Thursday, October 1, 2015

Legend of the Liquid Sword 笑侠楚留香

 Released Year: 1993
Directed by 王晶 Wang Jing

Casted by:
郭富城 Aaron Kwok as 楚留香 Xiang
邱淑贞 Chingmy Yau as 无花 / 昙花 Wu / Tan
叶蕴仪 Gloria Yip as 苏蓉蓉 Rong
袁咏仪 Anita Yuen as 李红袖 Xiu
刘小慧 Winnie Lau as 宋甜儿 Tian
温兆伦 Deric Wan as 胡铁花 Hu
黄韵诗Wong Wan Shi as 水皮阴姬 Pei
张敏 Sharla Cheung as 水母阴姬Mu
袁洁莹 Fennie Yuen as 中原一点红 Hong
刘子蔚 Liu Zi Wei as 蝙蝠公子 Bat
李丽珍 Loletta Lee as 宫南燕 Yen
Xiang is a handsome warrior who brings along his 3 friends - Rong, Xiu & Tian at his journey. They met Hu (whose fallen for Xiu) and Pei (who is out tricking others for money), together they went Shaolin and met Wu (but actually Wu is Tan, sister of Bat). Bat used Yen (apprentice of Mu) to attack the Shui Ling Gong... in the end, Mu taught Xiang the secret martial arts to defeat Bat, but Tan was hurt and might not be able to be cure again...  
 L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment:
This movie definitely ran out from the original fiction of Gu Long and it was criticized badly by Gu Long's fans during that time... For me, this is just so so, comedy part also very predictable. A lot of the original characters were changed to female version and ... well... i'm kinda speechless after watching it...

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