Sunday, February 21, 2016

The Inspector Wears Skirts 3: Raid On Royal Casino Marine 霸王花3之皇家賭船

 Released Year: 1990
Directed by 钱升伟 Wellson Chin Sing Wai

Casted by:
冯淬帆 Stanley Fung as Sir Fung
吳君如 Sandra Ng as Amy
叶子楣 Amy Yip as Susanna
楼南光 Billy Lau as Nam
胡慧中 Sibelle Hu as Madam Hu
惠英紅 Kara Hui as May
葉晨 Yip San as Sandy
黃渭琪 Wong Wai Kei as Smelly
Due to a number of police firearms lost, Flying Tigers Fung sir are ordered to re-establishment of training the Lady Inspectors . Fung sir and Madam Wu married life as undergo special training , watching at home , "King Flower House" plaque daily uneasy. Fung sir loyal men and Nam once again set all ring true anger at Lady Inspector trained , they will be all -out attempt to restore the Flying Tigers face. Unexpectedly, Susana, May, Amy, Sandy & Smelly are chosen to go through the hell training and all of them qualified. This time Lady Inspectors has to investigate on the gambling boat and found the epic challenge truth behind ......
 L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:
The 3rd movie of this series is getting bored comparing with the first two... As there are lesser actors & actresses involved in the movie, the comedy part basically falls under only a few of them. Sadly to say that, the sparkles no longer exist as per the first two movies, bad sequence...

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