Thursday, December 26, 2013

Evil Cat 凶猫

 Released Year: 1987
Directed by 余允抗 Yu Yun Kang
Casted by:
郑浩南 Mark Cheng as 罗剑郎 Lang
 刘家良 Lau Kar Leong as 张大少 Siu
邓丽盈 Tang Lai Ying as 张小川 Chuan
王晶 Wang Jin as 乌英俊 Jun
翁世杰 Weng Sai Kit as 范展才 Choy
徐淑媛 Tsui Shu Yuan as 天娜 Tina 
The evil cat has 9 life, 8 of its previous life has been summoned and defeated by the Zhang family. Siu is meant to defeat the 9th life of the evil cat after 50 years, but he only left few days to live due to his cancer.
Siu has Lang as his apprentice, and Lang is also the boyfriend of his daughter, Chuan. Together with the help of Jun, they try to defeat Tina who has been possessed by the evil cat. The mighty cat kill Siu and possessed on to Chuan. Lang forced to kill his love one and damage ther evil cat.
 L² Scored: 9/10
L² Comment:
The story is writen by Wang Jing, which i think is good. The haunted evil cat's look really scared me back in the old time. Rewatching now, the storyline, sounds & music still works for me :)

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