Friday, February 12, 2016

The Romancing Star 精裝追女仔

 Releasing Year: 1987
Directed by 王晶 Wang Jing

Casted by:
 周潤發 Chow Yun Fat as 王日發 Fred
馮淬帆 Stanley Fung as 劉定堅 Ken
陳百祥 Natalis Chan as 交通燈 Tony
曾志偉 Eric Tsang as 吳準少 Silver
張曼玉 Maggie Cheung as 董曼玉 Maggie
蔣麗萍 Agnes Cheung as 利文芝 / 蚊滋 Agnes
翁世傑 Stuart Ong as 趙定先 Chiu Ting Sin
張敏 Sharla Cheung as 刁敏 Man
鄭裕玲 Dodo Cheng as 蘇絲 Susan
關秀媚 Suki Kwan as 細珠 Chu
Fred who's foul-mouthed, works in garage together with his two close buddies: Tony and Silver. The boss of the garage, Ken puts his friendship with the three in priority, ultimately, despite his harsh, picky and dingy personality. Both Tony and Silver couldn't put up with Fred's girlfriend's snobbish mother, they caused trouble on the occasion of her birthday banquet and make Fred breakup with his girlfriend. In order to recover the heartbreak of Fred, Ken decided cheer up Fred by joining a tour to Penang, where they came across two beautiful girls, Maggie and Agnes, strolling leisurely on the beach as if they were very wealthy. Since then they decided on courtship. They played a poker game to decide who’s to who. And Fred, the winner, chose Maggie to be his sole target. By the rules of the game, Ken, Silver and Tony have to compete to see who in the ends will win the heart of Agnes.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment
Another classic series movie - The Romancing Stars casted by many famous celebrities :) Surely everyone love to watch this movie back in the old time or even anytime when it is shows again in the tv... Stanley Fung never failed to makes me laugh so as Eric Tsang... Chow Yun Fat is a bit dull in this movie so as Natalis compare to the 2 others... But i was glad to see so many actresses appeared in this classic movie :) yeah~ 

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