Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Eternal Evil Of Asia 南洋十大邪术

 Released Year: 1995
Directed by 钱文锜 Qian WenQi & 张少坚 Cheung XiuKin
Casted by:
陈雅伦 Ellen Chen as May
吴毅将 Ben Wu as 乃蜜 Naimi
陈国邦 Power Chan as 阿邦 Bon
徐锦江 Elvis Tsui as 阿江 Gong
 欧阳震华 Bobby Aw Yeung as 阿南 Nam
 吴瑞庭 Wu Rui Ting as 肯尼 Kent
 钱军 Qian Jun as 水抹 Mak
 钟淑慧 Lily Chung as 眉姐 Mei
During a trip to Thailand, 4 friends (Bon, Gong, Nam & Kent) involved in a fight of Siam hex masters and make friend with a good hex master Naimi. Naimi treated them as friend and bring them back to home. Naimi's sister Mak fell in love with Bon and beg Naimi to use the love spell to make Bon stay with her. But the spell falls on Gong, Nam & Kent, 3 of them went and have orgy with Mak.
Next morning, Mak discovered the spell goes wrong and wanted to kill them but accidentally killed herself. Naimi followed them back to Hong Kong and take revenge. Nam get illusion spell and kill his whole family and suicide; Kent get hungry spell and ate himself to death; Gong get needle spell and die of needle popping out from his head.
Bon's girlfriend May, wanted to save Bon. Together with a good hex master Mei, May use her sexuality to seduce Naimi and when Naimi cum, Mei came out to vanish him.   
L² Scored: 7.5/10
L² Comment
Not a bad xxx Hong Kong movie, a mixture of horror and erotic is nice~ but too bad Lily Chung did not get naked in this movie, i was hoping to see both Ellen & Lily rubbing each other tits, too bad...


  1. actually back in the days, almost everyone is involved in these semi porn movies right?

  2. ya but not everyone of coz... jst certain only