Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Unexpected Challenges 靈與慾

Released Year: 1995
Directed by 文安雄 Wen An Xiong

Casted by:
柯俊雄 Ke Jun Shiong as 高云天 Tian
舒淇 Shu Qi as 莎莎 Sasa
李莉莉 Lily Lee as 珍妮 Jenny
Tian loss his business to Jenny and she requested him to be with her just to maintain the business with him. Tian's son brought back Sasa who later on seduce him. Tian's son get upset and commit suicide, Tian loss Jenny and in the end only got a son who is total permanent disable. 
 L² Scored: 3.5/10

L² Comment:
The storyline is very predictable, and some of the part is bored. This is the first erotic film Shu Qi acted in, her performance is acceptable and her boobs are ok as well, but it did not save this movie from getting a higher score from me :p 

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