Thursday, December 19, 2013

Petaling Street Warriors 大英雄•小男人

Released Year: 2011
Directed by James Lee & Sampson Yuen
Casted by:
Mark Lee 李国煌 as Shi Duyao 史都耀
 Yeo Yann Yann 杨雁雁 as Zhung Lichun 钟离春
 Namewee 黄明志 as Liu Kun 刘坤
 Chris Tong 童冰玉 as Xiaoju 小菊
 Frederick Lee 李洺中 as Ma Fuyi 马福仪
 Sunny Pang 冯推守 as Wilson Ng 吴卫生
 Alvin Wong 王骏 as Yong Kok 杨过
Set against the background of Petaling Street in 1908, Petaling Street Warriors tells the story of a pair of married couple, Shi Duyao and Zhung Lichun, who operate a Hokkien mee stall in Petaling Street, where they suffer from the inefficiency of the colonial government and suppression by the Chinese gangsters. While trying to impress his wife, Duyao encounters a mysterious yet strikingly beautiful kungfu expert, Xiaoju, who claims that Duyao is a descendant of the missing Emperor Jianwen of the Ming Dynasty. To stop a group of Qing warriors and Japanese ninjas from robbing a treasure map that Duyao doesn't even know he has, Lichun and her cousin, Liu Kun, finally reveal their kungfu, turning Petaling Street into the ultimate battleground. Facing enemies of unthinkable powers, could Duyao unravel the mystery of his real identity and come to his wife's rescue just in time?
 L² Scored: 3.5/10

L² Comment:
Well, people has been complaining that i'm not supporting my own country's movie. Give me a reason, once again this movie prove me right for not supporting them.

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