Saturday, February 20, 2016

Men Suddenly in Black 大丈夫

 Released Year: 2003
Directed by 彭浩翔 Pang Ho Cheung

Casted by:
曾志偉 Eric Tsang as 郭天佑 Yau
陳小春 Jordan Chan as 李永祥 Xiang
杜汶澤 Chapman To as 徐嬌 Tsui
賈宗超 Spirit Blue as 洪國波 Paul
毛舜筠 Teresa Mo as 張秀賢 Carrie
盧巧音 Candy Lo as 芳 Anna
原子鏸 Marsha Yuan as 綺貞 Ching
李蘢怡 Tiffany Lee as 鳳 Feng
4 men lead by Yau, with Dr Xiang, Tsui and Paul (a young boy who looking forward to break his virginity), they all found a chance to gather together when their wives (Carrie, Anna, Ching) & girlfriend (Feng) are on their way to Thailand. But their operation of playing around lead to a lot of bad lucks and comedies, and in the end total failure! 
 L² Scored: 6.5/10

L² Comment:
At first I found this movie is kinda stupid but yet funny as well~ They acted as if they are ICAC or CID like that, make the comedy a bit tense and few times it make me burst into laughter... Well, that was how i feel when i watch it during the first time, but as I rewatch this movie now, it did not really give me that feeling anymore... 

A good comedy movie should be able to create the same feeling no matter how many times you watch it right? Haha, i didn't mean to sound like a pro here, but i hope i am :p I'm still looking for the sequence of this movie, anybody got it?

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