Friday, October 30, 2015

Raped by an Angel 3: Sexual Fantasy of the Chief Executive 强奸3:OL诱惑

Released Year: 1998
Directed by 张敏 Aman Chang

Casted by:
方中信 Alex Foong as 李志信 Shun
张慧仪 Angie Cheung as 何慧仪 Yi
张文慈 Pinky Cheung as 刘文慈 Tze
雷宇扬 Simon Lui as 警探 Police
郭可盈 Kenix Kwok as 丽盈 Ying
Shun is going for the senator post and he was marry to Ying, a rich girl.His office building has been happening rape case, which involved office lady who work over time. Tze is a bit dumb but pretty and works for Shun. Shun is always stress and have illusion of naked woman appear near him, he even imagine Tze being naked in front of him.

Shun looks for his ex girlfriend Yi who is a psychology doctor and tell her the illusion. To cure his illness, Yi requested Shun to spend 24 hours with her without contacting with anyone. Coincident, Ying needs to go Australia to visit her sick mother and Shun is free for the 24hours therapy. This night, Tze work overtime in office and was being raped by a guy with white mask.

When Shun woke up the next day, he was arrested by police for raping Tze. After checking of DNA, Shun's DNA matches with the sperm that was found in Tze's vagina.The police ask Shun for the truth and he revealed that he was with Yi. The police discover Yi is actually back for revenge on Shun. She used hypnotize on both  Tze and Shun to cause Shun into trouble. But luckily it was reveal and Shun is found not guilty...
 L² Scored: 7.5/10

L² Comment:
A lot of the characters are formerly from TVB, its good to know that beside from serious drama, they can goes into the erotic film industry as well lol~ Ms Malaysia Angie Cheung really has great body that she is not selfish to show off. Overall the storyline is ok, at least better than the 4th movie :)

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