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Her Fatal Ways 表姐,妳好嘢!

 Released Year: 1990
Directed by 張堅庭 Alfred Cheung

Casted by:
鄭裕玲‎ Dodo Cheng as 鄭碩男 Cheng Shih-nan
梁家輝‎ Tony Leung as 伍衛國 Wu Wei-kuo
張堅庭‎ Alfred Cheung as 小勝 Hsiao-Sheng
林蛟‎ Lam Kau as 伍天賜 Wu Tien-tzu
方剛‎ Sunny Fang as 蘇國榮 Su Kuo-Jung
周文健‎ Michael Chow as 阿牛 Niu
陳淑蘭‎ Sheila Chan as 雪碧 Hsuen-Pi
The prologue opens with MPS officer Cheng and her nephew Hsiao-Sheng riding on a coach (vehicle) to Hong Kong. They are depicted as deep-rooted communists and uncivilised people, singing My Motherland, smoking, spitting and using language profanity. Simultaneously, Superintendent Cheng briefs Chief Inspector Wu about a criminal case - Wong Ti, aka Niu, who admits smuggling drugs from the Golden Triangle to Hong Kong, seeks to escape PRC's capital punishment by helping Royal Hong Kong Police prosecute his boss, drug dealer Su Kuo-Jung. That is why Cheng is on her way escorting Wong to Hong Kong. Cheng orders Wu to receive Wong and to show Cheng around. Reluctantly, Wu handles the case, and meets Cheng at a cross-border coach station and is shocked to realize that Wong is abused by Cheng and packed in a small bag for delivery. With an oxygen mask, the police manage to save Wong from coma.

The police detain Wong in an ad hoc command post (a local apartment) and Cheng's mission is over. Cheng visits the headquarters of the police. She fails to understand how the advanced information technology improves working efficiency, but after an experience of malfunction of lie-detector, she claims that machines are unrelialbe while human resources always come first. Wu expects to accommodate Cheng in a hotel, but due to the travellers' peak season, Cheng and Sheng are unwittingly arranged to stay in a motel at Kowloon Tong and accidentally encounter pornographic programmes on TV and electric erotic bed.

Back in the regional branch, Wong distracts and knocks down the guards and escapes. Cheng criticizes the so-called efficiency of the police and refuses to help find Wong back. However, General Secretary of the CCP Zhao Ziyang phones Cheng and threatens her that she will be expelled to the desolate Daxinganling if she fails to catch Wong (as this may mean she is not good public servant).

Cheng then becomes active in tracing Wong and expresses her wish that the Hong Kong police will work under her command. But her proposals of arresting Su will surely be rejected by the Attorney General as they are violating human rights and unlawful in Hong Kong. This heightens the disputes between Cheng and CIP Wu.

Dissatisfied by the Hong Kongers' hesitation, Cheng goes and confronts Su in his office alone. Su refuses to talk about Wong and expels Cheng. Having known that Cheng may bring him troubles, Su sends henchmen to assassinate her.

Though Cheng and Hsiao-Sheng are safe, they must be moved to other places for protection. Superintendent Mok suggests letting them stay at Wu's house in order to protect and monitor Cheng. Mok claims that their joint-venture will bring Wu a good career perspective even after the transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong.

However Cheng's appearance leads to a micro civil war between her and Wu's pro-Kuomintang father, Colonel Wu Tien-Tsu. Overnight, a propaganda warfare is conducted by them singing patriotic songs through the wall in between. The next morning at breakfast, they challenge each other in forms of military uniforms and choice of left(ist) or right(ist) appendage. Soon they are temporarily mediated by Wu, who is ambidextrous (Neutral) wearing a uniform of Hong Kong Police.

Niu gets contact with his brother and tried to escape from Hong Kong. He contacts Su for help but Su sends henchmen to kill him. Niu survives the shootout but his brother is injured. A witness of the shootout finds a letter of this injured man telling Niu that he is living at a beautiful village called Sau Mau Ping. The police thus send detectives to inquire the villagers about Niu's whereabouts. Cheng, using her interpersonal skills, socializes with the Sichuan-born villagers and gets the address of a karaoke bar where Niu always go to. In the karaoke bar, Cheng proves to be a bad singer but a very good alcoholic beverage consumer. Shortly it is confirmed that Niu regularly meets his lover, Hsuen-Pi at the bar. The squad then go spying on Hsuen-Pi.

Returned to home, Cheng finds Hsiao-Sheng wearing a National Revolutionary Army uniform with Colonel Wu and his fellow veterans, drunken. Cheng considers it a counter-revolutionary behaviour and decides to challenge the veterans on drinking and finally beats them, fully in conscious. Wu takes Cheng to see the night view of Hong Kong and as they return home on the elevator, Cheng sees the "dark side" of Hong Kong in the terrifying suspension of electricity. When the lights are on again, they find themselves holding each other's hands. Cheng gets the first taste of love.

In embarrassment, they go on working. This time, Cheng and Hsiao-Sheng decide to pretend to be Niu's lawful wife and get Niu's contact from Hsuen-Pi. But Niu is actually hiding in Hsuen-Pi's house and after a fight with Cheng he successfully escapes again.

Later Wu receives information that Niu will rob a jewellery shop. Detectives are scattered around the shop to spot Niu but their cover is later revealed as Chan drops his revolver when he tries to save a girl in the middle of the road. The police and Niu's duet exchange fire in the crowded street and after a long chase they meet each other at a narrow corridor inside a building. Cheng, shoots Niu's partner down with excellent marksmanship but Niu gets away for the third time.

Frustrated by the situation, Mok offers a three-day limit for Wu and Cheng to arrest Niu. Failure to do so will post Wu to Tai A Chau Dentention Centre and send Cheng back to China.

New information shows that Su is meeting some potential drug dealers in nightclubs and the police need female undercovers to listen in their conversations. Cheng voluntarily becomes the undercover and as Su brings her home, he meets Niu. Niu requests three million dollars from Su to flee and claims that the drug stocks stored in San Yik Godown is worth 20 million dollars. As Su finally kills Niu after a long bargain, Cheng escapes from Su and goes to a wrong one of the many San Yik Godowns. Cheng interrogates the keepers of the wrong godown with torture, and gets arrested. She is imprisoned and ready to be sent back to China.

Wu reads through receipts of the godowns and finds out the correct Sun Yik Godown for it has stored many seeds of cannabis sativa for producing marijuana. The squad breaks into the godown and really finds cannabis. However, Hsiao-Sheng is caught by the godown workers and their plan is destroyed by Su, holding an submachine gun. Su and his workers ties up the squad and is about to burn them with petroleum. Suddenly, the light goes out and the Nationalist veterans appear to save the squad. Wu runs forward and fights with Su. Finally, the situation is under control. While Superintendent Mok arrives and daydreams about his promotion to the Commissioner of Police, Cheng and Colonel Wu finally become friends and achieve a collaboration between the Communist and the Nationalist.

On the border, Cheng gives Wu a letter, expressing her apology on her bad temper and thankfulness during this working tour in Hong Kong. She admits that it is the first time she holds a man's hand and this memory is precious. Finally, she looks forward to opportunities for their cooperations after 1997.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment
A classic movie by Dodo Cheng, this has won Dodo her first main actress award in the Golden Horse Awards :) Beside being funny, it also has deep meaningful ways to present how Cheng Dai Jie love her country and being stubborn when seeing new things. Storyline is simple yet it let's Dodo express her acting skill in it, thank you Alfred Cheung :)

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