ever and started to spend well on their livings. But on one night, they accidentally won an extra 100 million, but luckily they were rob. On the 7am, they only discover that they still have 10 dollars left.

Afraid the ghost will come back and took their life, they seek for help from a monk who has a good moral. But three of them has failed the promise and the monk can't do anything to fight with the ghost but only make a new agreement. They have to gamble with the ghost and if they win they will be able to escape. But out of 2 first game, Yau and the brother has been sacrifice. It's only left Yau's wife to fight against the ghost. Luckily, the two man has already took up the solution of the poison.

When the third game was won, the ghost didn't wanna get away so the monk appeared and vanish her. Finally, the three of them are safe.
L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:
Sandra & Lowell is a good team in the comedy film as well, plus on with Gabriel, the 3 of them make me laugh non-stop like an idiot when i watched this movie last night. The movie is a bit out of "normal" stuff, but who cares right? This is a black comedy film and everything is possible~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just Follow Law 我在政府部门的日子

Released Year: 2007
Directed by 梁智强 Jack Neo

Casted by:
Gurmit Singh as Lim Teng Zui
范文芳 Fann Woon Fong as Tanya Chew
林益民 Moses Lim as Eric Tan
Lim Teng Zui is a technician in WAS Singapore while Tanya is his boss. Tanya is high educated and always does her best in achieving higher position in the organization. In another hand, Zui is only happy go lucky and worry not much in his future and being irresponsible towards his job.

During a visit of the top management, Zui and gang move all the un-used but keep-able stuff in the parking lot by just taping up the boards. This cause the incident of collapse of the board and Zui was the one to be responsible. Getting mad and accused by Tanya, Zui drove and bang Tanya's car. Both of them were sent to hospital for coma.

But when they woke up, they are surprise that their soul exchange and went into each other's bodies. Zui in the form of Tanya started to spend money like water and simply approved everything for the department and later cause an over budget on the department expenses. Tanya in the form of Zui is trying hard to get into the life of doing all the hard job, despite that he also took up courses to make sure the current body she's owning deserved a better future.

Eric and others are always jealous of Tanya's intelligibility and try to get rid of her. They suggest to cut off the whole department of Tanya to safe cost. Feeling depress, both Tanya & Zui worked together for a large job fair to win back Tanya's portfolio and future. But Eric and gangs has been fooling around and try to make things worst. Fireworks has been having problem and burn the job fair, the top management managed to break down the wood with tapes and safe everybody life.

From the fire accident, both Zui & Tanya realized the important of their families. And the WAS has been closed down. Tanya & Zui wanted each body back but could not make it, in the end they decided to get marry and live happily ever after.
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
Jack Neo always managed to get me concentrate in his movie. Maybe Singapore's lifestyle is kinda same as Malaysia, that's why it can attract my attention. Everything goes "black & white" is exactly the same in my company :)

Gurmit Singh & Fann Wong's acting are no doubt the best and surprisingly both of them create such a nice film in their first time.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fight Back to School 逃學威龍

Released Year: 1991
Directed by 陳嘉上 MH

Casted by:
周星馳 Stephen Chow as 周星星 Xing
張敏 Sharla as 何老師 Ms Ho
吳孟達 Ng Man Tat as 曹達華 Tat
張耀揚 Roy Cheung as 大飛 Fei
黃一山 Gabriel Wong as 黃小龜 Turtle
Xing has been chosen as a spy to sneak into the Edinburgh High School to get back the lost pistol of the general. Xing was supported by Tat as the school cleaner. To find out who's the one who stole the pistol, Xing has to study hard so that he can prevent from punishment and continue to stay in class.

In the meanwhile, 2 kids from high school has the gangster background and work for Fei. They have stole the pistol and always bully other students such as Turtle. Xing attended a call from the gang and managed to defeat them. After this, Xing has become the new leader in school and Turtle has become his assistant. But Xing wanted to cover up his real identity and get close with the beautiful Ms Ho.

Later on, Xing managed to found the pistol and resolved the school's gangster. The movie ends with Xing get to date the pretty Ms Ho with his real identity.
L² Scored: 6.5/10

L² Comment:
The movie earned the most in Hong Kong movie at the year of 1991 due to the fame of Stephen Chow. This movie really blasted me off with a lots of laughter when i was small. But now when i re-watch this movie, its kinda so so, but its wonderful for the scriptwriter to think of these kind of idiotic funny things.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Carved / Slit Mouthed Woman 口裂け女 (Kuchisake-Onna)

Released Year: 2007
Directed by 白石晃士 Koji Shiraishi

Casted by:
佐藤江梨子 Eriko Sato as Kyoko Yamashita
加藤睛彦 Haruhiko Kato as Noboru Matsuzaki
水野美紀 Miki Mizuno as Taeko Matsuzaki

People in town is busying talking about the slit-mouthed woman reappearing, everybody lives in horror. It seems like the mythology is real, during an earthquake, the slit mouthed woman appear and got a small boy with her in a playground. Yamashita is sending her students home. But Mika was caught by the slit mouthed woman in a sudden.

Before Mika was caught by the slit mouthed woman, she told Yamashita about her mother, Mayumi being violence with her and beat her when she's not obeying. This remind Yamashita about herself with her own daughther. In the meanwhile, another teacher, Matsuzaki suspect that the slit-mouthed woman is his mother Taeko who passed away 30 years ago.

Memories flashed back as Taeko was beating three of her children in the house. The 1st son and daughter were killed by her. But when she's about to kill Noboru, she accidentally slit her own mouth with a scissors and dead. Now, Taeko is back to hunt all the children.

Taeko's spirit goes into any woman who has cough and they will transfer become Taeko and kill children. Kyoko and Noboru found the shelter of Taeko and try to destroy her. But Taeko is unbeatable and too strong to fight against. Finally Noboru sacrifice himself and cut off Taeko's head when she took the body of Mayumi. Kyoko managed to brought Mika out of the house when another earthquake happened and Noboru and Taeko is burried in the basement.

Kyoko went to see her daughter, Ai to ask for forgiveness. But Kyoko suddenly cough and transfer into Taeko and killed Ai.

L² Scored: 2/10

L² Comment:
I thought i'm going to have a good scare of watching this movie, but no. It's so dull and not scary at all. The 2 score i gave is for the make-up or special effect on the slit-mouthed part. Overall, the acting part is kinda stiff also.

The movie suppose to bring out the horror part of Japan-Mythology, but apparently it did not. Can't even feel a tinnie-weenie bit of fear. Another *yawn yawn* horror film...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Midnight Meat Train

Released Year: 2008
Directed by 北村 龍平 Ryuhei Kitamura

Casted by:
Bradley Cooper as Leon
Leslie Bibb as Maya
Vinnie Jones as Mahogany
Brooke Shields as Susan Hoff
Leon is hoping to achieve to another level in his carrier (photographer), but his work did not inspire Susan Hoff who's quite famous in the industry and going to have her own exhibition soon. Feeling sad and down, luckily Maya was aside him for the assurance.

One night, Leon managed to shoot some black guys trying to rape an Asian female model, Erika at the train station. He managed to shoot the photos and threatened them. The next day, Leon showed the photos to Susan and she was impressed. Susan promised if Leon can shoot the photo which showed the "heart of the city" then his work will be shown in the exhibition also.

But when Leon went home and read the newspaper, he found out Erika was missing. Tracing back the photo, he managed to see a hand appearing in the photo which has a special ring on it. Leon ignore Maya's advice and continue to follow Mahogany who Leon think he's the murderer of Erika case. Leon then found out Mahogany stay alone and work as a butcher. During one night of following, Leon was shocked to see Mahogany killed the people who took the last train. He smashed them with a heavy metal and stripped them naked and plug off their eyes, nails, teeth & hair. Mahogany knew that he was followed and smack Leon into unconsciousness.

Leon woke up in a deserted place and went home. He found out there's a symbol scratched on his chest and his camera was gone. Maya found out and found their best friend Jurgis for help. Both of them sneaked into Mahogany's apartment and found out a lot of the slicing tools. Unluckily, Mahogany back in a sudden and got Jurgis. In the meanwhile, Susan's exhibition is a succeed but Leon feel the urge to look for Mahogany and kill him.

To safe Jurgis, Maya went to take the midnight train. She found Jurgis hanging in the train but was unable to safe him. Mahogany discovered Maya is here and try to kill her. Maya shot the evil man but failed, the train passed to the dead tunnel and Leon managed to jump onto the train from one of the deserted train. Both Leon and Maya fought with Mahogany but he was too strong. Finally they have the chance and slit a knife into Mahogany's brain.

The train stopped at the final stop, the train driver told them the corpse are for the ancient monster to feed on. If there are no meat for them, the monster will come into the modern world and make a disaster. Both couple got afraid but Maya was cut alive and dead into half. Leon lost his mind. Later on, Leon took up the job and become the next killer on this midnight train.
L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
This movie is based on Clive Barker's novel. Thrilling & horrifying. Kinda out of my expectation, it really scared me a bit. I m a horror movie freak and i seldom got scare like this. But you can feel the spooky of the movie by just imagine sitting alone in the train while the murder attack u.

Bradley is still yummy; love leslie bibb, she has a tough face but she can still acted like a soft woman. Vinnie Jones is an ex British football player who turned into actor few years ago. I think he didn't speak a word in this film, but he's good in the expression. :)

Recommend for horror movie fans.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Adnan Sempit

Released Year: 2010
Directed by Ahmad Idham

Casted by:
Shaheizy Sam as Adnan
Intan Ladyana as Nadia
Along Raja Lawak as Bobby
Norliana Samsuddin as Wawa

Adnan is known as a mat rempit (motorcyclist who disturb the traffic by showing off their reckless driving skills and stunt) in his company. Being a dispatch office boy, he falls in love for his pretty boss, Nadia. Nadia came from a rich family and Wawa is her secretary.

During one occasion, Nadia claimed that Adnan is her boyfriend just to attend a reunion party with her ex classmate. In such, Nadia suggest that both of them get to know each other by involving in each other life. Wawa also attached with Adnan's best friend, Bobby. Bobby is also one of them Mat Rempit. During Nadia's reunion, she claimed that Adnan will never be her ideal boyfriend due to his rempit-future. Adnan feel sad and left.

Bobby & Wawa suggest to open their own cafe with Adnan. Three of them work hard in a coffee shop to learn how to manage a cafe. While Nadia attached with another guy, Jofri. Jofri is Nadia's company competitor, he send another mat rempit, Zack to steal Nadia's proposal on a big project by snatch off her laptop. Without her laptop, Nadia is unable to present her work to the client the next day. But luckily, Adnan and Bobby get the laptop back from Zack. With the help of Wawa, Nadia's proposal was out and send to the client on time.

After the incident, Nadia doesn't mind about Adnan being the mat rempit and willing to be with him.
L² Scored: 5.5/10

L² Comment:
A new kind of movie from Malaysian production. Modern and its so Malaysian. So SLP, don't say i don't support local film ok? :)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Proposal

Released Year: 2009
Directed by Anne Fletcher

Casted by:
Sandra Bullock as Margaret Tate
Ryan Reynolds as Andrew Paxton
Margaret Tate is a bossy and bitchy boss who is dislike by all her worker including her personal assistant Andrew Paxton. Margaret faced her visa problem and might be deport back to her own country, Canada. Due to the sudden change, she force Andrew to marry her. Andrew agreed on the condition that Margaret will have to promote his as the chief editor of the book publishing company.

During their interview on the migration, they make promise will announce their marriage to Paxton's in Sitka, Alaska. Margaret followed Andrew all the way back and only found out that Paxton has a huge family business in Alaska, but Andrew did not show it at all. They attend a surprise family party arranged by Paxton and Andrew announced their marriage.

On one morning, the family request them to marry on the same week. Paxton's ladies were busying preparing the wedding and Margaret follow Andrew's mother (Grace) and granny (Annie) around to try on her wedding dress and later on she was brought to see a tiger show. In the meanwhile, Andrew is happy to meet his ex girlfriend, Gerthy. Being an orphan, Margaret felt a sudden warm from the Paxton of taking care of her and she even do the happy chant with Annie in the woods.

The immigration officer, Gilbertson called up Andrew's father (Joe) to check out the marriage and discover on this, but Andrew insisted to go on with the marriage. During the wedding, Margaret can't forgive herself of lying to the sweet family, she confessed on the purpose of this marriage and agree to go back to Canada. Only after this, Andrew realize he's actually falled for Margaret and went all his way to the airport to catch up but it was too late.

Margaret went back to office to pack up her personal things and Andrew managed to catch her. He told her about his feeling and was willing to marry her again. In the end, both of them went to immigration and announced their marriage again.
L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Since , Bullock has been one of my fav actress, she never failed me in this movie as well :) Love her goofiness when presenting this character. Especially the scene when she's chanting with Betty White~ lolz~

Ryan Reynolds is extremely cute and hot~ oh my god, how can someone be so perfect? the scene where Reynolds and Bullock bump together naked, phew~ i wet my pants :P Overall, the storyline is good, a bit predictable but way more better than . A good relax romance movie i should say :)