Thursday, December 12, 2013


 Released Year: 2002
Directed by Atom Egoyan
Casted by:
David Alpay as Raffi
Charles Aznavour as Edward Saroyan
 Christopher Plummer as David
 Arsinée Khanjian as Ani
 Eric Bogosian as Rouben
Ani and her son Raffi involved in the film which talks on the Tukish and Almerian during the war time. Raffi was in love with his step sister who believe that Ani has cause her father to die. While shooting the film, Raffi has different finding on his own life and the war...
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Its kinda heavy movie to watch actually, but luckily David Alpay is cute enough for me to complete the whole film :) I'm not familiar with the history of this, so there's no comment on whether its real or not, or should it be like this at all... Overall the storyline is fine with me, love the flashback shooting all the while in the movie :)

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