Thursday, February 11, 2016

Chinese Odyssey 天下無雙

 Released Year: 2002
Directed by 劉鎮偉 Jeffrey Lau

Casted by:
梁朝偉 Tony Leung as 李一龍 Li Yilong
王菲 Faye Wong as 無雙長公主 Wushuang
趙薇 Vicki Zhao as 鳳姐 Phoenix
張震 Chang Chen as 正德皇帝 Zhengde Emperor
朱茵 Athena Chu as 情比金堅 Amour Amour
The film is set in Ming Dynasty, China. Ah Long is the town bully, known for his boorish manners and reckless attitude which have endeared him to no one, save his sister Feng who has a curious penchant for cross-dressing. It is apparent early on that both these siblings are such misfits they have virtually no prospect of marriage.

Faye Wong is cast as a runaway princess who is dressed as a man, a disguise which fools both Long and Feng. Long immediately decides that he likes his new-found friend so much that he will entrust his sister's hand in marriage to "him". The princess, of course, cannot marry another woman and tried to fend off Long's suggestions of a match; but also, she is attracted to Long.

Emperor Zheng De also leaves his palace temporarily to search for his missing sister. He dresses like a commoner and by a twist of fate meets Feng. He is smitten with Feng, and begins to court her, while keeping his imperial identity secret from her. His motives for leaving the palace also included the fact that he is unhappy and lonely at court and wants to escape the smothering influence of the Empress Dowager, his mother, who plays a dictatorial role in the actions of her son. A convoy of imperial guards try to protect him while he is out in town and bring the Emperor back to the palace, but unsuccessfully.

The Princess is also assisted by her "fairy godmother" in marrying her match. The Empress Dowager hears of her wayward children and storms Long's house, where her children are holed up, only to hear that they wish to marry two commoners with unwholesome and eccentric tendencies. The Emperor is adamant about marrying Feng and the Empress Dowager relents, but Long is unable to pass a "ring test" to prove he is the destined one and the Empress Dowager forbids his marriage to her daughter.

All ends well, however. After a separation, Long is enlightened by the "fairy godmother" and passes the "ring test". He is reunited with the Princess, the Empress Dowager accepts him, and happiness reigns.
 L² Scored: 3.5/10

L² Comment
A parody romance movie of the 龙凤店, how good is the movie? After many years later rewatching still makes me a bit wanna puke. Vicki Zhao is pretty and Tony Leung is good looking. The only thing i can't stand is Chang Chen's stupid afro and Faye Wong's bad acting... No wonder not much movies of her, lol~

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