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Ashes of Time 東邪西毒:終極版 2008

 Released Year: 2008
Directed by 王家卫 Wong Kar Wai
Casted by:
 張國榮 Leslie Cheung as 歐陽鋒 OuYang Feng
 梁家輝 Tony Leung as 黃藥師 Wong Yao Shi
 林青霞 Bridget Lin as 慕容嫣/慕容燕 MuYung Yin
 梁朝偉 Tony Leung as 盲武士 Blind Swordsman
 劉嘉玲 Carina Lau as 桃花 Tao Hua
 楊采妮 Charlie Yeong as 孝順女子 Young girl
 張學友 Jacky Cheung as 洪七 Hong Qi Gong
 張曼玉 Maggie Cheung as 歐陽鋒的嫂子 Feng's sister in law
In this film, set in ancient times in China, Ouyang Feng, hiring famous bounty hunters. His character is portrayed as a fallen swordsman driven by greed and heartless to both friend and foe. He was perpetually being spiteful of love as his own love history was not nearly so beautiful. His bounty-hunters came and went as was narrated by Ouyang Feng himself as based on the Tung Shu predictions.

In essence, he was a loner with little love, but the bounty hunters that worked for Ouyang Feng, like Blind Swordsman and another of his best fighters, Hong Qigong, discovered the intangible secret of true love while Ouyang retained his attitude towards his fighters and the precious lessons that they have taught. However, the thread that runs through the entire narrative has clearly the spirit of refusal in the sense that one should reject another before he gets to be rejected in the future. To illustrate, nearly every character in this story has resorted to being selfish and malignant in order to prevent being rejected by others, be it in love or in comradeship as their individual hardships have moulded their attitude turning them into heartless and cold individuals in order to survive in the uncompromising desert where the story is set.

It has many moral implications but is less evident since the main character is Ouyang himself and most of the narration would unquestionably be centred on him.
 L² Scored: 8/10
L² Comment:
An old movie in 1994 and re-edited by Wong Kar Wai himself after so many years, just because before Leslie's one word before he die "hope this film can go international". So there goes the film to Berlin and many more countries and once again hit the blockbuster... 

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