Thursday, October 29, 2015

Street Angels 紅燈區

 Released Year: 1996
Directed by 邓衍成 Teng Yan Seng

Casted by:
邱淑贞 Chingmy Yau as 童恩 Tung
陶大宇 Michael Tao as Playboy文 Man
任达华 Simon Yam as 毕华淇 Walkie
舒淇 Shu Qi as 明明 Ming
徐锦江 Elvis Tsui as 摩咯 Moro
周嘉玲 Valerie Chow as Karen
Tung sacrifice herself for Walkie and being arrested, after she came out from jail one year later, Wakie did not look for her as promise. Tung work for Man as a PR manager and pissed off Karen. Karen went to another club with all her girls and Man depends on Tung to bring up the business again. Walkie appeared again helping Man's business rival. Not only killing Man's best guy Moro, Walkie even want to sacrifice Tung. Tung's best sister Ming seduced Walkie and plan to kill him when they are having sex but fail. 

Walkie beat up Ming into a human vegetarian and set a bomb to kill Man. Tung back to revenge and only Walkie realize Man is not death and in the end Walkie was knocked to death by a car.
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
The whole film is supposed to be the gangster style till Shu Qi took off her clothes and us her nice small boobs. Of course the Goddess Chingmy doesn't need to show us everything, her boob size and shape is enough to makes all man cum :p 

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