Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Top Bet 賭霸

 Released Year: 1991
Directed by 劉鎮偉 Jeffrey Lau & 元奎 Corey Yuen

Casted by:
鄭裕玲 Dodo Cheng as 有喜 Yau Hei
梅艷芳 Anita Mui as 妹頭 Mui
吳孟達 Ng Man Tat as 黑仔達 Blackie Tat
秦沛 Paul Chun as 洪光 Hung Guang
劉鎮偉 Jeffrey Lau as 陳松 Chan Chung
盧冠廷 Lowell Lu as 堯哥 Rao
盧苑茵 Angelina Lo as 六姑 Luk
元華 Yuen Wah as 妹頭師父 Mui's master
鍾鎮濤 Kenny B as 大B
元奎 Corey Yuen as 賣魚盛 Fishy Shing
吳君如 Sandra Ng as 阿萍 Ping
周星馳 Stephen Chow as 左頌星 Sing
After Sing has won the competition last year, he went to travel and left Blackie Tat alone to face Chan Chung who has been challenged again by Huang Guang again. After searching up and down, Blackie Tat found Yau Hei who is believe to be the next gambler wonder. However, after introduced Yau Hei to Chung, Blackie Tat realized that Yau Hei is not as great as she said, they bet Sing's sister Mui for help. 

Mui is reluctant to help Hei at first, but after being help by Hei to know B more & knowing that Hei needs the money to save her sick brother, Mui decided to help Hei in beating down Guang in the next gambling competition...  
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
This is the sequence of 赌圣 but Stephen Chow only came out in the beginning and end of the movie as a guest appearance... Dodo Cheng & Anita Mui tried to create the girl power but not really success like the first movie. Even so, both of them still managed to win some applause from their own fans for this movie. Too bad, there's no further sequence on this 赌霸 after this...

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