Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Freakdog / Red Mist

 Released Year: 2008
Directed by Paddy Breathnach
Casted by:
Arielle Kebbel as Katherine
 Sarah Carter as Kim
 Andrew Lee Potts as Kenneth
The film circles around four medical students who, while out partying one night, spike the drink of an unknowing and loner colleague nicknamed "Freakdog"; it turned out to be a very powerful sedative that accidentally puts him into a coma. The students, not wanting to be involved or else risk their futures for their crime, abandon his body on a road and drive off as fast as they can, hoping someone will come across his body and help him. When they learn about his condition becoming fatal, one of the students attempts to revive him using an experimental drug. The result has horrible and unintended consequences which leads to the colleague having out of body experiences that seem to possess the students who poisoned him and abandoned him, which he is using as means to exact vengeance by possessing their bodies and through them, framing them for murdering each other while they desperately find a way to stop him.
  L² Scored: 6/10
 Well, the storyline is kinda so so, only unexpected part is the freakdog can use his mid to control those who are alive to kill the one who destroy him... but how? There's no explanation on this... but oh well, who cares anyway? But i do~ lol

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