Sunday, February 14, 2016

Pom Pom 神勇雙響炮

 Released Year: 1984
Directed by 張同祖 Joe Cheung

Casted by:
吳耀漢 Richard Ng as 吳阿秋 Chau
岑建勳 John Shum as 貝多芬 Beethoven
葉德嫻 Deanie Ip as 安娜 Anna
Ah Chau and Beethoven are a pair of cops investigating a drug lord, but their ineptitude threatens to derail the case. The police are well aware that Mr Sha is the boss of the crime syndicate smuggling and trafficking in drugs, and that he keeps details of his criminal transactions in a book which is kept by his mistress. When Beethoven and Ah Chau investigate, they find Sha's mistress dead, and inadvertently compromise all fingerprint evidence in the hideout. Luckily, they are assisted by beautiful cop Inspector Anna, who is secretly attracted to Ah Chau. Finally the two make their arrests and become instant heroes.
 L² Scored: 6/10

L² Comment
A very old movie, which was shown when I was 2 years old :D John Shum is a funny looking guy with his look + squeaky voice... But he is a talented director, film producer, actor & comedian~ This is the first time i watch this movie, not bad... i will try to find the series of this movie and share the movie review here, stay tune :)

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