Saturday, February 6, 2016

Lucky Star 2015 吉星高照2015

 Released Year: 2015
Directed by 晴朗 Ching Long

Casted by:
王祖蓝 Wong Zho Lam as 王祖藍 Lam
温超 Wen Chao as 溫超 Chao
陈嘉桦 Ella Chen as 王祖紅 Hong
陈静 Dada Chen as 白碧碧 Bibi
曾志伟 Eric Tsang as 老豆 Chao's father
苑琼丹 Kingdom Yuen as 碧媽 Bibi's mother
元秋 Yuen Qiu as 飄紅姐 Piao
Lam has a superstar girlfriend, Bibi. He always wanted to do something big to prove to Bibi's mother that he also can be success. By tricking Chao (a guy who sounds like Stephen Chow) to Hong Kong as his replacement comedian, Lam managed to get Piao to become his main sponsor on opening a movie which can let Bibi become the main actress in his movie. But thing does not came as what Lam thought and might even be worst...
  L² Scored: 3/10

L² Comment:
This movie has been receiving a lot of negative feedback from the Hong Kong audience and Stephen Chow's fans. Nobody likes Wen Chao to portrait the super comedian Stephen Chow. To be honest, its not bad in the beginning, but as the movie goes on, it started to get irritated a bit and even started to be boring. Luckily Kingdom Yuen is in here, even though she's not doing the comedy part, but her acting is never doubt to be bad :) always love and support her~

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