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Swordsman II: Asia the Invincible 笑傲江湖2: 東方不敗

Released Year: 1992
Directed by 程小東 Chin Siu Tong

Casted by:
李連杰 Jet Li as 令狐沖 Linghu Chong
林青霞 Bridget Lin as 東方不敗 Dongfang Bubai
李嘉欣 Michelle Reis as 岳靈珊 Yue Lingshan
關之琳 Rosamund Kwan as 任盈盈 Ren Yingying
袁潔瑩 Fennie Yuen as 藍鳳凰 Lan Fenghuang
Linghu Chong, Yue Lingshan and members of the Mount Hua Sect are planning to retire from the jianghu (martial artists' community). They learn that Dongfang Bubai has seized control of the Sun Moon Holy Cult and is secretly plotting with some Japanese rōnin to rebel against the Ming Empire and dominate China. Dongfang Bubai had castrated himself in order to master the skills in the Sunflower Manual, and his appearance has become more feminine, even though he is now a formidable martial artist.

Linghu Chong meets Dongfang Bubai by chance without knowing his true identity, mistakes him for a beautiful young woman, and falls in love with "her". Dongfang Bubai knocks out Linghu Chong while he is not looking and imprisons him in an underground dungeon. In the dungeon, by coincidence, Linghu Chong meets Ren Woxing, Ren Yingying's father and the former leader of the Sun Moon Holy Cult. They escape from captivity together. One night, while Linghu Chong is distracted by Dongfang Bubai's lover Shishi, Dongfang tracks down his Mount Hua Sect fellows and kills them.

Linghu Chong brings Yue Lingshan, Ren Yingying, Ren Woxing and Xiang Wentian with him to confront Dongfang Bubai at Black Woods Cliff. In the ensuing battle, Dongfang Bubai apparently dies after refusing Linghu Chong's help and falling off the cliff. Ren Woxing regains control of the cult and starts killing the traitors who defected to Dongfang Bubai. Linghu Chong and Yue Lingshan secretly escape with help from Xiang Wentian and Ren Yingying because they know that Ren Woxing cannot tolerate them.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
The classic movie during the 90's, even though it did not follow the original fiction, but the amended version is so good that nobody can ever resist... Ling HuChong & DongFang BuBai never fall in love with each other in the fiction, but the movie with Bridget Lin as DongFang BuBai is too good to be true, i think nobody can act as good as her,,, especially with her beautiful look (as female) and handsome feature (as male)... 

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