Friday, December 27, 2013

Naked Massacre

 Released Year: 1976
Directed by Denis Heroux
Casted by:
Mathieu Carrière as Cain Adamson
Debra Berger as Bridget
Christine Boisson as Christine
Myriam Boyer as Leila
Leonora Fani as Jenny
Ely Galleani as Pam 
Carole Laure as Amy
Eva Mattes as Catherine
Andrée Pelletier as Eileen
Loosely based on the notorious Richard Speck murders, this is the grim tale of a disturbed Vietnam vet returning home via Belfast, who invades a house shared by eight nurses and proceeds to terrorize and murder them.
 L² Scored: 4/10

L² Comment:
A bit dull actually on the story part, yes it is a naked + massacre... but i just hope the producer or writer can make the whole movie more interesting...

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