Friday, October 16, 2015

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

 Released Year: 2006
Directed by 林詣彬 Justin Lin

Casted by:
Lucas Black as Sean Boswell
姜成鎬 Sung Kang as Han-Seoul-Oh
Bow Wow as Twinkie
Nathalie Kelley as Neela
Brian Tee as Takashi/DK
千葉真一 Sonny Chiba as Kamata
Vin Diesel as Dominic Toretto
In Arizona, 17-year-old high school student Sean Boswell and Clay race their cars to win Clay's girlfriend Cindy. When Sean cuts through a structure and catches up to Clay, Clay hits Sean's car repeatedly until a high speed turn which causes the pair to both crash; Clay's wealthy family helps him escape punishment, but Sean's numerous past racing activities causes his mother to send him to live with his father in Tokyo, who is stationed there for the U.S. Navy.

At his new school, Sean meets a fellow American named Twinkie, who introduces Sean to Tokyo's drift racing scene. Sean has a confrontation with Takashi—aka DK (Drift King)—over Sean talking to DK's girlfriend Neela, resulting in Sean challenging DK to a race. Han Seoul-Oh, a friend & business partner to DK, lends Sean his car for the race. DK easily beats Sean due to Sean's inexperience at drifting, and Sean wrecks Han's car. The following day, Han tells Sean that he must work for him. Sean and Han become friends, with Han teaching Sean how to drift and lending him another car for future races. Han explains that he is helping Sean because Sean is the only person willing to stand up to DK. Sean later moves in with Han and soon masters drifting, gaining some reputation after defeating DK's right-hand man, Morimoto. Sean soon asks Neela out on a date, and learns that after her mother died she moved in with DK's grandmother resulting in her hooking up with DK. DK beats up Sean the next day, telling him to stay away from Neela; Neela leaves DK and moves in with Sean and Han.

DK's uncle Kamata (the head of the Yakuza), informs DK that their business is not meeting expectations, and DK realizes that Han has been stealing from him. DK and Morimoto confront Han, Sean, and Neela about the thefts. Twinkie causes a distraction allowing Han, Sean, and Neela to flee, pursued by Morimoto and DK; Morimoto is killed in a crash, and Han is rammed by an oncoming car and dies when it fatally explodes.

Sean and Neela escape to his father's home, followed by DK. Neela leaves with DK to avoid a gun fight between Sean, his father and DK. Sean's father demands that Sean return to the United States; Sean insists on staying. Sean returns the stolen money to Kamata and proposes a race against DK to determine who will leave Tokyo. Kamata agrees and sets the race to take place on DK's mountain. The following morning, Sean finds that the police have confiscated all of Han's cars. Sean and Han's friends quickly build a new car using Sean's father's old car and the engine from Han's beat-up car.

That night, on the mountain, crowds gather to see the race; After the race starts, DK takes the lead, but Sean's training allows him to catch up to DK. DK resorts to ramming Sean's car, eventually missing and driving off the mountain while Sean crosses the finish line. Kamata keeps his word and lets Sean remain in Tokyo.

The next night, Sean, now the Drift King, is challenged by a new driver who knew Han: Dominic Toretto.
 L² Scored: 10/10 

L² Comment:
Way before the movie is out, everyone is already cheering for it, at least in Asia... well, even though this movie is a caucasian franchise film, but it doesn't mean plotted it in the Asia will be bored. We Asian is also as exciting and fascinating as them. For me, the storyline is great, and the asian guys outcasted the 2 main westerners actors/actress no matter in acting or anything. Yeah, Asian rocks :)

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