Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Imp 孽欲追击档案之邪杀

Released Year: 1996
Directed by 黎继明 Lai Kai Ming

Casted by:
彭丹 Diana Peng as Shan & Fun
郑浩南 Mark Cheng as Mark
杉浦朋美 Emiko Ishizuka as Angie
黄祖儿 Ruby Wong as Jing
刘的之 Dick Lau as KingKong
Shan visited a rural village to find her twin sister Fun, she met a casting group - Mark, Angie & KingKong. They live in a motel which is dominated by crazy Jing & her brother who happened to be a doctor. By the sense of twins, Shan discovered the crazy siblings killed her sister. Shan falls in love with Mark during the investigate but all of them were being caught by the crazy sibling. During a fight, Shan and Mark managed to escape while the rest were burn to death together with the siblings.
 L² Scored: 6.5/10

L² Comment:
The storyline is not bad actually, love the way how the director presented this movie, if this is not an erotic film, will it be judge by the audience differently? No doubt Diana Peng has beautiful figure, but she's a bit stingy as she did not show us her nice tits in clear view, its always under the clothes or being sucked by the guys... not fair!!! 

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