Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Rape After 淫种

 Released Year: 1986
Directed by 何梦华He MengHua & 刘满棠 Lau MunTong
Casted by:
 黄锦燊 Melvin Wong as 邪生 Shang
 曾庆瑜 Tsen QingYu as 婷婷 Ting
 秦蔚文 Qin WeiWen as 舒雅 Ya
 夏萍 Ha Ping as 银姐 Ngan
Shang is a famous photographer, he loves woman so as antique. During a photoshoot with his model Ya, Shang saw an old God antique in a temple and steal it. Shang brought Ya home for fun, but at night the demon inside the antique appeared and rape Ya to cause her pregnant.
Shang get to know his dream girl Ting and fall in love with her. Ya told Shang she's pregnant but Shand wants her to do abortion. During the surgedy, the demon cast spell and kill the doctors. During way home, Ya fight with Shang in car and both crash in an accident causing Ya to burn to death after the car explode. Shang continue his life and marry Ting. Ting's father is the one who own the antique & servant Ngan told them something shocking. Before becoming servant, Ngan is responsible to do birth delivery and sell the baby to Ting's father as medicine. But the children spirit disturb them, so Ting's father ask the monk to put the spirit in the antique and keep them in. The lost of the antique has cause the spirit release and killed Ngan & Ting's father.
Ya's corpse ruined and she came for revenge. Shang went home to save Ting but accidentally kill her. Getting angry, Shang use the power tool from the monk and sunlight to kill Ya forever.
L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
I never thought to see this kind of good storyline in 1986 movie, but yes it is good. Just a few stupid point only, such as how can crows fly out from a sealed coffin? That's funny right? But i accept the total movie, worth to watch~

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