Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Gan Die 干爹

 Released Year: 2012
Directed by 何自强 He Zhi Qiang
Casted by:
 陈静 Chen Jing as 小莫 Mok
王坚定 Wang Jian Ding as 父亲 Father
 荆民强 Jing Ming Qiang as 干爹 God father
Mok living in Beijing and used her body to get whatever she wants, this has disappointed her father who came from the village. When Mok found out her god father is just using her as a sex machine for his other business partner, she pissed and was shoo off with no money to have. Mok's father came and spend crazily on his daughter which finally make Mok realize nothing is more important than family which she will treasure it forever...
 L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
Not bad of a 25 minutes mini movie, kinda nice and meaningful, this should be teach to all those bitches who think they can just sell their body off like this for money. Shame on you!

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