Friday, October 2, 2015

The Age of Miracles 嫲嫲·帆帆

 Released Year: 1996
Directed by 陈可辛 Peter Chan

Casted by:
袁咏仪 Anita Yuen as 林美勤 Kan
谭咏麟 Alan Tam as 常帆 Fan
杜丽莎 Teresa Carpio as 常满 Moon
陈小春 Jordan Chan as 常春 Chun
伍咏薇 Christine Ng as 阿薇 May
曾志伟 Eric Tsang as 伟叔 Wai
乔宏 Qiao Hong as 白衣公公 Death God
陈慧琳 Kelly Chen as 女警 Police
The movie talks about Kan who lost her husband and almost lost her first son, Fan, whom drown. She beg the death god and use her own 10 years in exchange her son's life. Among the years, Kan did not live happily but as a grumpy old lady. She foreseen her eldest daughter Moon is coming back which hints that this will be the end of her life.

Hearing that Moon & Fan decided to left her alone after they migrated, Kan left home without informing anybody. During her trip at the hill, she met death god and fell off from the cliff together. She begs to extend her life, death god agreed and left. Kan happily went home and agreed Fan to migrate with his wife, May to America. But Fan later realize Kan has already met the accident few days ago, just that her eager to live makes her came back.

During Moon's giving birth, Kan saw death god again. Kan has the final talk with Fan and tell him to stay strong even after she gone... 
L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
First time ever Anita Yuen acted as an elder character, a good challenge for her during that time. Though not bad, but she can be better if she is given a new chance now. It was sad when i watch it many years ago, now i feel very touching after rewatch it almost 20 years later... I miss my parents :(

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