Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Seoul Raiders 韓城攻略

 Released Year: 2005
Directed by 馬楚成 Jingle Ma

Casted by:
梁朝偉 Tony Leong as 林貴仁 Lam
任賢齊 Richie Ren as 李傲文 Owen
舒淇 ShuQi as 姬姬 JJ
Agent Lam teams up with JJ to track a pair of plates used to make fake American dollars.

When the plates are captured and make their way to Korea, Lam gets on a plane and searches for the plates in Seoul, tracking a man who he believes to have stolen them. During the hunt, he comes across JJ, who happens be a thief with a hidden agenda. When JJ thinks she has successfully walked away with the plates, she does not realize Lam has preempted her by swapping it with an empty case.

Lam goes to the US Embassy with the plates to claim the $30 million reward offered but is outwitted by a staffer named Owen, who manages to drug him and flee to Korea with the plates.

Lam immediately follows Owen to Korea and meets up with a bevy of pretty Korean assistants. When Owen is about to trade the plates with "Black Bear", a top dog of the Korean underworld, Lam and his girls break in to thwart the deal, but Owen escapes with the plates in the nick of time.

Meanwhile, Lam bumps into JJ in Korea, and the pair decide to work together to take back the plates and split the reward. While Owen is immersing himself in a hot spring, Lam sneaks in and snatches the plates. He then uses the plates to lure Owen into his trap, arresting him in the end. Only then does he realize that Owen is in fact a CIA undercover agent.

While Lam and Owen reconcile and decide to cooperate to bring down "Black Bear," JJ secretly retrieves the plates from Owen's hiding place but only ends up leading "Black Bear" to the plates and is kidnapped.

Lam and Owen has no alternative but to meet "Black Bear" in a deserted sports stadium to settle the deal once and for all.
 L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:
 After 5 years from the first movie, Jingle Ma has move the story from Tokyo to Seoul. Storyline is totally different but still with Tony as the main character... ShuQi is a bit better than Kelly in the last movie, not a total vase, at least she did some action scenes. Overall its ok, nothing special to shout with...

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