Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Marry A Rich Man 嫁个有钱人

 Released Year: 2002
Directed by 谷德昭 Vincent Kok

Casted by:
任贤齐 Richie Ren as Christmas
郑秀文 Sammi Cheng as Ah Mi
林海峰 Jan Lamb as Wilson
胡枫 Bowie Wu as Uncle Dak
卢巧音 Candy Lo as Mui
A meteor across the sky, Ah Mi vow: "I want to marry a rich man," as the meteor fall from a distance, on the ground appeared a book named "glass slipper". Ah Mi pick up a book, the contents of the book is familiar to everyone, "Cinderella" story as a starter.

Open the "glass slipper", it teach Ah Mi the steps to prepare: learn voice, eye contact, facial expressions, conversation, body language, etiquette, for future to joined the upper class. Ah Mi starts her rich journey by riding first-class flight to Europe, because first class cabin is definitely a gathering place for the rich. Sure enough, Ah Mi met Christmas. The two spent a romantic holiday in Europe, perhaps under a lifetime commitment. Ah Mi find the legendary crystal glass slipper on the road, but cost a fortune.

Soon it revealed that Christmas is also a poor man after they spend a lot in a restaurant. Christmas unexpectedly walked out and disappeared without a trace. Ah Mi except suffered lost soul, but also bear economic losses. Ah Mi back to Hong Kong becoming low self-esteem. But all took a dramatic turn, Ah Mi attracted the city's famous diamond bachelor Wilson. 

Christmas and Ah Mi both missed each other and soon when they see each other, how will Ah Mi choose? Love or bread...?
 L² Scored: 9/10

L² Comment:
After more than 10 years, it is still nice to watch this movie again. It is one of my favorite movie among Sammi's movie. Though the storyline is simple, yet its relaxing and fun to watch with. Who does not like to be rich, but when you can only choose either love or bread, what will you take? Lucky that Mi can get both in this movie haha~

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