Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Happy Ding Dong 歡樂叮噹

 Released Year: 1986
Directed by 許冠文 Michael Hui

Casted by:
許冠文 Michael Hui as 發 / 噹噹 Fatt / Dong 
黎小田 Michael Lai as 達 Dat
鐘楚紅 Cherie Chung as 叮叮 Ding
董驃 Bill Dong as 沙 Sha
黃韻詩 Wong Yun Shi as 李姐 Lei
To avoid being caught by the shark loan, Fatt dress up as a woman guitarist and join Lei's band in a cruise while change his name ass Dong. Fatt met Ding who is eager to find a rich man; but in the meantime also met the rich Thai man Sha whose family produce a lot of the crocs skin for sale. Fatt manage to win Ding's heart as a man but also needs to find way to escape from the shark loan as well...
 L² Scored: 5.5/10 

L² Comment:
Beside having the main cast, Michael Hui as a producer and director of this movie also found his younger brother Ricky Hui & Anita Mui to be guess appearance in this movie. Though the storyline is not bad but watching it after many years did not give me the sparks anymore to laugh like those other HK comedy movies~ 

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