Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Child's Play

Released Year: 1988
Directed by Tom Holland

Casted by:
Catherine Hicks as Karen Barclay
Alex Vincent as Andy Barclay
Chris Sarandon as Detective Mike Norris
Brad Dourif as Charles Lee Ray/Voice of Chucky
Dinah Manoff as Maggie Peterson
Charles Lee Ray, a voodoo-practicing serial killer known as the "Lakeshore Strangler", is on the run from Chicago police after escaping custody. After detective Mike Norris shoots him down in a toy store, Charles transfers his soul via a voodoo ritual into a "Good-Guy" doll, which then causes the store to explode. Detective Norris finds Charles Lee Ray's body next to the doll, thinking he has killed him.

Now named Chucky, the killer doll is purchased from an alleyway hobo by single mother Karen Barclay as a birthday gift for her six-year-old son, Andy. While babysitting Andy that night, Karen's co-worker, Maggie Peterson, hears a news story about Eddie Caputo, an associate of Charles Lee Ray who abandoned him the night he was shot. Maggie is later killed when she is hit in the head with a hammer, thus backing through a window falling several stories to her death. Detective Norris arrives at the scene of the crime initially suspecting Andy of the murder, and Karen furiously tells him and the police to leave.

Andy skips school the next morning (apparently on Chucky's orders) and travels with Chucky to downtown Chicago. Once there, Chucky leaves Andy and enters an abandoned home, the hideout of his former associate, Eddie Caputo. While Eddie is asleep, Chucky turns on the gas stove, but blows out the pilot light. Eddie awakens and searches the house, causing it to explode when he fires his revolver in the kitchen, igniting the gas. After Andy is again suspected of the murder, he is placed in a mental hospital, overseen by Dr. Ardmore.

That night, Karen discovers Andy was telling the truth when she realizes Chucky's batteries were never placed inside, meaning Chucky has been functioning despite lack of batteries. When inspecting Chucky, Chucky comes alive, bites her and escapes; Detective Norris finally agrees to help after Chucky almost kills him in his car. Chucky goes to Dr. John, a witch doctor and Charles Lee Ray's former voodoo teacher. When asked why he bled after being injured, Dr. John reveals to Chucky that the longer his soul remains trapped within the doll, the more human he becomes. In order to escape the doll's body, Chucky must possess the first person to whom he told about his possession, which is Andy. When Dr. John rejects Chucky's plea for help, Chucky fatally wounds Dr. John using his own voodoo doll and stabs him, leaving him for dead. Chucky escapes just before Karen and Detective Norris arrive on the scene. Before dying, Dr. John tells the pair that although Chucky is a doll, his heart is fully human and vulnerable to fatal injury.

At the mental hospital, Chucky steals the key to Andy's cell, but discovers Andy has escaped. Chucky violently electrocutes Dr. Ardmore, then follows Andy home and knocks him unconscious with a wooden baseball bat. As Chucky begins possessing Andy, Karen and Detective Norris arrive and stop him. Chucky slashes Mike, then goes after Karen and Andy. The pair trap Chucky in the fireplace and burn him. Thinking Chucky is dead, Karen and Andy leave the room to help Mike, but Chucky follows them and attempts to kill them. Chucky is again thought to be killed when Karen shoots Chucky, severing an arm, a leg, and his head. Jack Santos, Mike's partner, arrives at the apartment, and disbelieves the trio's story. Chucky's body then bursts through a ventilation duct and tries to strangle Jack. Karen, remembering Dr. John's last words, tells Mike to aim and shoot for Chucky's heart. After Mike kills Chucky, they go to the hospital. Karen turns off the bedroom's lights and Andy looks back at Chucky before closing the door as the screen fades out.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
This classic bad-ass-toy-slashers movie is never to be missed... Chucky has become so famous during that time, the sequel movies came out one by one... i bet the adults were freak out that time, they will stop buying their kids any big toys that look like chucky lol~ HEY, I'M CHUCKY, U WANNA PLAY?!?

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