Sunday, November 24, 2013

Troublesome Night 5 陰陽路5: 一見發財

 Released Year: 1999
Directed by 邱礼涛 Herman Yau
Casted by:
古天樂 Louis Koo as 林中發 Fatt
 雷宇揚 Simon Lui as 发朋友 Fatt's friend
 羅蘭 Helena Law as 老婆婆 Weird old lady
 李蕙敏 Amanda Lee as 發妻 Fatt's wife
 鄧一君 John Tang as 安仔 Onn
Fatt is a gambler and cause his family to move to a haunted house during night time. He makes a deal with the devil, if the ghost helps him to become rich, he will give everything that he has in half for the ghost. Fatt started to win lottery and getting richer, hence the ghost rape his wife and wanted his son too. To end this, Fatt burn himself to death.
Onn grew up and work as security for Fatt's friend. The building he incharge is the one Fatt died in. Onn met the old lady who kept warn him about this building. Onn told this to his mother, suspecting this might be cause by Fatt, the wife went back to see Fatt. Fatt's spirit ask for his wife's forgiveness and finally left.
L² Scored: 7/10
L² Comment:
Troublesome night series of movie is kinda popular in Hong Kong & mostly all the actors & actresses are from TVB. For thi 5th movie, storyline is consider still ok, but the excitement/horror part can be better actually...

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