Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lavender 薰衣草

 Released Year: 2001
Directed by 葉錦鴻 Ip Kam Hung
Casted by:
陈慧琳 Kelly Chen as Athena
 金城武 Takeshi Kaneshiro as Angel
 陈奕迅 Eason Chen as Chow Chow
 郑佩佩 Cheng Pei Pei as 董夫人 Madame Dong
 谷德昭 Vincent Kuk as 肥天使 Fat angel
 尹子维 Terence Yin as 小提琴天使 Violin angel
Athena is a sad woman who can't forget about her passed away boyfriend's smell, she use her whole life to create the smell but fail. She met a fallen angel who is a handsome and innocent guy. The angel live by creating loves to human being, but he was targeted by Chow Chow, a gay guy who live opposite of Athena.
It seems like Chow Chow has fall in love with Athena's ex boyfriend and can't forget about him too, especially the smell. Chow Chow was envy of Athena for getting angel as hers. Angel told them where he really from and ready to fly back to heaven after his wings cured. Athena brought angel to buy lavender and hope he can bring it up to heaven for her ex boyfriend. During the trip, both of them fall in love but angel still need to leave.
Athena woke up from her filled bathtub after hearing some bang noise. Its seems like she was having this weird dream when she fell asleep in the baththub. The restaurant owner, Angelo is the one who fell down from the roftop when fixing the wire. Athena realize Angelo looks exactly like angel (without the wings of course), and the restaurant name is Michealangelo. It seems like the God has arrange a new faith for her, for her to accept a new love and forget about the old sad one. 
 L² Scored: 8/10
L² Comment:
Its quite touching and romantic for me, i love the storyline, love that Kaneshiro is able to act innocent angel which i think is a superb. The movie was brought to the Berlin and shown to the world, though it did not win any awards, but it has been nominated in quite a lot in the HK academy awards. The only flaw i would say is Kelly being a bit stiff, but i think she can be much more better if she has more experience in acting during that time :) 

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