Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Peeping Tom 赤足驚魂

Released Year: 1997
Directed by 黎继明 Lai Kai Ming
Casted by:
郑浩南 Mark Cheng as Roy
梁琤 Jade Leung as Snow
谢天华 Michael Tse as Ken
野本美穗 as Kelly
Crazy sex maniac Roy, chopped off woman's legs after he raped them. Snow become his target, but Snow's sister Kelly was raped a few times before killed. In the end, Snow who is a police officer managed to defeat Roy.

L² Scored: 5/10
L² Comment:
This should be the one and only film that we can see so much flesh from Jade ever! i just wish she could let us see more,,, even Mark shows his juicy ass a few times in this movie.

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