Sunday, August 16, 2015

Forced Nightmare 猛鬼旅行团 / 哗鬼旅行团

 Released Year: 1992
Directed by 刘仕裕 Liu Shi Yu

Casted by:
林正英 Lam Zheng Ying as 马九英 Ying
吴君如 Sandra Ng as 李嘉玲 Ling
邱建国 Yau Kin Kok as 李炳 Peng
Ling has psychic power and she was send to Hong Kong from China for a mission, but the whole bus of travel group was cursed by a bunch of ghost when the bus driver dishonor the ghost and all of them die except Ling who has psychic power.

Ling met her cousin Ying and Ying told her all her travel mates were dead and they have to capture the ghost before they become evil. Together both of them work together to capture all the ghost, including the most powerful ghost which was transformed by Peng.
 L² Scored: 5/10

L² Comment:
Another ghost movie of Lam Zheng Ying, this time he partner with the funny Sandra to defeat the ghost spirits... Storyline as usual, predictable... not too scary but some part is kinda funny~ Overall not bad, but won't be watching this again until i'm really out of any movie to watch :P

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