Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Night Corridoor 妖夜迴廊

 Released Year: 2003
Directed by 李志超 Li Chi Chiu
Casted by:
吳彥祖 Daniel Wu as 袁森/袁洪 Sam/Hung
 谷峰 Gu Feng as 陆思凡 Mr Luk
 蔣怡 Coco Chiang as 秀冰 Bing
 惠英紅 Kara Hui as 母亲 Mother
 吳振宇 Allan Wu as 史云生 Vincent
Sam received his twins brother, Hung's death news in London. Going back to Hong Kong, Sam tries to find out the truth from Mr Luk, his own mother & from Bing (Hung's girlfriend). The story involved priest fucking the young Sam while young Hung fucked by his mother; Sam continue fucking with the priest for Vincent while it makes Sam fell in love with him. Sam also control by Mr Luk to have sex with the demon lady Bing.
 L² Scored: 6.5/10

L² Comment:
Love Daniel's slutty look during masturbation, but there's a lot of unexplain part in the movies which makes me a bit confuse... maybe it did but i might be stupid to noticed :P

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