Monday, February 15, 2016

Changing Partner 夜夜伴肥嬌

 Released Year: 1992
Directed by 钱永强 Andy Chin

Casted by:
陈友 Anthony Chen as 友 Yau
吴君如 Sandra Ng as 如 Ru
吴家丽 Carrie Ng as 丽 Lai
周文健 Michael Chow as 张 Cheung
Yau is a policeman and his wife, Lai left him and went to travel alone. Yau has to work with new partner Ru. A fat policewoman who smoke non stop and just get dump by her doctor fiancee. Both Yau & Ru needs to pretend as a couple and investigate Cheung who is a killer. Just as when both of them starting to fall for each other, Lai appeared and hope to get back with Yau. A quarrel has cause Cheung to get his motive to kill Yau...
  L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment
OMG OMG!!! I know Michael Chow is good, but i never guess that it is so juicy, yummy... He might not be that popular during the 90's but he is definitely not bad looking. Hmmm, i wonder if he ever acted in any of the HK erotic movie or not, lol~

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