Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Haunting of Sarah Hardy 1989

 Released Year: 1989
Directed by Jerry London
Casted by:
Sela Ward as Sarah Hardy
Michael Woods as Austin Hardy
Roscoe Born as Allen deVineyn
Morgan Fairchild as Lucy deVineyn
Polly Bergen as Emily Stepford
 As a child, Sarah witnesses her wealthy mother's suicide. Later, as a young bride, she is haunted by her mother's voice and other strange manifestations. Is it her imagination, someone playing tricks on her, or her dead mother's spirit?
 L² Scored: 5/10
L² Comment
First of all, i really really like the big mansion in the movie, it is  so huge and glamorous, i believe everyone whould like to owe one or at least stay a night there right? Same as the bad guys in this movie, i forgive them for being such greedy, who can resist such a nice place right?

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