Friday, September 28, 2012


 Released Year: 1996
Directed by Wes Craven

Casted by:
Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott
Skeet Ulrich as Billy Loomis
Matthew Lillard as Stu Macher
Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers
David Arquette as Dewey Riley
Rose McGowan as Tatum Riley
Jamie Kennedy as Randy Meeks
Drew Barrymore as Casey Becker
 High school student Casey Becker receives a flirtatious phone call from an unknown person, asking her, "What's your favorite scary movie?" The situation quickly escalates out of control as the caller turns sadistic and threatens her life. He reveals that her boyfriend Steve is being held hostage. After failing to answer a question correctly about horror films, Steve is murdered. When Casey refuses to cooperate with the caller, she is attacked and murdered by a masked killer, and her body is hung from a tree.

The following day, the news media descend on the town and a police investigation begins. Meanwhile, Sidney Prescott struggles with the impending one-year anniversary of her mother's murder by Cotton Weary . While waiting at home for her friend Tatum Riley, Sidney receives a threatening phone call. After she hangs up, she is attacked by the killer. Sidney's boyfriend Billy Loomis arrives and offers support, but after he drops his cell phone Sidney suspects him of making the call. She flees. Billy is arrested and Tatum takes Sidney to her house.

Billy is released the next day. Suspicion has shifted to Sidney's father Neil Prescott, as the calls have been traced to his phone. School is suspended in the wake of the murders. After the students have left the school, Principal Himbry is stabbed to death in his office. Billy's friend Stu Macher throws a party to celebrate the school closure. The party is attended by Sidney, Tatum, their friend Randy Meeks, and several other students. Reporter Gale Weathers attends uninvited to cover the situation, as she expects the killer to strike. Tatum is killed during the party after having her neck crushed by a garage door. Billy arrives to speak to Sidney privately, and the two ultimately consummate their relationship. Deputy sheriff Dewey Riley and Gale investigate a nearby abandoned car. Many party attendees are drawn away after hearing news of Himbry's death; Randy, Sidney, Billy, Stu, and Gale's cameraman Kenny remain.

After having sex, Sidney and Billy are attacked by the killer, who seemingly murders Billy. Sidney escapes the killer and seeks help from Kenny, but he gets his throat slit by the killer. Sidney again flees. Gale and Dewey, having discovered the car belongs to Neil Prescott, return to the house. They believe Neil is the killer and has come to the party to continue his spree. Gale attempts to leave the scene in her van but drives off-road and crashes to avoid hitting Sidney. Meanwhile, Dewey is stabbed in the back while investigating in the house. Sidney takes Dewey's gun. Stu and Randy appear and accuse each other of being the killer. Sidney retreats into the house, where she finds Billy, wounded but still alive. She gives Billy the gun; he lets Randy into the house and then shoots him. Billy has feigned his injuries and is actually the killer; Stu is his accomplice.

Billy and Stu discuss their plan to kill Sidney and frame her father—whom they have taken hostage—for their murder spree. The pair admit to being the killers of her mother, Maureen. Billy says he was motivated to seek revenge on Maureen because of an affair she was having with Billy's father, Hank, which drove his mother away. Gale, thought dead by the killers, intervenes. Sidney takes advantage of this to turn the tables on her attackers, killing Stu. Randy is revealed to be wounded but alive. Billy attacks Sidney but she shoots him through the head, killing him. As the sun rises and police arrive, a badly-injured Dewey is taken away by ambulance and Gale makes an impromptu news report about the night's events.
 L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
The very first movie of Scream :) Neve Campbell so pretty that time and Courteney still looks bitchy as ever~ lol... But a big surprise is Drew Barrymore, i never know she was in the movie as well~ 

The storyline is already expected, and i have roughly know what will happen from "Scary Movie"~ haha... Wanna look for the 2nd movie, anybody has it?!?

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Eight Legged Freaks

 Released Year: 2002
Directed by Ellory Elkayem

Casted by:
David Arquette as Chris McCormick
Kari Wührer as Sheriff Sam Parker
Scott Terra as Mike Parker
Scarlett Johansson as Ashley Parker
 In the quiet mining town of Prosperity, Arizona, an accident involving a rabbit causes a barrel of toxic waste to land in a reservoir. An exotic spider farmer named Joshua has been making regular visits to the site, where he collects crickets for his spiders. Although the spiders have ingested the toxins, he is oblivious since the arachnids seem unaffected. Joshua shows Mike, a local boy, his collection, which include Jumping spiders, Trapdoor spiders, Tarantulas, and Orb-weaver spiders, including a female named Consuela. After Mike leaves, Joshua is bitten by an escaped tarantula and accidentally knocks down the spider cages. He is killed by the spiders and, after devouring him, the spiders grow to even huger proportions. His pet parrot is also presumed killed, when a tarantula grabs on to its head.

On his way home, Mike is accosted by his mother, Sheriff Sam Stroud and Deputy Pete pulling the toxic barrel out of the pond. Wade, the Mayor of Prosperity, is holding a town meeting in the mall about whether they should sell the mines and relocate. Chris McCormick, whose father owned the mines before he died ten years ago, shows up and stands against Wade's proposition. Chris also sparks a romance with Sam.

Meanwhile, Harlan Griffiths, an eccentric extraterrestrial enthusiast, is broadcasting his theory that various missing pets around town have been abducted by extraterrestrials. Inevitably his theory is dismissed as the product of a deranged imagination. Mike sneaks out on foot and finds Joshua and the spiders missing, the farm covered in webbing, and the dead body of Joshua. Although he sees an enormous spider shadow in the mines and tells Chris that the spiders have grown to enormous sizes, based on a giant spider leg he found at the mine entrance, Chris disbelieves his story. Meanwhile, the mines have reopened with the miners searching for a famous gold lode.

One miner is eaten by a gigantic spider, whose clan have made the mines their home. Seeing as the entire town is connected in some way to the mines, spiders show up in many different places. Deputy Pete Williams cat has a fight with one of the spiders in the air vents before being eaten and some of the ostriches on Wade's farm are devoured by Trap Door Spiders, Ashley breaks up with her boyfriend Bret, and he and his motorcyclist friends are chased by jumping spiders, with him being the only survivor, accidentally cutting off the telephone line and being stuck in the mine. Chris finds out that his Aunt Gladys and her dog are abducted by a male orb weaver in their basement. Sam is convinced Chris and Mike are delusional. However, her skepticism fades and she realizes that Chris and Mike were right all along when she witnesses a giant male orb-weaver attempting to abduct Ashley (Scarlett Johansson), her daughter and Chris; Sam saves them both. Meanwhile Bret, still wandering the mines, gets a good peek at the giant Consuela during her feeding.

Sam contacts Pete and tells him to bring all guns in the police station's possession and they escape to Harlan's trailer, knowing he has a radio station that he operates from within his trailer. As Sam broadcasts the threat over the radio, a giant tarantula, the "tank" of the horde, assaults the trailer but they manage to escape. As the town is besieged by vicious spider hordes, many people are eaten, Chris tries to convince Harlan that the spiders are "from Earth" but ends up convincing him that they are "Spiders from Mars" to make him happy, Sam tells everybody to evacuate to the mall. Chris, Sam, Mike, Ashley, Harlan, Wade and many other townspeople all escape and barricade themselves in the mall (but Wade flees into the mines and locks the gate before the attack) and defend themselves from the spiders. Meanwhile, Harlan and Chris climb onto the roof and ascend the radio mast and try to get a signal to call the army as they are being attacked by the spiders, but are believed to be pranksters. Harlan jumps from the roof, after the tarantula breaks open the gates and lets the spiders enter the mall, and lands in some bushes, where he meets up with Pete. The two run from spiders as Chris meets up with the remaining townsfolk and goes down to the basement. Meanwhile Bret, still wandering the mines, encounters the cowardly Wade before his abduction.

While the townsfolk are in the basement, Bret arrives on a forklift that brings down the locked gate, and they all head to through the mines straight to the front entrance, discovering the methane-filled tunnels. After losing Norman and freeing Wade, Chris goes to look for his Aunt Gladys in the mines and finds her and the gold his father was searching for, but is confronted by the gigantic Consuela. He uses perfume to distract the spider and the escapes using Bret's motorcycle. Chris then blows up the spiders and the mines utilizing Gladys's smoking addiction and the high concentrations of methane gas. The police finally arrive. They had not believed the reports of the spiders but believed Harlarn's theory that the assailants were extraterrestrial in nature, until Pete tells them that the assailants were "just spiders, that had ingested extremely high levels of toxic waste." He tries to show this is true by showing his head, thinking (since it was exposed to the toxic waste) that his hair grew back, but unfortunately it did not.

As the story ends, Harlan is heard making a radio report about the spiders. He concludes that the town has decided to cover up the whole incident, but have let Harlan continue broadcasting the incident, knowing nobody will believe him. He also mentions Chris reopening the gold mines and putting everyone back to work, but tells us "that is another story altogether." As the camera zooms in close on his mouth, it is clear that he now has three gold teeth.
 L² Scored: 0/10

L² Comment:
Seriously i don't even know why i finish the whole movie, or even start this movie in the first place. I feel sad for David Arquette & Scarlet Johansson to be in this movie~ pui !!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


 Released Year: 2011
Directed by James Wan

Casted by:
Patrick Wilson as Josh Lambert
Rose Byrne as Renai Lambert
Ty Simpkins as Dalton Lambert
Lin Shaye as Elise Rainier
 Renai and Josh Lambert have recently moved into a new house with their three children. One morning, Renai looks through a family photo album with her son, Dalton, who asks why there are no pictures of Josh when he was a child. Renai reasons that he has always been camera shy. One day, Dalton hears something in the attic and goes to investigate. He sees something that scares him and falls when the attic ladder breaks. The next day, Dalton does not awaken from sleep. Renai and Josh rush him to the hospital, where the doctors say he is in an inexplicable coma.

Three months later, Dalton is moved back to his home while still in a coma. Shortly after, disturbing events begin to occur. Renai believes the house is haunted when she begins to see and hear other people in the house. She confronts Josh about the events and the family soon moves to another house. In the new house, increasingly violent and supernatural events reoccur. Josh's mother, Lorraine, contacts a friend, Elise Reiner, who specializes in the investigation of paranormal activity. The family, Elise, and her team enter Dalton's room and Elise sees and describes a figure to one of her two assistants, who draws a black figure with a red face and dark hollow eyes on the ceiling of Dalton's room.

Elise explains to Renai and Josh that Dalton has the ability to astral project while sleeping and that he has been doing it since he was very young. The reason that Dalton is in a comatose state is because he has fearlessly travelled too far into different spiritual worlds (he believes the projections are dreams) and has consequently become lost in a land called "The Further"—the land is a place for the tormented souls of the dead. While Dalton's spirit is in this other world, he has left nothing but a lifeless body. The tormented souls crave another chance at life through Dalton's state, while the demon has a malicious intent. However, for a spirit to consume a body, a period of time and energy are required.

Skeptical at first, Josh later relents when he discovers Dalton had been drawing pictures which resemble the demonic figure Elise described. They run a session to try to communicate with Dalton where the demon uses Dalton's body to fight the group, along with 3 other spirits who want Dalton's body. After the session, Elise calls Lorraine and the two reveal to the couple that Josh also can astral project, and was terrorized by an evil spirit during his childhood. Lorraine shows them pictures from Josh's childhood, revealing a shadowy old woman (the same woman from the beginning of the film) nearer and nearer to Josh in each picture, which explains his fear of photos. Elise suggests that Josh should use his ability to find and help return Dalton's soul, to which Josh agrees.

Josh projects himself into The Further, finds and frees his son, who had been captured by the red-faced demon. In search of their physical bodies, Josh and Dalton flee the demon that is pursuing them. Just before the two awaken, Josh abandons his son to confront the shadowy old woman who appears to be inside his house. As he shouts for her to get away from him, she retreats into the darkness. Moments later, Josh and Dalton both awaken, just as all the spirits vanish.

With the family now happily reunited, Renai, Dalton and Lorraine chat in the kitchen as Elise and Josh pack up from the long night. Josh hands Elise the pictures from his childhood, and as she takes them from his hands, she senses something and takes a picture of Josh. He promptly goes into a rage, claiming she knows that he doesn't like to get photographed. Renai hears Josh yelling and goes into the room to find Elise dead and Josh gone. She searches for Josh and comes across Elise's camera. When she looks at the camera, she sees a picture of an old woman. It's revealed that what Elise saw was Josh's old and dirty hand and nails, similar to the old woman's, implying that she has possessed him. Josh then puts his hand on Renai's shoulder, and she is horrified to see what is behind her.

After the post-credits, the shadowy, old woman can be seen blowing out a candle.
L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
It is so good to watch a nice horror movie :) This movie really freaks me out a bit, I Love James Wan :) Haha, ok back to the movie... the storyline is good, a few scene of a ghost sudden pop out really created the creepy feeling. Especially the red fire face ghost behind Patrick Wilson, woah~ that one is scary enough... Its also kinda spooky when u see the ghost making the music with its long fingernail~ yuck...

But the make up is a bit ... lol~ how should i say? I dont knw why... but this is the reason i didnt score it a full...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Slugs: The Movie (Slugs, Muerte Viscosa)

 Released Year: 1988
Directed by Juan Piquer Simon

Casted by:
     Michael Garfield as Mike Brady
Kim Terry as Kim Brady
Philip MacHale as Don Palmer
Alicia Moro as Maureen Watson
A rural town becomes prey to a strain of black slugs spawned from toxic waste dumping. It is up to the local health inspector to stop them. People are dying mysteriously and gruesomely. Only health worker Mike Brady has a possible solution, but his theory of killer slugs is laughed at by the authorities. Only when the body count begins to rise and a slug expert begins snooping around does it begin to appear as though Mike might be right.
  L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Love this old horror movie in the 80s, but the ending part is not good. The whole things started quite well, the screaming, the nudity, the sex... yeah~ but towards the end i feel dissapointed. 5 min before the end, the climax is still not there yet, and the killing of the monster part is not done... and suddenly kaboom, they kill the monsters.... lolz~ well, watch it, i think its worth a watch for the horror fans~

Monday, September 24, 2012

The Possession 2012

 Release Year: 2012
Directed by Ole Bornedal

Casted by:
Natasha Calis as Em Brenek
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Clyde Brenek
Kyra Sedgwick as Stephanie Brenek
Madison Davenport as Hannah Brenek
Grant Show as Brett
Matisyahu as Tzadok
 In the opening of the film a woman tries to open a strange box, attempting to protect herself with holy water and a hammer. She starts being thrown violently around the room and having seizures. When her son enters, she is unconscious on the floor.

Next the audience is introduced to couple Clyde and Stephanie Brenek who are in the process of divorce, which is having an effect on their children, Em, and Hannah. When the children move into Clyde's new house, they take time to adjust to the new split in their lives.

The next day, they stop by at a yard sale, initially to buy more dishes, but then Em becomes intrigued by an old box which has Hebrew inscriptions engraved on it. The box fascinates Em, and she asks her father if she can have it. Clyde agrees while he is talking on the phone. Clyde is busy with his ongoing job at the local university.

They hear an animalistic noise in their kitchen one night, but when the intruder escapes through their dog flap, Clyde assumes it was a raccoon.

Em becomes solitary and spends all her spare time staring at the box. Em's behavior increasingly grows more sinister, with Clyde and Hannah freaking out when they see her sitting in her room surrounded by moths one night.

Stephanie, Clyde's divorced wife, spends time with her new boyfriend, Brett, an orthodontist. Stephanie assumes the crowd of moths were attracted to the pizza they had for dinner, of which she disapproves. Em's behavior gradually grows more violent. When she strikes out at a schoolmate who was trying to steal her box, she is brought to the attention of the authorities, who recommend that she spend time away from the box which has fixated her so greatly. Unfortunately, her teacher marking grades that night dies when a malevolent force throws her rapidly around the room and beats her to death before throwing her out the window.

In a diner, Em tells Clyde about a woman who lives in her box who says Em is "special." Her father is alarmed by her eating behavior. Em has notably changed. She eats voraciously. Em also tells Clyde that "she's still hungry." The entity is slowly taking over Emily. Clyde attempts to dispose of the old box by throwing it in a garbage unit, but Em races from her house late at night to get the box. She seems to become totally possessed by the entity at this time.

Clyde, immensely disturbed, takes the box to a professor at the university. The professor tells him the box dates back to the 1920s and was used to contain a broken spirit, an ancient Jewish evil or demon, and the box is a Dybbuk box. When a demon got too much to handle the Jews contained it in a box and sealed the box to prevent anyone opening it.

Clyde immediately travels to the local Hasidic community, and learns from a Jew named Tzadok that the possession has three main stages, with the third stage being the one where the Dybbuk latches onto the host, becoming one entity with it. The only way to defeat the Dybbuk is to lock it back into the box in a forced ritual, for which the demon's name is needed. Returning from New York City, Tzadok breaks the mirror inside the box and discovers it is named Abizu.

At home, Em violently attacks her mother when Stephanie discovers her eating like an animal out of the refrigerator. The Dybbuk tries to kill Stephanie but is stopped. Em has no recollection of this attack. Stephanie reunites with Clyde to have an MRI scan on Em. Stephanie is horrified when she sees the Dybbuk's face inside Em's skeleton, near the heart.

Stephanie realizes Em is possessed. Tzadok and the family and rush to a deserted rehab room in the hospital to conduct an exorcism. The Dybbuk proves too powerful to handle and escapes, with Em rushing down the corridors and Clyde following. Em beats Clyde seemingly to death. He survives but now is possessed by the Dybbuk. Tzadok performs an exorcism which is successful, with the Dybbuk crawling out of Clyde and back into the box, which slams shut.

Em, fine now, is reunited with her family, who thank Tzadok as he departs. He drives his vehicle to put the box somewhere safe. However, his car is hit by a truck, apparently killing him. The Dybbuk box is unharmed, with the demon still inside.
  L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Well, if just barely based on the trailer & my friends' comments, i would have scored it a 10/10. But after watching it in the cinema, it was not as good as i thought. The story wise is ok, i mean, we already expected how the story will goes right? But the climax is not good enough, the exorcist part is not good enough... The only special thing is the fingers and hand out from the throat part, this is the only new thing for me~

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Pye Dog 野.良犬 2007

 Released Year: 2007
Directed by 郭子健 Derek Kwok

Casted by:
陳奕迅 Eason Chen as 陳滿堆  Dui
林苑 Gia Lin as 張老師  Ms Cheong
文俊輝 Mun Chun Fai as 林志宏  Hong
曾志偉 Eric Tsang as 阿叉 Cha
邵音音 Susan Siu as 宏婆婆  Hong's granny
林子祥 George Lam as 鈕喬澤 Niu
Dui lost his parents when he is young and was adopted by Cha who taught him how to make guns. Entering into the mobster' world, he took up a mission to check out the son of Niu & Jane. Dui become a cleaner in a primary school and try to find out who's the son. He begin to bond with Hong, a student who never talks and Ms Cheong. They gather around well after Hong's granny went into hospital.

Dui saw Niu and discovered Hong is actually Niu's son, his target to kidnap. Dui refuse to do the mission and told Cha. Niu manage to defeat all the murderers who came after him. Dui and Ms Cheong celebrate the final christmas with Hong...

 L² Scored: 6.5/10

L² Comment:
 This is a remake of a Jap's film. The storyline is not bad actually, the character wise are acceptable... but i didnt feel the climax of this film. Not a bad film, but i wont rewatch it...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Warlords 投名狀

 Released Year: 2007
Directed by 陈可辛 Peter Chan

Casted by:
李連杰 Jet Li as 龐青雲 Pang QingYun
劉德華 Andy Lau as 趙二虎 Zhao ErHu
金城武 Takeshi Kaneshiro as 姜午陽 Jiang WuYang
徐靜蕾 Xu Jing Lei as 蓮生 Lian Sheng
 The film is set in the 1860s, during the Taiping Rebellion in the late Qing Dynasty in China. The story, based on the assassination of Ma Xinyi in 1870, tells of three sworn blood brothers who eventually turn against one another due to the harsh realities of war and political intrigue.

The story begins with a vicious battle, after which Qingyun, a Qing army general, is the only survivor of his entire army. He is defeated because promised reinforcements from a rival General Ho are deliberately withheld. In his aimless wanderings he encounters a girl named Liansheng, who nurses him back to health. Once he regains his strength, Qingyun soon meets Wuyang, who takes him back to the bandits village, and later Erhu; leaders of a bandit army that regularly steals food to survive. There he finds Liansheng again, who is revealed to be Erhu's wife.During one night, some militay troops attacks the village and retake the stolen goods, plunging the village into famine.

Qingyun convinces the bandits to join the Qing army to earn money and security to feed their families; Erhu and Wuyang are hesitant at first, and only agree after the three brothers swear a "Blood Oath", with which they affirm their fraternity to one another under pain of death. Qingyun, with the help of Erhu's army wins over a rebel convoy to show latter's strength to Qing Lords. Qingyun then goes on to meet his old superiors, who are reluctant at first to reinstate him, but upon allowing him the task of conquering a major city, he proves his worth in a victorious battle against a numerically superior force. In this battle, the tide is turned when Wuyang sneaks through the enemy lines and decapitates the enemy general. Qingyun's subsequent promotion and increased support from the Qing lords spurs him to lead the brothers and his armies through a long but successful campaign against the rebels. His victories cause him to become ambitious in the process, during which he reveals his plan to quickly take Suzhou and Nanjing, the principal power bases of the Taiping rebels, and his dream of ridding the world of oppression.

Fearing Qing-yun's growing power and influence, the Qing lords decide to deny Qingyun valuable reinforcements and provisions; without their support, Qingyun's prompt attack on Suzhou devolves into a year long siege, with both sides suffering from starvation. Desperate, Qingyun negotiates with his longtime rival and nemesis, General Ho, offering him half of the spoils of Nanking in return for supplies. Meanwhile Erhu sneaks into the city disguised as an opium dealer, hoping to assassinate the Taiping general ruling Suzhou and thus end the siege. The general surprises Erhu by revealing that he already knows of his plot and says that despite starvation, his troops and people will never surrender due to their loyalty. In an ensuing duel, the general allows Erhu to kill him anyway, saying that as long as he is alive his people will never be free of the siege. His dying wish is that his soldiers and citizens be spared. Moved by the official's sacrifice, Erhu agrees to the terms, but a returning Qingyun feels differently: even with the new provisions, food remains critically short, the rebels cannot be conscripted or released, and the Nanjing expedition would be jeopardized. Instead, he orders the prisoners to be executed, enraging Erhu into considering desertion over the death of innocent thousands. But Qingyun manages to convince him to stay and rejoin the cause by arguing that there are millions of innocents to save in Nanjing.

The Nanjing campaign becomes a grand success, and Qingyun is appointed as a provincial governor by the Empress for his services. He even gets the Empress to agree to his request for a 3 year moratorium on taxes in Nanjing so that the peasants can recover from years of war. Nonetheless, the war has caused a rift between the three brothers, most prominently with Erhu, who quietly defies Qingyun's orders by doling out soldier's pay from the imperial coffers; his offenses and popularity become known to the Qing lords, who cajole Qingyun into arranging his assassination. Erhu is fed false information of a plot by General Ho to assassinate Qingyun and he rides off to warn him only to get ambushed. Meanwhile, Wuyang discovers Qingyun's affair with Liansheng and catches wind of the plot against Erhu. Believing that Qingyun wants Erhu killed over Liansheng, Wuyang murders her, but Erhu is already dead before Qingyun hears of Liansheng's death. Wuyang therefore strives to fulfill the blood oath and goes to kill Qingyun at his inauguration ceremony. As the two brothers fight, a hidden attacker armed with a rifle shoots Qingyun in the back multiple times as Wuyang stabs him in the chest, killing him.

Now alone, Wuyang reminisces upon the words of the oath that was taken long ago.
  L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Our proud Jet Li won the Best Actor in HK Film Awards; Peter Chan won Best Director in HK Film Awards & Golden Horse Awards while this movie won the Best Film in HK Film Awards & Golden Horse Awards. The whole movie is very very good in arranging the characters & the storyline flows very well indeed... The only flaw would be the dullness in color... lol

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Choy Lee Fut 蔡李佛

 Released Year: 2011
Directed by 羅惠德 Lo Wai De & 黃明升 Wong Min Sheng

Casted by:
洪天照 Sammy Hung as 陳偉業 Yip
小杉健 Kane Kosugi as 武田少佐 Saka
元華 Yuen Wah as Uncle
黃嘉樂 Wong Kar Lok as 左長空 Kong
劉永健 Sammy Lau as Senior
王佳音 Wang Jia Yin as 夏羽飛 Fei
洪金寶 Sammo Hung as 陈天来 Lai
Yip went back from USA with his best friend Saka to the martial arts stadium Choy Lee Fut. His father Lai is not in while Fei represent the big company to take over Choy Lee Fut. Yip refused and they decided to call for a martial arts competition.

Yip, Saka & senior fought with Kong and his team. The first fight, senior lost while Saka won the second fight. During the third fight, Yip managed to defeat Kong and won. Beside that he also won the heart of Fei. 
 L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
I thought this is a nice martial arts movie since Sammo is filming this with his youngest son Sammy. But this is very dissapointed as the fights are like girl fighting. There is no strength and no power. It is good that Wong Kar Lok managed to get into the big screen, but he looks so soft and not even muscular enough to be the head of a team. He is kinda sissy as well~ :( haiz...

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Loan Shark 大耳窿

 Released Year: 2011
Directed by 何志良 Ho Chee Leong

Casted by:
李璨琛 Sam Lee as 何健龙 Loong
张兆辉 Eddie Cheong as 黑狗 Gou
吴俐璇 Jojo Goh as 何雯雯 Mun
温碧霞 Irene Wan as 陈欣 Yan
林雪 Lam Suet as 天神 Sheng
Sheng is the head of the mobster and he has a god son Gou who is crazy in doing the loan shark business. Loong used to be receiving instruction from Sheng, but Sheng ordered him to follow Gou in future after his retirement. Mun is Loong's sister, and also a secret cop who hid inside the mobster to gather information to sue them in court.

To get Gou's attention and trust, Mun is behaving like Gou and acted violently. Loong in another hand fall in love with their neighbor, Yan who work in the pub. But Yan later on was raped by Gou. Loong is angry and fought with Gou. Gou also realize Mun is the undercop and he tied up Mun and Sheng. Loong came to rescue and finally save them out from Gou.
   L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Well, basically i love this cross production within HK & Malaysia. The first hitting bottle on the human head by Jojo Goh is kinda shocking, but later on this kind of scene happened so many times that i become bored of it. Overall our Jojo Goh is acting real good and i really feel that she has a potential to go into the HK market. Eddie cheong in another way has keep up his good, Sam Lee and Lam Suet is not much different.

The most i feel funny is Irene Wan who act like a young lady... it kinda puking!!!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Revenge: A Love Story 復仇者之死

 Released Year: 2010
Directed by 黃精甫 Ching Poh Wong

Casted by:
麥浚龍 Juno Mak as 陳杰 Kit
蒼井空 Aoi Sola as 張穎 Wing
劉永 Anthony Lau as 杜學順 Shun
錢小豪  Xiao Hao Chin as 謝夫 Fu
Kit came out from jail and went for a revenge which happened 6 months ago on Wing. 6 months ago, Wing's grandmother passed away and left over Wing who is a bit naive. Running out from the school, Kit bring her back but they were unable to go into Wing's house. They were offer to stay one night at Ling's house, who is a prostitute. Shun came and thought Wing is a hooker and wanna rape her. Kit saved her and bring her to police station.

The crazy thing happened, Shun was actually the head policy of that station and he instruct his gang to gang rape Wing. But after that only they realize Wing's real identity. They set up an excuse and cause Kit went into jail. 6 months later Kit came out and realize Wing is pregnant. Getting pissed off, Kit found 2 subordinates of Shun. He attacked and killed their pregnant wife and dig out the infants.

Shun and Fu tried to captured Kit and finally they fought and Kit killed Fu. Shun shot Wing to death and Kit to unconscious. Shun thought Kit is death and went away. 5 years later, Shun is a priest and helped out all orphans. Kit came and killed him. In the end Kit is killed by all the oprhans.
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
This is a great movie, never thought Juno can surprise me with this kind of movie. The storyline is not bad, but a bit too draggy in the end and too long... The characters are well and excellent and of course well present. Aoi as a AV girl is not bad as well... hopefully she can change her carrier into a better one~