Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Eagle Shooting Heroes 射鵰英雄傳之東成西就

Released Year: 1993
Directed by 劉鎮偉 Jeffrey Lau
Casted by:
張國榮 Leslie Cheung as 東邪黃藥師 Dong
 林青霞 Bridget Lin as 三公主 Princess
 梁朝偉 Tony Leung as 西毒歐陽鋒 Feng
 梁家輝 Tony Leung as 南帝段智興(一燈) Nan
 張學友 Jacky Cheung as 北丐洪七公 Hong
 王祖賢 Joey Wang as 小師妹 Shi
劉嘉玲 Carina Lau as 周伯通 Tong
 葉玉卿 Veronica Yip as 金輪國王妃 Empress
 張曼玉 Maggie Cheung as 金輪國國師 Fortune Teller
鍾鎮濤 Kenny B as 王重陽 Yang
In Jin Lun city, the empress and her cousin Feng try to grab the empire from the emperor, but the important chop is with the princess. The princess ran to seek help from her master, the master send Dong to accompany her to get the Jiu Yin Zhen Jin (the great martial arts book).
Along the way, they met Yang who was killed by Feng's flying shoe; Shi who followed them because she's in love with Dong; Tong who is a gay man that wanna seek revenge for Yang; Nan who wanna become a God and must reject his marriage with the princess while seek for his true love who has 666 at the chest; Hong who get rejected by Shi and forced Feng to kill him.
In the end, Feng get the Jiu Yin Zhen Jin and princess while the rest went to save the princess with the help of the fortune teller. Nobody can defeat Feng until the God Nan came and help them.
L² Scored: 10/10
L² Comment:
This movie has always always been my top 1 favorite comedy ever since i was a kid. Having all these fabulous actors/actresses in one movie is not easy. Especially after watching the serious version a moment ago, i love this movie even more~

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