Saturday, November 30, 2013

Girl with a Pearl Earring 2003

 Released Year: 2003
Directed by Peter Webber
Casted by:
Scarlett Johansson as Griet
 Colin Firth as Johannes Vermeer
 Tom Wilkinson as Pieter van Ruijven
 Cillian Murphy as Pieter
 Judy Parfitt as Maria Thins
 Essie Davis as Catharina Bolnes
Griet is a shy girl living in the Dutch Republic in 1665. Her father, a Delftware painter, has recently gone blind, rendering him unable to work and putting his family in a precarious financial situation. Consequently, Griet is sent to work as a maid in the unhappy household of the painter Johannes Vermeer. Griet works hard, almost wordlessly, in the lowest position in a harsh hierarchy, where even one of the Vermeer's children treats her spitefully. On a routine shopping trip outside the house, a butcher's son, Pieter, is quickly taken with Griet, though she is slow to return his affections.

As Griet cleans Vermeer's studio, which his wife Catharina never enters, they become casually acquainted and he encourages her appreciation of painting, light and color. Vermeer gives her lessons in mixing paints and other tasks, taking care to keep this secret from his thin-lipped wife, who would react very jealously if she found out that her husband was spending time with Griet. In contrast, Vermeer's pragmatic mother-in-law, Maria Thins, sees Griet as useful to Vermeer's career. Vermeer's rich patron Van Ruijven notices Griet on a visit to the Vermeer household and asks the painter if he will give her up to him to work in his own house, a situation which ruined a previous girl. Vermeer refuses, but accepts a commission to paint a portrait of Griet for Van Ruijven.

As Vermeer secretly works on the eponymous painting, Catharina's growing jealousy of Griet becomes apparent. While Griet suffers through her fascination with Vermeer and his paintings, she also has to fend off Van Ruijven's attempt to rape her. Soon afterwards, Catharina's mother summons Griet, hands over her daughter's pearl earrings and instructs Griet to finish the painting while Catharina is away for the day. At the final painting session Vermeer pierces Griet's earlobe so she can wear one of the pearl earrings for the portrait; she then runs to Pieter to be consoled. They caress in a barn. In the aftermath, Pieter proposes marriage, but she shakes her head and leaves. She then returns the earrings to Catharina's mother.

Catharina discovers that Griet used her earrings, accusing her mother of complicity and orders Vermeer to show her the painting he and Griet have been working on. Heartbroken that Vermeer does not consider her worthy of being painted because she "doesn't understand," Catharina tries but fails to destroy the painting, then banishes Griet from the house forever. Vermeer does not object, and Griet leaves the house in shock. Later, Griet is visited by the cook from the house, who comes bearing a gift: a sealed packet containing the blue headscarf she wore in the painting, which is wrapped around Catharina's pearl earrings.
 L² Scored: 8.5/10

L² Comment:
Nominated in multiple awards, this movie is based on the same name novel by Tracy Chevalier. I don't know issit my perception or what, i found that Scarlett is so plum in this movie, gosh... can't she slim down a bit before filming this?

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