Monday, August 31, 2015

Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

Released Year: 1978
Directed by Elinor Karpf & Steven Karpf

Casted by:
Richard Crenna as Mike Barry
Yvette Mimieux as Betty Barry
Kim Richards as Bonnie Barry
Ike Eisenmann as Charlie Barry
The Barry family acquire a German Shepherd puppy after their old one dies in an accident. They buy the puppy from a seemingly friendly fruit vendor who is actually a satanist who bred the dog during an evil ceremony, causing it to be possessed. They sell the dog to wreak havoc in the hope Satan will overcome good once and for all. The dog acts very strangely when they bring it home, leading the father Mike, and the family maid to believe there is something wrong with the dog. Mike believes so after the maid is killed in a fire while she was watching the dog, and himself being forced to stick his arm into a lawnmower while the dog is present. Mike barely avoids having his arm chopped off and soon, the dog begins to exhibit mental control that allows him to kill, injure, or control many victims. Eventually, the family's souls are possessed by the hound causing them to act strangely, including Mike's son framing a student by stealing a watch and planting it in a classmate's locker, allowing him to win the student election. Mike decides the dog has overstayed his welcome when he finds a secret shrine to Satan in the attic. Mike tries to shoot the demonic beast to put an end to the hardships, but it is unharmed.

Realizing the dog is possessed, Mike finally makes a special trip to Ecuador to determine how to destroy the animal. Unfortunately, there is no way to kill it, but if you hold a holy symbol to its eye, you can imprison it in Hell for 1,000 years. He takes it to a showdown at his work plant, but there the dog turns into a demon and begins to wreak havoc. When he is cornered by the monster, he holds the sign he made on his hand right up to the beast's eye. This causes the beast to be engulfed in fire and be imprisoned, getting his family's souls back. The final scene shows the family loading the family car for a vacation, and one of the children mentioning there were several more puppies the vendor was selling, suggesting there are more satanic dogs and that it is not over yet.
 L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment:
 I kinda like the storyline actually, but too bad the horror part is not strong enough to make the movie a blast. Its very difficult to shoot a dog as an evil, usually well trained and calm dog will be in this kind of movie, but they are not fierce enough... If the producer really find a fierce crazy dog in it, there might be some unhappy incident happening in this case...

Sunday, August 30, 2015

A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge

Released Year: 1985
Directed by Jack Sholder

Casted by:
 Mark Patton as Jesse Walsh
Kim Myers as Lisa Webber
Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger/Bus Driver
Robert Rusler as Ron Grady
Five years have passed since Freddy Krueger was seemingly defeated and the Walshes have moved into the Thompsons' former home. Their teenaged son, Jesse, has a nightmare about being stranded on a school bus with two girls and being stalked by a violent killer. He wakes up in terror and attributes the dream to the unusual heat in the room. Jesse goes to school with his friend Lisa, whom he is interested in romantically, but is too shy to flirt with her. After getting into a fight with a boy named Grady during gym class, Coach Schneider makes them stay after class and they eventually become friends. Lisa comes to visit Jesse after school and they discover a diary from Nancy Thompson detailing her nightmares which are strikingly similar to Jesse's. Small fires happen around the house, which culminates in the spontaneous combustion of their pet birds. Jesse's father accuses him of sabotage. Lisa takes Jesse to an abandoned factory where Fred Krueger worked, but they find nothing there.

The following night, Jesse has a nightmare where he encounters Freddy Krueger, who tells Jesse to kill for him. The dreams grow more intense and Jesse attempts different measures to keep himself awake, none of which stop him from approaching his sleeping sister with a clawed glove. The experiences terrify him as he finds himself wandering the streets at night. Coming across a gay bar, Jesse is caught by Schneider when ordering a drink and is made to run laps as at school as punishment. After sending Jesse to the showers, Schneider is attacked by sporting equipment that comes to life in his office. He is then bound by a jumprope and dragged to the showers, where he is stripped. Jesse vanishes into the steam and Freddy emerges, killing Schneider by slashing his back. Jesse's is horrified to see the glove on his hand. He is escorted home by police after being found wandering the streets naked and his parents begin to suspect that Jesse may be on drugs or mentally disturbed.

The following night, Jesse goes to Lisa's pool party and kisses her in the cabana. His body begins to change uncontrollably and he leaves in a panic. Lisa's friend Kerry insists she go after him, but she decides to stay. Jesse goes to Grady's house and confesses to killing Schneider. He tells Grady to watch him as he sleeps and to stop him if he tries to leave. Grady eventually falls asleep, and Jesse undergoes a painful transformation. Freddy emerges from Jesse's body and approaches Grady, whose bedroom door jams. He stabs Grady, pinning him to his bedroom door, killing him. Freddy changes back to Jesse who is looking at Freddy's reflection in Grady's mirror. He flees before Grady's parents enter the room.

Returning to Lisa's house, Jesse tells her what is going on. Lisa realizes that Jesse's terror is giving Freddy his strength, but he cannot stop fearing him and transforms again. He locks her parents in their bedroom and makes the pool outside start to boil. Freddy attacks Lisa, but realizes he cannot harm her due to Jesse's influence and he escapes. Outside, Freddy begins to slaughter the teens. Lisa's father emerges with a shotgun, but Lisa stops him from shooting Freddy, who escapes in a ball of flame. She drives to the factory, facing sudden nightmares that she has to control her fear before confronting Freddy. She pleads to Jesse to fight Freddy, but Freddy's hold is too strong. Only when Lisa confesses her love for Jesse and kisses Freddy does Jesse begin to fight back. Freddy combusts and turns to ash, as Lisa watches. After he dies, Jesse emerges from under the ashes and the two reunite.

Later, as Jesse, Lisa and Kerry are taking the bus from school, Jesse begins to notice similarities to his original nightmare and panics. After Lisa finally calms Jesse down, Kerry says that it is all over just before Freddy's clawed arm bursts through her chest. Freddy laughs as the bus drives into the field, just as in Jesse's first nightmare.
 L² Scored: 10/10

L² Comment:
 After 6 years later watching the first movie, I decided to re-watch this second movie in the Chinese Ghost Month :P Still, i feel the second movie is the best among Elm Street Series... Mark Patton is good and he is a idol for me though he did not really work in the film industry too long. His history and toughness of fighting his illness make me salute towards him! I love u Mark Patton :)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

02:00AM 夜半两点钟

Released Year: 1996
Directed by 钱永强 Andy Chin

Story 1: 化装 Make Up

Casted by:
黄伟文 Wyman Wong as make up artist
徐濠萦 Hillary Tsui as make up assistant
羅冠蘭 Lo Koon Lan as Kuen
陈宝莲 Pauline Chan as Eva

Make up artist and his assistant were called by the dead Eva to give her a good make up. They don't believe it at first, but due to poor status, they have to face their fear and finish the make up for Eva...

Story 2: 猛鬼电视台 Haunted TV Station

Casted by:
 黎瑞恩 Vivian Lai as Vivian
周文健 Chow Man Kin as Michael 
陈宝莲 Pauline Chan as Eva

Vivian and her friends were angry of superstar Michael who use them as scandal. They followed Michael and realize he was being seduced by Eva's spirit. Eva is pissed off with the 3 girls and haunt them down in the tv station.

Story 3: 幽灵广告 Spiritual Commercial

Casted by:
徐锦江 Elvis Tsui as Loong
陈小春 Jordan Chan as Chun
唐麗球 Joan Tong as Mrs Chan

Loong and Chun has to find few boys to act in a commercial at the village, they spotted Mrs Chan's son. But they also realize there is a boy spirit who has been following the boy and make a disaster on the commercial...

L² Scored: 6/10

L² Comment:
Finally finish the whole 3 films of this series. This second movie is not as good as the first but better than the third movie. Overall not bad, 1st & 3rd story freaks me out a bit, but the 2nd story can improve a lot to make this film better~

Friday, August 28, 2015

03:00AM 夜半三點鐘

 Released Year: 1997
Directed by 錢永強 Andy Chin

Story 1:  書包 School Bag

Casted by:
李綺虹 Theresa Lee as reporter

Female reporter is meeting up with a witness on the case which a girl suicide because she was blame on stealing a school bag. On 3am, the spirit appeared and told the truth and show her the receipt, which make the school girl innocent.

Story 2:  打麻將 Mahjong

Casted by:
汤宝如 Karen Tong as Elsa
陈彦行 Joyce Chan as Eliza
黄纪莹 Natalie Wong as Eva
纪炎炎 Zoe Ki as Elise

4 teenagers went to camping and saw ghosts of a mother and son who keep on asking them to play mahjong. They freak out and went for help, but the ghost keep chasing them to play mahjong...

Story 3: 猛鬼大廈 Haunted Building

Casted by:
陳小春 Jordan Chan as 大烂苍 Chong 
張達明 Cheung Tat Ming as 阿金 Kam

2 constructions workers Chong and Kam found a gold necklace in the lift, but it also leads them to know the truth what has been happening behind all these...

L² Scored: 4.5/10

L² Comment:
I haven't watch the 02:00AM, but seriously, i don't really like this 3rd and final one... First story is still ok, a bit predicatble and not scary, except the toilet part... Second story is the one i like among all 3, but scary wise is also not as good as the previous... Third story is the worst... gosh~ No wonder there is no 04:00AM after this... :P

Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Eye 10 见鬼10

 Released Year: 2005
Directed by 彭順 Danny Pang & 彭發 Oxide Pang

Casted by:
陈柏霖 Wilson Chen as 得仔 Dak
杨淇 Kate Yeung as May
梁洛施 Isabella Leung as April
Ray MacDonald as 长贵 Gui
古宇 Gu Yu as 高辉 Fai
4 teenagers from Hong Kong (Dak, May, April & Fai) went to Thailand and look for their friend Gui. Gui shows them the 10 ways of seeing the ghost.
1. 杯仙 Ouija
2. 室内撑伞 Open an umbrella at indoor
3. 敲碗 Bowl hitting
4. 捉鬼藏 Hide & Seek
5. 涂尸泥 Corpse's mud 
6. 倒著看 See between your legs
7. 夜半梳头 Comb your hair at the midnight
8. 和死人交换眼角膜 Use dead people's cornea
9. 孕妇跳楼身亡 Pregnant lady suicide
10.  终极见鬼法 - 去死 To die

5 of them practice these 10 ways (actually only 8, excluded no8 & no9) and they manage to see the ghost. But they never realize its a path leading them to the hell...
 L² Scored: 8.5/10 

L² Comment:
This is one of my fav among "the eye" film franchise, though it might not be as good as the 1st & 2nd movie, but it added up some spice of comedy and energetic feeling in the whole movie. I just wonder after this movie, how many types of ways anybody use to see the ghost? lol

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

The Park 咒樂園

Released Year: 2003
Directed by  劉偉強 Andrew Lau

Casted by:
陈文媛 Bobo Chen as Yen
惠英红 Kara Hui as Mrs. Yu
李茏怡 Tiffany Lee as YY
曾国祥 Derek Tsang as Dan
Matthew Paul Dean  as Shan
Chalerm Taweebot as Caretaker
Laila Boonyasak as Pinky
Pubate Maganit as Ken
张颖康 Jonathan Cheung as Ka-ho
萧正楠 Edwin Siu as Alan
Alan gone missing in a fun fair (previously was a graveyard), his sister Yen went there together with a few friends to search for him. Though they have been warned by the caretaker not to go in, but they insist. One by one the friend gone missing or die, and its left Yen alone. When Yen is almost killed by the haunted caretaker, Mrs Yu (Alan & Yen's mother) came for rescue but was sacrifice too...
 L² Scored: 8/10

L² Comment:
Has been looking for this movie quite sometime, if anyone of u still haven't know, i got coulrophobia, which means "afraid of clown"... it really took me quite sometime to finish the whole movie, as whenever the movie shows the hanging clown, i get freak off and stare into one corner of my dark room... oh my god~ damn scary !!!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Step Into The Dark 夜半无人尸语时

 Released Year: 1998
Directed by 王晶 Wong Jing & 曹建南 Cho Kin Nam

Casted by:
刘青云 Sean Lau as 关心 Care
朱茵 Athena Chu as 程之信 Xin
张锦程 Cheung Kam Cheng as 张国明 Ming
雷宇扬 Simon Lui as 雷刚 Master Lui
马蹄露 May May Ma as 美美 May
Doctor Care feels annoyed on his girlfriend May who keep on request on materialistic. After broke up with May, Care falls for beautiful Xin who i good to her granny, but never did Care knows that Xin and her family are ghost, but they were the good one which were being harmed by Xin's ex boyfriend who is still alive. By getting Ming and Lui's help, will Xin and her family's spirit being spare by the devil human being?
 L² Scored: 3/10

L² Comment:
The storyline is kinda weak in this movie, Athena looks hilarious with the hairstyle and definitely her acting is questionable. Sean maintain his acting skill, May May Ma is actually good but her performance did not help in this movie. Overall I'm not so happy with this film, won't consider to rewatch even i have no other movies...

Monday, August 24, 2015

Corpse Mania 屍妖

 Released Year: 1981
Directed by 桂治洪 Kuei Zhi Hong

Casted by:
王戎 Wang Rong as 张处长 Inspector Cheung
恬妮 Tien Lei as 兰姑 Madame Lan
陈家奇 Chen Jia Qi as 李正元 Lee Yuen Zheng
曹达华 Cho Tat Wah as Officer 
A house spread out extremely smelly scent and cause the neighbor to report to police and discover there is a corpse in it. Inspector Cheung get help from the officer and together they discover Lee is a necrophilia and always targeted on Madame Lan's hooker. But after some investigation, they realize Lee was actually dead and Lan is behind all these with another guy to earn some dirty money.
 L² Scored: 8/10 

L² Comment
I'm definitely not a big fans of necrophilia film, but as a self claim professional movie blogger (lol), I decided to watch this old HK movie and blog about it. Thee storyline is kinda creepy "if during that time"... And just imaging one person having sex with a corpse is disgusting enough for me. However, luckily there are not much scene on it, most of the time it was the body covers by worm, so i still can able to finish the whole movie without puking~

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Ebola Syndrome 伊波拉病毒

 Released Year: 1996
Directed by 邱礼涛 Herman Yau

Casted by:
黃秋生 Anthony Wong as 阿雞 Kai
陳妙瑛 Marianne Chan as 阿霞 Har
王翠玲 Wong Tsui Ling as 周丽丽 Lily
尹揚明 Wan Yeung Ming as 楊國立 Yeung
羅莽 Lo Mang as 餐館老闆 Boss
張璐 Lulu Zhang as 餐館老板娘 Lady Boss
Ah Kai is a wanted convict from Hong Kong who escapes to South Africa after killing his former boss and his boss's wife. In South Africa, he works at a Chinese restaurant and one day travels with his boss to a South African tribe that is infected with the Ebola virus. Kai sees a dying infected tribe member and rapes and kills her, contracting the virus. Kai, however, is immune to the infection. He becomes a living carrier, spreading the disease to others through body fluids. He ends up killing his new boss and his boss's wife, but not before spreading the virus to them. He then cuts up their corpses and serves them as hamburgers in the restaurant, effectively spreading the virus all over South Africa. He then further spreads the virus when he flees back to Hong Kong, to all the people he has contacts with.
 L² Scored: 7/10

L² Comment:
Well, I have to watch something that is more excited in the ghost month, so i decided to go for this psycho slashing movie, which is a bit similar like previous Anthony Wong's The Untold Story. Both storyline is roughly the same except this one is about spreading the scary virus that are quite famous in South Africa during that time. Anthony basically is good in this kind of character, what makes it scarier is, he is too good...yuck!!!